SATHWA SPA- the Finesse of the Oriental & Western Health & Beauty OPEN in City

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SATHWA SPA- the State-of-the Art and Finesse of the Oriental & Western Health & Beauty OPEN in City at The Avatar Hotel, Attavar, Mangaluru. Bliss of the Ancient and Modern Wellness Secret. A retreat from the hustle & bustle to experience exquisite rejuvenation. Welcome to Sathwa Spa where you can Seek, Observe, Breathe beyond the Bliss!

Mangaluru: The City of Mangaluru now has a state-of-the-Art and International Standard SPA where you can experience the Finesse of Oriental and Western Health and Beauty. It will be a retreat from the hustle and bustle to experience exquisite rejuvenation. Welcome to SATHWA SPA- located on the First Floor of The Avatar Hotel, Shankar Vittal HQ, Nandigudda Road, Attavar, Mangaluru, which was OPENED on 30 September 2022.

Sathwa Spa established itself in the hospitality industry reciprocating to the prospering demands of the customers for a well-being facility has become a vital part of luxury and upscale establishments. As an innovative spa service and management provider, they tend to provide bespoke solutions, according to your requirements supported by their expertise and experience in conceptualizing, planning and designing spa operations and business. They also offer quality and diverse featured services as their own spa brand to their valued clientele. In de facto, they are an independent facility as well as a consultancy integrated to the hospitality and wellbeing industry.

SATHWA SPA started the journey in 2002 and currently, they are engaged in spa management and consultancy service for hotels and resorts across South India. The prodigious experience and research amassed across the globe in spa administration and technical domain, founder partners established a bespoke spa and wellness experience for their customers. Presently, Sathwa Spa operates in 15+ hotels and resorts across South India apart from their own spa brand now at Mangaluru, in the Avatar Hotel.

As per their Vision & Mission, Amid the chaos of daily life, people are looking forward to a respite, peace and wellness-centric getaway. Sathwa spa believes in creating a one–to–one spa wellness experience for both body and mind. They curate an experience for their guests which is inspired by unique wellness practices and traditional healing art. With a state-of-the-art facility featuring a bunch of treatment rooms, Sathwa Spa offers a wide array of Western or oriental massage selections as well as luxury beauty therapies to add that extra glow.

Mangaluru, the Educational hub of India is always bustling with energy and excitement. Young people all across the country seem to be rushing towards it in search of livelihood options. Young minds with youthful aspirations look for more than just a livelihood. Aspiring to look beautiful trying to sync in with the latest fashion trends. Sathwa Spa has answers to all the questions about the beauty needs of the young and the old- and your search ends there. You might be working night shifts or might have a long tiresome day at work. Sathwa Spa will help you to unwind at their new location in the City. When you get tired of shopping and you feel you need a break and take care of your looks visit this Spa and rejuvenate for the tiresome weeks ahead of the month.

This luxury spa will give the feel of splendour and care which will make you feel special and their treatments under experienced staff are absolutely awesome. The serene location of the spa recreates a heaven-like feeling in which each nerve end and muscle is taken care of. The aromatic oils and the soft music enhance the feeling of well-being. Let the people who know the art of wellness do their work with the help of massages, body wraps and scrubs. Your body will glow with shine and it will have a lasting impact on your skin tone as well. Come and feel the magic of Sathwa Spa from the hands of an expert at one of the BEST SPAS in Mangaluru.

The SATHWA SPA was inaugurated by Guests of Honour CA SS Nayak-the Past chairman of ICAI, Mangaluru, Tulu Actor/Director Arjun Kapikad, Dr Priyadarshini – Director of Harsha Modern Diagnostics & a Mrs World Super Model 2019; Prashanth Rao Aroor- Executive director, The Avatar Hotel; Ms Carminlita Dias -the Owner of the Spa, along with her husband Shyam Mohan and their children, Alok and Nimisha, among others.

After inaugurating the Spa by cutting the ribbon and lighting the lamp, the dignitaries on the dais applauded the efforts put in by Ms Carminlita, a hardworking and energetic entrepreneur, who can work wonders in every enterprise she undertakes. She was praised as a professional entrepreneur, and as a perfect example of women empowerment. On the occasion, solo music artist Vijay D’Costa entertained the audience with his melodious rendition of Bollywood and Western songs.

Persons who were involved in setting up this Spa were felicitated on the occasion. While Ms Carminlita Dias proposed the vote of thanks, the programme was eloquently and professionally compered by Rj & Voice actor Manohar Rao, from Bengaluru.

SATHWA SPA features- Brilliant formulation of Crystal clear Ayurvedic oils and pure essential oils designed exclusively for Spa purposes; Clean and hygienic linen and other Spa accessories; Internationally Spa trained and Spa experienced male and female therapists; Signature treatments upon consultation; Bespoke packages, among other facilities. If the age is visible on your skin and you feel that home care is not having the needed effect.

Let the magic of Sathwa experts bring in the difference you have been looking forward to in your life. Age-old pains will subside and you will refresh and feel young at heart. The therapists will listen to your ailments before suggesting their services to you. The massages are their signature service to society, a wellness program with a lasting impact. Sathwa Spa treatments will give you the stimuli to lead a healthy life.

Welcome to SATHWA SPA where you can SEEK, OBSERVE, BREATHE beyond the BLISS! “Sometimes You Have to Just Let Go.. and Have a SPA DAY!

For Appointment and Details Contact: SATHWA SPA, at The Avatar Hotel., Nandigudda Road, Attavar, Mangaluru Call: 7022134888 (Spa business hours are 9 am-8 pm)  

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