Secretaries of Diocesan Pastoral Commissions meet to Review and Plan Pastoral Activities

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Secretaries of Diocesan Pastoral Commissions meet to Review and Plan Pastoral Activities

Mangaluru: The planning and review meeting of the Diocesan Pastoral Commissions was held at the Pastoral Centre, Bajjodi on May 5. All the diocesan secretaries of the 21 pastoral commissions were present for the meeting.

The meeting was headed by Dr Peter Paul Saldanha, president of diocesan pastoral commissions. “There has been considerable growth in the parishes and the diocese, ever since the commissions were formed to carry out the pastoral work in the diocese.”

Bishop said, “There is an awareness created among the people about the pastoral commissions. It is very positive to note that the people have come together and collaborated in pastoral work. The commitment and creativity of the commission secretaries are praiseworthy.”

The bishop noted that the outreach programmes carried out by some commissions were commendable and have set a model for others.

Bishop thanked the outgoing Diocesan Coordinator of Pastoral Commissions, Fr Joseph Martis, parish priest of Derebail and welcomed the new coordinator Fr Faustine Lobo, the parish priest of Kinnigoli.

Fr Joseph Martis said, “Due to the pandemic the growth of the commissions was slow. Nevertheless, the progress achieved through the collaborative work was stupendous.”

All the diocesan secretaries of the 21 Pastoral Commissions presented the report of the activities conducted by each commission at the diocesan and denary levels. The next plan of action according to the goals and objectives of the individual commissions was displayed and discussed.

Few secretaries voiced out that many of the commissions could collaborate together and conduct a programme jointly.

Fr Vincent D’Souza, Director CODP led the Prayer. Msgr. Maxim L. Noronha, Vicar General and Fr Santhosh Rodrigues, Director, Pastoral Institute were present.

Report by Fr Anil FDes, Pics by Vijay DSouza, CCC

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