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Reports of removing ‘BJP’ from my Twitter bio baseless: Scindia

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Reports of removing ‘BJP’ from my Twitter bio baseless: Scindia
New Delh: Rumours flew thick and fast about Jyotiraditya Scindia, who switched to the BJP from the Congress about three months ago. The social media had it that due to resentment with the party, Scindia has removed ‘BJP’ from his Twitter bio. However, during fact-check, the news was found to be totally false. Scindia told IANS that it was nothing but a rumour.

“There has been no change in my Twitter bio. The reports going on in the media have no basis. People should not pay attention to such rumours. The things that were there in the bio at the time of my joining the BJP are still there. There was only a change of photo on Twitter handle when I came in,” Scindia told IANS.

Scindia supporters blame it on some mischievous elements. These are the people who are afraid of Scindia’s popularity, they said.

The introduction of Scindia’s Twitter handle shares two important information: Public Servant and Cricket Enthusiast. The profile picture depicts the time when he joined the BJP — in which he is seen smiling, wearing a ‘gamacha’ with the sign of ‘lotus’ around the neck. In the cover profile picture, he is seen in a car, accepting the greetings of his supporters.

IANS investigation revealed that after joining the BJP on March 11, Scindia changed only the picture on his Twitter handle. While in Congress, his cover and profile picture showed the flag of the Congress. He said he only changed the pictures when he joined the BJP.

Scindia, in fact, never added the word ‘BJP’ to his Twitter bio. So, the question of removing the ‘BJP’ does not arise. The last time Scindia made changes in his Twitter bio was a month before he left the Congress, when he removed the word ‘Congress’.

If you look at Scindia’s Twitter timeline carefully, he is constantly retweeting information related to his party — the BJP. In the last 2-3 days, he has shared many information related to his party.

On June 4, he retweeted the handle ‘Office of Shivraj’, in which Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had said that the BJP will benefit in the by-elections due to the arrival of Scindia. On Saturday (June 6), Scindia welcomed the appointment of in-charge for the by-elections to be held in 24 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh.

All this shows that the reports about Scindia’s discontentment with the BJP are false.

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