RSS Workers are in Every Field Serving as PDOs to President in the Country – Minister Sunil Kumar

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RSS Workers are in Every Field Serving as PDOs to President in the Country – Minister

Udupi: In a strong counter-attack to former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy for his remarks “400 RSS workers are civil servants”, the state power minister Sunil Kumar said, “We have RSS workers serving as PDOs to President of the country. Kumaraswamy has failed to count all the officers in the government department”.

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Speaking to the mediapersons on October 6, Minister Sunil Kumar said, “RSS is an organization which prepares people in nation-building. People like us are trained in RSS. Thousands of RSS trained people are working in different fields in the country such as PDOs to President. Nation-building through these leaders is the motto of RSS. Those who are in favour of Nation-building will welcome the ideology of RSS and those who are not interested in nation-building, will oppose it. I feel pity for such people”.

Former President Abdul Kalam dreamt that India should lead the world, today Modi is fulfilling Kalam’s dream. RSS is working in the direction for India to become number one in the world. People used RSS many times for their benefit, but RSS is working selflessly for the nation, he said.

Recently Former Karnataka CM & JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy launched an attack on the PM Modi-led government and alleged that the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party was appointing RSS and BJP workers as IAS and IPS officers by recruiting them through UPSC. He claimed that the present government was not a BJP or Modi government, but an RSS government as the saffron party had appointed more than 400 cadres from its ideological wing as civil servants (IAS & IPS officers).

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