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RKM’s Swacchata Abhiyan continues in Kudroli – Alake

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RKM’s Swacchata Abhiyan continues in Kudroli – Alake

Mangaluru: Ramakrishna Mission Swacchata Abhiyan’s 4th Shramadan was carried out at Kudroli-Alake area on December 30. The Shramadan was flagged off at 7.30 am by Dr Jeevaraj Sorake, MD, SCS Hospital, Mangalore and Madhuchandra Adyanthaya.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sorake said, “Cleanliness is a basic essential significant in both individual & collective lives. Ramakrishna Mission is playing a vital role in the society by leading such movements for the benefit of the society from the front. This has attracted the attention of the whole nation towards Mangalore. I hope Mangalore will be number one in cleanliness soon”. Convener Swami Ekagamyanandaji, Sandeep Kodikal, Shubhoday Alva, Umakanth Suvarna and many other volunteers were present at the venue.

The Shramadan was flagged off near Alake bridge and later the volunteers were divided into four groups. Volunteers under Umanath Kotekar cleaned the roads and footpaths leading towards Kudroli Temple. Kamalaksha Pai led another group of volunteers cleaning the entrance of Kudroli temple and road leading towards Mannagudda and adjoining footpaths were also cleaned. Rest two groups cleaned the area from Alake bridge towards car street. Two black spots were identified where people used to litter and the spots were thoroughly cleaned by removing tipper loads of garbage. Brahmachari Nishchay, Ranjan Bellarpady, Shreevatsa Neerchalu & other volunteers removed the posters stuck on the walls and cleaning them decorated the walls with attractive artworks.

The spot near Alake bridge on the side of the road leading towards Bunder was an eyesore for the passers-by all these years with huge concrete pipes and the garbage, building debris and heaps of mud & stone strewn nearby. It was also occupying large space thus posing a nuisance to vehicular movement. Volunteers using JCB & Tipper arranged the concrete pipes in a corner and removed heaps of garbage, sand and stones from the area. Flowering plants in pots have been placed in the spot thus giving it a much-needed facelift. In the coming days, volunteers wish to visit nearby houses and shops door to door and urge them to keep the area clean. Dilraj Alva, President of South Canara Bus owner’s association, Sowraj, Social activist guided the efforts of volunteers.

Narendra Shenoy, Mohan Bhat, Kishor Kumar, Deekshith D G, Chethana Gadiyar, Swathi Kamath, Ashwitha Mohan, Supreetha Baliga, Yogish Kayarthadka and many other volunteers actively participated in the Abhiyan.

Shramadan under Swacch Gram Abhiyan initiated by Ramakrishna Mission, Mangalore in association with Zilla Panchayat was carried out in as many as 30 villages like Volamogaru, Irvathur, Jokatte, Padupanambur, Maindaguri, Aranthodu, Konaje, Munnoor, Merlapadavu etc. on 30th December.

All volunteers were served with tiffin. MRPL & Nitte Institutions are sponsoring these Abhiyans.

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