Sanjay Lake returns to life, becomes magnet for tourists and migratory birds

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Sanjay Lake returns to life, becomes magnet for tourists and migratory birds

New Delhi: The Delhi government is working to clean and beautify the Sanjay Lake in Trilokpuri area as on completion, this will not only emerge as a major tourist hotspot, but will also attract migratory birds.

Although the Sanjay Lake, spread over 53 acres, located in DDA park premises in east Delhi’s Trilokpuri, has always been considered a draw for tourists and people of surrounding areas also come here for morning walks, in recent days, the water in the lake has become muddy and its surroundings need cleaning. This is the reason why the Delhi government decided to clean the lake and beautify its surroundings.

The cleaning work is being done by the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), while the beautification work is being done by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).

The DJB is spending Rs 4.63 crore to clean and maintain its water.

According to a DJB official, machines have been installed to clean the water in Sanjay Lake. The water for the lake is being drawn from STP located at Kondli. For this, a two-kilometre long underground pipeline has also been laid.

There are many motives behind reviving the Sanjay Lake. A Delhi government official said that once the water of the lake becomes clean, the number of migratory birds will increase here. Apart from this, people coming for morning walk will get a good environment due to beautification.

Once revived, the lake will become a source of water as well as it will support aquatic life and help in regulating climate. Employment opportunities will also be created for the people around.

According to the DDA, this lake will also attract tourists coming from outside. For this, apart from boating near the lake, many facilities will also be made available. A selfie point will also be built near the lake for the purpose of attracting tourists here.

Apart from this, benches will be installed around the lake so that Delhiites can spend their moments of peace with their families here.

The cleaning of Sanjay Lake is expected to be completed soon, while the work of beautification may take some more time.

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