Rs 38 Lakhs for Street Lighting? ‘MCC Looting Peoples’ Money in Name of Dasara’- Sunil Kumar Bajal

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Rs 38 Lakhs for Street Lighting? ‘MCC Looting Peoples’ Money in Name of Mluru Dasara’- Sunil Kumar Bajal- Secretary of DYFI Mangaluru South. “Whose money does Mangaluru City Corporation think to spend such a huge sum of money on street lighting decoration when it owes a large sum of power bill to MESCOM and nearly Rs 60 Crore to Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd pending bills of garbage collection. There are bad roads and unscientific and hazardous drainage that need to be taken care of first, and not spending lakhs of money on festival lights.

Mangaluru: Members of Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), AIYF, CPIM, CPI and JDS, among other like-minded organizations staged a protest in front of MCC office building condemning City Corporation decision to spend Rs 38 lakhs on decorative lighting during Mangaluru Dasara . Addressing the protesters, the secretary of DYFI Mangaluru South Sunil Kumar Bajal said, “We have heard of Mysuru Dasara, Madikeri Dasara, and the Karnataka government is spending huge sums of money on its celebrations. But till now the government has not sanctioned any money towards Mangaluru Dasara. And now our Mangaluru City Corporation without any consent from the citizens of Mangaluru is deliberately spending Rs 36 lakhs, which is nothing but BJP’s tactics of vote bank”.

“All these years Mangaluru Dasara was carried on by the contribution made by the devotees of Dakshina Kannada, Mangaluru and those from out of town, and it went on smoothly. And devotees were proud of their support to this Mangaluru Dasara. Also in the previous years, many organizations and donors were supporting the Kudroli Temple and Mangaladevi Temple by their contribution for the celebration. But this year, to make a big show during a meeting recently MLA Vedavyas Kamath announced that he will arrange funds for the street lighting for Mangaluru Dasara , and everyone believed his efforts. But unfortunately later everyone was surprised to note that the money of Rs 38 lakhs was sanctioned from MCC funds, which is nothing but publicity stunt and to gain votes for BJP in the future election. Whose money is MCC using for this street lighting, it does not belong to MCC, it belongs to taxpayers. It is advisable that MCC reverse the decision and stop spending the Rs 38 crore announced” added Sunil Kumar Bajal.

Former MCC Mayor Dayanand Shetty, JDS leader S Hegde , DYFI Dk Secretary Santhosh Bajal also spoke and condemned the MCC decision to spend taxpayers money on festival street lighting, when there are other civic issues to be taken care of. Leaders of AIYF, CPIM and JDS namely- Karunakar, V Kukyan, Babu Devadiga, Ashok Salian, Udayachandra Rai, Nagesh Kotian, Mrs Pramila Devadiga, Harshitha, Altahf Thumbay, Ms Sharada, Shivakumar, among others joined in the protest.


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