Road Rage! Bus Crew Get into ‘Goondagiri’ -Video has gone Viral on Social Media

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Road Rage! Bus Crew Get into ‘Goondagiri’ (Bullying/Rowdyism) -Video has gone Viral on Social Media

Mangaluru: It is a very common sight in the city that the drivers, conductors of private buses swear against each other and also involve fights due to certain timekeeping issues or other silly matters. And here is the story of road rage and the tussle between the crew of two private buses plying from Mangaluru to Udupi- the two private buses involved in this issue are Thanveer Motor Travels (TMT) -Malpe and AKMS, both of them plying between Mangaluru-Udupi and vice versa.

It is learnt that the incident took place in the vicinity of Kaup bus stop, where both the mentioned above buses were plying from Mangaluru towards Udupi. Some say the argument and tussle began after the AKMS bus overtook TMT bus. Few others say the Goondagiri started by the crew of TMT was because of the bus timing issues, and the AKMS crew objected TMT crew from boarding passengers from Kaup bus shelter.

Looking at the video it is too scary to see AKMS and TMT following each other at high speed, thereby putting the lives of the commuters and other motorists on the road in danger. Total recklessness and negligence by both the bus drivers, putting people’s lives in jeopardy. As per the video, when the bus came to a halt near the bus stop, the bus driver and conductor of TMT approached the driver of AKMS and started swearing on him, and one of the crew members of TMT using a rod started hitting the side on the bus, below the driver’s side.

A complaint has been filed by one of the drivers, and Kaup police have registered a case and have seized both the buses.

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