Roshini Nilaya Felicitates Top Cop for His Eminent Service in Mitigating Crime & Ensuring Safer Society

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With Love, the Management, Staff and Students of Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work felicitates Top Cop N Shashi Kumar for His Eminent Service in Mitigating Crime & Ensuring Safer Society

Mangaluru: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered the Hearts of the Citizens of Mangaluru, and also the Hearts of the Management, Staff and Students of Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work, Valencia, Mangaluru. And He is none other than our Dynamic, Young and Energetic Police Commissioner of Mangaluru. This Police Commissioner is quite different from all the Police Commissioners the City of Mangaluru had so far. Apart from doing his Commissioner’s job with great Responsibility, Dedication, and Commitment, Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar during his leisure time loves to Sing, Play, Swim, and participate in many other co-curricular activities.

He is a fun-loving, jolly, and easy-going guy, and mixes with all types of people, including the police personnel. He is Friendly, Approachable, Courteous, and an Easy-Going Person. It should be noted that ever since N Shashi Kumar took over the charge as Police Commissioner he has come up with quite a few initiatives starting with a month-long fitness workshop for the police personnel to keep them trim, fit and healthy, both men and women, then he had organized a cricket match to keep the police involved in sporting activities.

And later, alarmed over a number of people and also police personnel getting infected by coronavirus on duty, Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar has directed that kiosks be set up outside all police stations for people who come there to file complaints, passport ID verification, etc. Followed by that he took the initiative of providing free lunch and dinner to the frontline workers aka police who toiled hard combating the Covid-19 pandemic. Police commissioner N Shashi Kumar who loves to sing a couple of months ago had come up with yet another initiative of his, encouraging a bunch of police personnel to come forward and unleash their hidden singing talents in a singing online show/live performance named “Gana Sudhe”, which was promoted live on Arvind Vivek’s Facebook page, and the performance was held in the studio of St Aloysius College Sarang 108.7 FM.

And among the bevvy of singers on this Show, was police commissioner Shashi Kumar who had beautifully rendered the Kannada song “Geethanjali” by C B Shankar, and also a Hindi song from the 1971 movie ‘Anand’- this showed that apart from being the Top Cop, Shashi Kumar is also a Great athlete, Cricketer, Swimmer, and also a great SINGER. It should be also noted that the first time, police commissioner made his stage appearance was when he sang a devotional song and entertained the crowd during the Brahmakalashotsava celebration of the Mahalingeshwara temple at Pandeshwar on 9 January 2021. And apart from all the fun things he loves to do, under his able leadership and guidance the Law and Order in Mangaluru City was effectively handled during the difficult time of the COVID-19 crisis.

His social concern can be seen in the different activities like creating awareness for crime prevention, road safety, and prevention of sexual harassment of children are noteworthy. He is a truly inspirational figure to the youth of the city through his various social awareness initiatives. Appreciating his Dedication, Commitment and Service to the City of Mangaluru, Roshni Nilaya: The School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, Mangaluru took the privilege of felicitating Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar on Wednesday, 27 October 2021 at the Roshni Nilaya Auditorium.

The progarmme began with an invocation by Ms Anisha Kudaskar, Jamees Nasim and Vaishnavi Sawant of II MSc (CFS), followed by the welcome address by Dr Juliet C J, Principal of Roshni Nilaya. Vice Principal Cum Director of Centre for International Academic Network (CIAN) Dr Jenis Mary spoke on the concept of CIAN, where she said, “The College has an ecosystem to develop a global vision for academic excellence and human development. This abode of light aims to develop good human beings capable of rational thought and action, possessing compassion and empathy, courage and resilience, scientific temper and creative imagination, with sound ethics. The students’ journey with each other in building a just, equitable and inclusive society through the teaching and learning process, research and extension activities, local and international exposure endeavours”.

