Rowdy Sheeters Preetham and Dheeraj Arrested in a Fight near a Chicken Shop

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Rowdy Sheeters Preetham Poojary & Dheeraj Kumar Arrested in a Fight near a Chicken Shop

Mangaluru: These two rowdy sheeters did not come to buy chicken, instead came there to create a fight, which led to fear in the neighbouring shops. The incident happened on Sunday, 10 April 2022 around 6:30 pm in front of Idean Chicken shop, near Valencia junction, Mangaluru, where rowdy sheeters Preetham aka Preetham Shetty, aged 27, S/o Ravindra from Jellygudda, Bajal, Mangaluru, and Dheeraj Kumar aka Deeru, aged 25, S/o Madhava from Yekkur, Mangaluru started attacking a person in front of the chicken shop.

When the fight was going on, the employees of Ideal Chicken, namely Sunil, Ananth and Jeevan interfered and questioned the rowdy sheeters, during which Preetham and Dheeraj took out the knives, threatened the shop employees, and also attacked them with helmets, stones etc. Due to this the shop employees sustained injuries, and have been treated at a nearby hospital.

With the help of the public, both Dheeraj and Preetham were held and handed over to the police after their arrival at the spot. It is learnt that Dheeraj had prior cases including two thefts and assaults, two attempts to murder, and a total of eight cases. While Preetham has two assault and theft cases, three murder attempts, and Ganja consuming cases, a total of ten cases.

Both are in police custody, and the investigation is on.

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  1. I cannot understand when they have so many cases against them they are roaming free without fear and still create a nuisance. Because they know that even if they are arrested within seconds they will be released.

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