Rock climber Jyothiraj scales 25 floor Apartment in Udupi

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Rock climber Jyothiraj scales 25-floor Apartment in Udupi

Udupi: Rock climber Jyothiraj, often called Kothi Raj for his amazing prowess in climbing rock faces, fort walls or tall buildings, scaled the tallest 25-floor building in Udupi here on March 2 morning.

Jyothiraj started to climb the 25-floor WoodsVille apartment situated in Brahmagiri at 10.17 am and reached the top at 10.44 am where he held the Kannada flag atop the apartment building. As a precautionary measure, ropes were kept ready by the authorities.

Speaking to media persons, Joythiraj said that he is working on setting up a foundation to train youth so that they get national and international recognition.

Joythiraj further said, “I want to visit every district in the state to raise funds and create awareness. I want to train youth in rock climbing by creating a foundation and purchasing land for the same. Through the foundation, I want to create an artificial wall-climbing facility to train the youth”.


Jyothiraj said that on several occasions he had requested the government to sanction a piece of land for him to start a foundation to set up an artificial wall-climbing facility to train people. He hopes that people will come forward to support his project.

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