Rs 1.36 Plus Crore Worth Gold Seized by MAI Customs Officials in 2 Cases

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Rs 1.36 Plus Crore Worth Gold Seized by Mangalore International Airport (MAI) Customs Officials in two separate cases from two passengers arriving from Dubai on 14 June 2022.

Mangaluru: Are some of these passengers coming from Dubai hooked on stupidity or have no common sense or what, that even after there have been quite a few arrests done by customs officials at Mangalore International Airport of passengers smuggling in gold- there has been no stop for such illegal smuggling.

On 14 June 2022, in two separate gold smuggling attempt cases the MIA Customs officials at the international airport seized a total of 2.648 kg gold worth Rs 1.36 plus crore from two passengers who arrived from Dubai by Air India Express flights.

In the first smuggling attempt by a lady passenger, Customs officials seized 1.684 kg of 24 carat purity gold valued at Rs 86,89,440 lakhs. The rectangular shaped gold bar was concealed in undergarments and sanitary pad worn by a lady passenger arriving from Dubai.

In the second case, Customs officials seized 964 gm of 24 carat purity gold valued at Rs 49,74,240 laks from a passenger arriving from Dubai. The gold was attempted to be smuggled through body concealment in four oval shaped objects concealed in powder form.

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