Riders Brace through Heat, Humidity and Strong Winds to Finish 300km & 200km AUDAX BRMs

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Riders Brace through Heat, Humidity and Strong Winds to Finish 300km & 200km AUDAX BRMs

Team WE R Cycling, an affiliate of AUDAX INDIA and AUDAX CLUB PARISIEN, organised 300 & 200km BRM rides during the weekend.

BREVETS DE RANDONNEUR MONDIAUX (BRMs) are rides of fixed distances that are to be completed within specified time limits, having successfully passed through pre-determined time controls. The recognition is equal regardless of the finishing order!

Each rider who finishes anyone AUDAX event within the cut-off time earns the title RANDONNEUR apart from a certificate and a medal directly from Audax Club Paris.

The rider, who complete 4 rides of 200 300, 400 & 600km in one season (November to October) earns the title of SUPER RANDONNEUR, a special medal and an opportunity to take part in one of the oldest and most coveted cycling events in the world, the Paris Brest Paris event, held in France once every 4 years.

Every AUDAX event is unique, but the one that was organised by team WE R Cycling during the weekend was special in many ways. 5 riders from Mangalore & Udupi achieved their first Super Randonneur title in just 4 months, riding distances of 200 300, 400 & 600km, all through the testing and challenging terrains and unique weather conditions our coastal regions offer.

The day saw 2 flag offs, one in the morning at 5.30 am for the 300km ride and another in the evening for the 200km ride. The 300km ride saw 3 riders from Goa, 1 from Bangalore and 2 from Mangalore, all seasoned and accomplished riders in the field of Ultra events. Battling the challenges of hot, humid and strong headwind conditions, all riders accomplished the ride well within the cut-off time. Chayan Bhalla, a seasoned Ultra Marathoner and a strong rider finished the ride with an impressive timing of 15hrs, while the 3 riders from Goa, Abhijit, Frisco & Malcolm finishing just over an hour after Chayan. The rest 2, Gautham Baliga and Sarvesh riding merrily finished in 19hrs.

Explaining his experiences of riding 300km on a hot humid, sultry weekend, Chayan Bhalla, said, “The ride experience was great, especially the stretch after Kundapur. Rode across the mesmerising Marvanthe section for the very first time. The rolling course after Marvanthe was quite interesting. I hope to keep riding with guidance and inspiration from many from WeRC”. Malcolm Coelho from Goa exclaimed, “Unlike the 600km ride, we thought we would push ourselves for this ride and complete early. However, the coastal conditions took us by surprise and drained us all the way. We were really exhausted by the end of the ride; however, we are happy that we could complete the entire ride with much zeal and enthusiasm.

The 200km ride saw all starts lead by Joseph Pereira, Dr Ramaraj, Navin Kotian, Dr Gururaj and the young Shemjaz Arakkal, lined up and eager to achieve their first SR title. With so many titles, rides and events under his belt, Joseph sir completed the 200km ride in just 8hrs, a benchmark tough to emulate even for seasoned riders. The rest 4, riding together & enjoying the company of each other finished the ride in 11hrs again an impressive performance. This ride also saw 3 new riders Dr Sayed Mustafa, Ravichandra Udupa and Ravindra K Roa, all from Udupi. Riding alongside the seasoned riders, these first-time BRM riders managed their ride so well and completed the ride well within the cut-off time of 7am.

The yougest rider of the lot, Shemjaz Arakkal a medical professional always found time to dedicate a few hours into Cycling. His habit turned out into a passion and the rider, who was happy with the occasional 50km ride, ended earning a Super Randonneur title within a short span. Shemjaz was thrilled to achieve this fete and thanked all those who helped him in his journey from a novice rider to a Super Randonneur in such a short time.

Dr Gururaj, is a perfect example of how a rider can overcome all the odds and be a super achiever. In his previous attempts, Dr had faulted on finishing 600km ride. Though he had completed the 600km ride, he took a little extra time than the cut-off, which denied him the SR title last season. Not bogged down by the challenge, Dr. Gururaj, prepared well for the season and completed all the rides with a minimum buffer time of 3~4 hrs, including the 600 one. What an achievement sir, we bow to your determination, perseverance, and humbleness. We are privileged to have you in our team and always look up to you for inspiration.

Another humble personality Dr Ramaraj, is a gesture of calmness and determination for all those young boys out there. Taking out his valuable time from his busy schedule, our beloved doctor, who is always eager for these adventure events, was determined to complete his SR any which way. Taking one ride at a time, Dr Ramraj’s preperation and execution were meticulous up to the last mile. Its no wonder that he could achieve this SR title with so much ease.

For the martial arts specialist, the fastest rider on the block, winner of many races in Mangalore and podium finisher of Deccan Cliffhanger a 643km Ultra event with the fastest finish timing in India, Navin Kotian, achieving SR title was a dream come true. A globe trotter, always busy with his schedule, finding time for BRMs was a challenge. Determined to earn the title this time, Navin allocated his time for each event and rose in style, finishing all the rides well ahead of the cut-off. One more title in your check box, ticked. Ready for the bigger ones bow??

And finally, Joseph Pereira, the most humble, soft-spoken, down to earth personality, is truly an example for everyone to achieve something special by sheer determination. For a super-strong rider like Joseph sir, winner of many accolades in all India level events, no words are enough to describe this humble personality. We simply bow to you sir, for all the achievements you have been doing for now. Our team and the entire cycling community wish you even more muscular legs and bigger lungs to achieve more and more. We are always delighted to hear your achievements and new benchmarks whenever you go out to ride.

Team, WE R Cycling, along with Audax India & Audax Club Paris, congratulates all riders for taking part and completing the ride and earning the title RANDONNEUR or SUPER RANDONNEUR for yourselves. It’s a remarkable achievement to be treasured forever. Our sincere gratitude to Mubeen @Taj Cycles, Nithin Mohan and all the volunteers who supported us all through the event and our media partner mangalorran.com

If you are an enthusiast, aspire to ride a bicycle, take part in a bicycle event or go on a touring ride around nearby places or beyond and don’t know where to start, visit us at www.wercycling.com.

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