‘Rotarians have Appreciated the MORALE of these 3 Brave Hearts’- Veteran Air Marshal Ramesh Karnik

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‘Rotarians have Appreciated the MORALE of these Three (Havaldar Bhujanga Shetty; K Vijayan and Sergeant Yeshwanth Gopal Shetty) Brave Hearts’- Veteran Air Marshal K Ramesh Karnik

Mangaluru: Our brothers and sisters, fighting for the nation, are the soldiers who are the protectors of this country. A soldier sacrifices his life in order to protect a million other lives. The soldiers do not get to lead a very comfortable life every day and still they dutifully protect their own country, they carry their duty with a badge of honor and hence they are so committed towards it.

Why should we all know about our Soldiers? After the formation of nation-states, it became important to keep the defense in place for protecting the country from any external threats. The defense system is created by the soldiers trained to fight during physical combat. They fight with so much risk for their life that it cannot be compared with any other profession of ours. It is our duty to recognize the sacrifice they give to protect the National frontiers and also during the rigorous training they go through. Knowing about the hardship every soldier bears can inspire the young generations and children to work hard in their life.

Some soldiers serve until they retire from their position and some never get a chance to retire and sacrifice their life on the line of duty. That is why it is very important for us to recognize and appreciate our soldiers serving for the peace and development of our nation. Students can learn many things from these brave hearts of the country such as discipline, hard work, punctuality, dedication, determination, survival in any type of environment, and a lot more. So speech on the soldiers is very informative as well as inspiring for the students listening to it.

With this in our head that the soldiers are up there performing their duty, be it 3 in the sunny afternoon or 3 in the frosty cold night, we can peacefully do our chores or go for a sound sleep. For all these and for other innumerable gratitude we should all give a grand salute to all these fighters, our beloved Brave Hearts who have served our nation. For this, we should acknowledge and be grateful to every soldier to whatever contingent they belong to for being the bravest heroes who went through the pain and struggles only to provide us with a peaceful life. It seems they have vowed to keep every single day of ours safe and secure.

For their profession, the soldiers do not get enough time to spend with their families. A soldier never hesitates to sacrifice his/her own life for the safety of their nation. In order to safeguard a peaceful night for us, the soldiers put their everything for their motherland. The Rotarians of Rotary Club Mangalore North with their hearts filled with respect and love and with their eyes getting moist for the splendid brave deeds of the soldiers and their sacrifices, have selected these three Brave Hearts to be honoured at one of their topmost annual project honouring the Brave Hearts, named ‘Brave Hearts Awards Ceremony.

With a grand salute to the three Brave Hearts selected by Rotary Club Mangalore North, the ‘Brave Hearts Awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, 2 February 2022 at 7.30 pm at Rotary Bal Bhavan, Mannagudda, Mangaluru. Following the meeting called to order by Club president Rtn Devdas Rao, the invocation seeking God’s blessings through a prayer song was rendered by Rtn Dr Jyoshna Shivaprasad. The welcome address was delivered by president Rtn Devdas Rao, followed by introduction of the Chief Guest Veteran Air Marshal K Ramesh Karnik by Rtn Sudharshan, and introduction of the three Brave Hearts- Havaldar Bhujanga Shetty; K Vijayan and Sergeant Yeshwanth Gopal Shetty, by Rtn Jayavarma Hegde. The citation of the three awardees was read by Rtn Dr Alwyn D’sa-the Director of Vocational Awards project. Vote of thanks was proposed by Rtn Ganesh Bhat, the secretary. Immediate past president Rtn Vishwanath Shetty was also present on the dais.

Now came the most important part of the meeting, honouring the three awardees, who were beaming with pride while they were being honoured by the Rotarians and the Chief Guest Veteran Air Marshal K Ramesh Karnik. After being honoured, all three Brave Hearts shared their experiences being in their respective fields, either serving in the Army, Navy or Air Force, and appreciated the kind gesture shown towards them by the Rotarians, who are doing yeomen service to the community.


Havaldar Bhujanga Shetty, Army Ordnance Corps. He served Army for 17 years.Joined in 1963 and served upto 1980. He participated in two wars, 1965 and 1971. In 1965 served in the Khemkaran Sector. In 1971 served in Jessore, Bangladesh and trained Mukti Bahini cadres. Participated in heavy para dropping of Jeeps and arty guns in association with the Air Force. Was an instructor in the technical branch in recovery of armoured vehicles.


