‘Rescued 15 Syrian Mariners to be handed over to Detention Centre’-Top Cop

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‘Rescued 15 Syrian Mariners to be handed over to Nelamangala Detention Centre in Bengaluru ‘-Top Cop/Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar

Mangaluru: Briefing the media, Police Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar said, “The rescued 15 crew members will be handed over first to Panambur Police by the Coast Guard. They will be kept in some hostel in coordination with the District Social Welfare Officer. Later, they will be shifted to the foreigners’ detection centre at Nelamangala, Bengaluru. Finally, after an order from the Bureau of Immigration, they will be repatriated to Syria through their embassy.”

It should be noted that the 15 crew members of a merchant ship that had run aground off New Mangaluru port on Tuesday 21 June who were stranded were rescued by the Indian Coast Guards (ICG), and are under the protection of the Coast Guard.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that the merchant vessel, Princess Miral, which ran aground five nautical miles off Mangaluru near the Ullal coast was sinking fast on Wednesday. The sources said that the vessel from which 15 Syrian marine crew were rescued by the Indian Coast Guard sank about 70% on Wednesday. The crew had abandoned the ship following a breach in the hull, leading to the ingress of water.

Following a distress call for rescue, Coast Guard ships Vikram and Amartya braved rough waters to reach the foreign vessel and rescued the crew. The vessel was carrying 8,000 tonnes of steel coil from Tianjin in China to Beirut in Lebanon.


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