Sea of people flock Panambur Beach NOT following Social Distance And NOT wearing Masks

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Sea of people flock Panambur Beach NOT following Social Distance And NOT wearing Masks

Mangaluru: Looking at the thousands of people flocked at the Panambur Beach on Sunday, 10 January 2021, I was wondering what a joke it was to ban three days prior to New Year 2021 by the District Administration, which seemed like CORONAVIRUS was active and alive ONLY during those three days to spread the virus? But on the other hand if you look at the people at the Panambur Beach, especially during the weekend, it looks like sardines filled in a basket? There are no officials to look into this situation when the Covid-19 virus is still alive and people are getting affected and a few dying. Where are the MCC officials who go around and crack down on oNLY certain halls and penalize them for not following Social Distance & for not wearing face masks.

Why is district administration nor MCC taking action when such a large number of people-seniors, adults, kids to toddlers at the beach, totally flouting the Covid-19 rules. If the officials are cracking down on businesses, halls, malls etc, then they should also crack down on the violators at the Panambur or any other nearby beaches. The way the whole beach was swarmed with people, it looked like- ” No Mask, No Social Distancing-No Problem! You’re Still Welcomed at Panambur Beach”-whatsoever! Nearly 90-95% of the people were not wearing face masks, apart from not maintaining social distance. I don’t have to explain more in writing, the photos in this report will explain the truth. Not wearing face masks, and social distancing went for a toss.

With about five to six cops, who as usual mingled with their mobile phones, and didn’t bother to warn people about the safety and rules of Covid-19 cooly stayed at a corner watching the army of people entering the beach. With hardly any life guards,, people took the advantage of enjoying the sun-kissed sand and blue waters, totally without masks and not following social distancing. Some were even swimming in spite of the warning sign posted-“Swimming is Not Allowed’! This is happening not only at the Beach, but also elsewhere , where people are just abusing the Covid-19 rules, by not wearing masks and not following social distancing. Our BIG guys sitting in their Air Conditioned offices and IMPLEMENTING strict orders to adhere to Covid-19 regulations is of NO USE, they have to ENFORCE them?

Health experts may have warned people about the Covid-19 infections, but Mangaloreans continue to violate safety guidelines by not wearing masks and flouting social distancing norms in public places. Hundreds of them are throwing caution to the wind by not using sanitisers or undergoing thermal screening at crowded shops. A shopkeeper in Market Road, has kept a bottle of hand sanitizer near the entrance of his store, but claims that nobody uses it. “As the wedding season is approaching, customers are lining up outside our shops. It is impossible for us to manage huge crowds,” he says. “After bearing huge losses during the Covid lockdown, we cannot tell customers to stay at home. We try following social distancing norms, but a lot of them do not listen to us.”


That is a different story, but now coming back to the scene at Panambur Beach on Sunday, it was scary to see a huge sea of tourists and locals all clustered together, not leaving any space in between them, and the majority were seen without face masks. What were these people thinking? That Coronavirus has disappeared, and the best part was that none of the beach people in charge bothered to give any warning or announcement over the microphone. With such kind of situations taking place, why even force and warn people to adhere to Covid-19 rules, if the authorities are not taking action. There were minors, youth, adults and seniors-all flouting the Covid-19 rules- seemed like Covid-19 rules totally gone for a toss! One life guard said, “Our pleas have fallen deaf on the ears of the beachgoers because you can spot only a few people in masks.”

When the entire world and India is amid the battle against fighting COVID-19, it is important to use masks and follow social distancing. Without taking simple necessary measures to stay safe, how can any one fight a dreaded virus like COVID-19? Even though the virus cases have reduced, the virus is still active and alive, and can strike anyone, if preventive measures are not taken. Despite raising awareness regarding the dangers caused by the virus, the public is neglecting by not wearing masks and not following other related norms. And one example is the violators of the Covid rules at the Beach

Political and religious gatherings are still breaking the rules and people attending in alarming numbers. This is one of the reasons for the rapid spread of the virus. Look at the people gathered at religious places- did anyone take action? Look at the party revelers at the lounges/Pubs in town, the places are packed and no one to crack down on it. Bribe the police you are good to go! Look at the restaurants in the mornings and evenings- no social distancing whatsoever. Look at the Nehru Maidan, Football ground next to it and the Karavali ground/Mangala stadium- everyone is happily enjoying the exercises or games with no masks and also no social distancing.

And by the way, Nehru Maidan and Football ground is very close to the DC’ and Police Commissioner’s Office-what action has been taken? Absolutely nothing. Only announcing strict laws and punishment/fines will not serve the purpose, authorities should get out and crack down on violators, and then only fear can be created among the public to adhere to Covid-19 rules-if not it will be the same old habits. Citizens across the city are being seen crowding various markets to do their shopping. Many are flouting the basic COVID19 rules of social distancing and wearing a mask, and are not following the guidelines to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Do Citizens fear about Covid-19 virus striking again on a larger scale- I don’t think so, the way life is going on. Couple of months ago, CM Yediyurappa had asked people of the state to cooperate by adhere to the Covid 19 rules, but the way people are acting foolish and showing total negligence towards the spread of Virus, chances are that CM may call for another lockdown, if people don’t behave and follow the rules. And on a final note, Team Mangalorean makes a humble request to the officials of District Administration and Mangaluru city Corporation to make a visit to the Beaches in Mangaluru, especially Panambur Beach which gets a huge crowd, and take necessary action. If the MCC officials can go around and harass owners and management of businesses, wedding halls, hotels etc, I think they can travel a few extra Kms and take to task the violators of Covid at the beaches, especially Panambur Beach.

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