K Vijayan, Joined Indian Navy at the age of 18 yrs in May 1987 and Retired on 31 May 1 2010 on completion of 23 years of exemplary Naval Service. Retired as Chief Petty Officer (Junior Commissioned Officer awarded by President of India). He Participated in Major Operations such as Operation PAWAN in 1988 as a member of IPKF (Sri Lankan Operation), OPERATION SWAN on the West Coast, OPERATION RAINBOW for seizure of a hijacked Merchant Ship and OPERATION TALWAR (1999) on board INS DELHI during Kargil War.He has been awarded with Operation Vijay Medal ( 2003), Long Service Medal ( 2007), Commendation from the Chief of the Naval Staff (2006),Commendation from Vice Chief of the Naval Staff (2006), Proficiency Award from Vice Admiral GM Hiranandani. He has visited 9 Foreign Countries on good will trip.He is also a sports man and got a Gold Medal for Boat pulling Regatta (1998).Presently he is Chairman Dronacharya Defence Coaching Centre (A Pre-Recruitment Training Centre), Mangalore & Kanhangad.


Sergeant Yeshwanth Gopal Shetty. Joined Air Force in 1978 and served for 16 years. He initially worked as Aircraft Technician till 1988 and later as Technical Supervisor till June 1994.After retirement served in various organisations including the Qatar Army as a Battle Tank Technician for 10 years from 1998 to 2008. He obtained B. A., M. A. & MBA Degrees while in service and presently he is the Principal at Management Institute of Fire Safety Education at Mangalore. He is also Training needy youth on Nation Building, Patriotism and Personality Development.

Addressing the gathering, Veteran Air Marshal K Ramesh Karnik said, “It is indeed a kind gesture of the Rotarians of this club to show their appreciation and recognize the MORALE of these three Brave Hearts who had fought for the Country for the citizens of India to have freedom. Just like these three comrades have faced hurdles and hardship serving the nation, I too fall into the same category, but we all have done our duties with determination, dedication, and above all with discipline, which is one of the most important duties of a soldier. We all did various kinds of sacrifices during the battle with opposite force, but with pride and love for our nation”. (More of chief guest speech watch the video below)


Air Vice Marshal K. Ramesh Karnik was born on 05.05.1946 at Kervashe village, Karkala Tq. and studied at Bhuvanendra College Karkala and got B.Com Degree from Mysore University. Further he got Master of Management Studies (MMS) from Osmania University, Short Course in Financial Management from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India New Delhi, Long Defence Management Course (LDMC) from the College of Defence Management Secunderabad.

He started his career as a Teacher at Govt High School Hebri, moved over to the office of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG) as Audit Asst before joining Indian Air Force in 1968 as a Commissioned Officer. Retired in 2004 in the Rank of Air Vice Marshal with Total IAF service of 35 years. During his long tenure he has held various posts and served all over India.

Veteran Air Marshal K Ramesh Karnik

During the 1971 War he was in Assam and visited Dhaka on duty after the war. During the Kargil War he was at Air Headquarters , holding the office of Director Air Force Welfare Funds, responsible for managing the funds for the welfare of serving and retired personnel and their families. He was also on deputation to Govt of India, Min of Finance where he held the post of Controller of Accounts in the Ministries of HRD and Personnel before reverting to IAF. At the time of his retirement he was in charge of IAF budget (Rs 15000 crores, approximately) holding the Office of Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Financial Planning) and was advisor to the Chief of Air Staff on financial matters. . After retirement he joined Nitte group and served in the Justice KS Hegde Institute of Mgt Nitte for 7 years as a teacher, Registrar and retired as its Director in September 2012. He also worked as Guest Faculty at Alva’s Deptt of Management and took classes for MBA, at Mijar, Moodbidri.

He also visits schools and colleges, (on call of course), and try to motivate the younger generation to take a look at the Armed Forces as their first career option. He is married to Mrs. Usha Karnik who taught in many Air Force Primary Schools wherever he was posted. She had extended wonderful support to him during his difficult days serving in very remote parts of the country. He is blessed with a daughter who is a Chartered Accountant and lives in Delhi, has two sons. His son is an engineer with an MBA and works for a private company in Canada.

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