She further said, “Centre for International Academic Network (CIAN) is accelerating the Student Progression. as every STUDENT is a HEART of all the innovative initiatives with the stated objectives and activities. We are privileged to win the support of the Civil Authorities, Alumni, Human Service Organizations, Industries, the general public, all our stakeholders and their families. The Centre is progressing in fostering international partnership in view of internationalization of young growing professionals with objectives like: To foster the study of courses and programs offered at School of Social Work both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels; To enable field placement, internship and job placement of students from international universities; To facilitate student exchange and faculty exchange programmes; To organize conferences, seminars and workshops with international participation and collaboration; To develop and publish literature concerning international social work, Psychology, Criminology and Forensic Science; To engage in joint Research and Action projects involving international universities and organizations; To foster integrity and social responsibility among the learners across the globe, and To introduce international Courses and Training

“The Centre also conducts Activities like- Study of Courses and Programs; Field Placements/Internship and Job Placement; Faculty and Student Exchanges; Workshops and Seminars; Research and Publications; Knowledge Exchange on virtual mode; Skill development Programme; Widening the Scope for jobs; Formation of International Students Confederation; Colloquium for Social Action; IELTS Training; Institute Awards and Recognition in Academics; Research and Social Development; School of Social Work through CIAN continue to work for social transformation and Social Development” added Dr Jenis Mary.

Following the introduction of Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar done by CIAN-President Sherwin Menezes, the Chief Guest N Shashi Kumar was felicitated with loud applause from the audience, which showed that his service to the society is greatly appreciated. Shashi Kumar was born on 5th June 1981 in Chitradurga District of Karnataka. He completed his studies in B.Sc (Agricultural Sciences). He completed the UPSC exam and became an IPS officer in 2007. He completed his probationary period of service at Bellary District. After that, he was posted as the Assistant Superintendent of Police, Kunigal Sub-Division, Tumkur District. From there he was promoted to the position of Superintendent of Police, Raichur District. He then worked as the Superintendent of Police, Chikkamagaluru District, Haveri District and Kalaburgi District. He has served as the DCP North Division, Bengaluru and SP Wireless, Bengaluru. At present, he is serving as the Commissioner of Police, Mangaluru City.

In his acceptance speech after being felicitated, the Police Commissioner thanked Roshni Nilaya for bestowing honour and for their love and respect towards him. He also spoke on Human Trafficking, which is spreading all over the world, including India and also Mangaluru. (Watch the video below for the Police commissioner’s full speech).

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Viashanth, II M.Sc Counselling student, and the programme was meticulously and professionally compered by Ms Swapna Gowri- a student of II M Sc (CFS). I end this column with the sentimental CITATION on Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar for his eminent service rendered towards mitigating crime and ensuring a safer society in a poetic manner, which was read by Ms Sarik Ankitha, Dean Student Progression and Head UG Department of Criminology, Roshni Nilaya:

“Like the many around, you found your place on this Earth on the 20th day of June 1981.

Your parents’ dreams for you to thrive and earn the goodwill of all came true for Sri. Shashi Kumar,

You are now an inspiration and guide, a beacon to those who wish to follow you.

Invested you your early days in pursuit of knowledge true,

To till the land, to sow, and to reap a grand harvest, it was that you set your days to.

But restless the mind, searched you for ways to heal the world and be the strength and make a difference.

In 2007, through UPSC it was that etched your destiny of the days to come.

So, undeterred you marched and carved your name in the Police Service.

An officer calm but a force to reckon, You traversed the length and breadth of the rich land of Karnataka

To enforce, to administrate and do the right by the law of the land you did.

Trials are what this life is about. Cringe you do not, shy away neither,

Every wrong to question, every right to adorn, A safe haven for women and child your pledge;

Detection, Prevention, and Advocacy your role,

You take the wily world to task, bring solace to the society at large.

Kudla is safe these Pandemic days, for you are there, to enforce and ensure safety and better health for one and all.

We salute you for who you are and what you stand for.

We ask the Lord to bestow his grace upon you for now and years to come

We pray you rise to serve this blessed land of ours and her people true”.

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