Seems like MCC Waiting for Engineers to come from Delhi to Fix the Overflowing Drainage

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Seems like Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) is waiting for Engineers and Contractors to come from Delhi or Punjab to Fix the Overflowing Drainage with STINKING & Filthy Water posing health hazards to Motorists and Pedestrians or Is MCC waiting for a fatality before any action is taken?

Mangaluru: It’s been almost a week since the dilapidated manhole, drainage has been overflowing with FILTHY and STINKING water, which has been posing a safety hazard to the motorists and pedestrians. A few days ago Team Mangalorean had published a report (World’s FIRST Mini-Swimming Pool Right in Middle of the Road near Bendore in City) on 21 May 2022, following which MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar had assured to take action soon, but all in vain- and this morning (24 May) the situation is much worse than it was yesterday or days ago.

Is this how our elected representatives, City Officials, corporators and other concerned authorities care about the safety of the motorists and commuters. Our City officials feel proud to call Mangaluru a SMART CITY, but in reality, IT’S NOT? Just look at the dug up roads, shabby developmental projects, scattered garbage, overflowing drains, incomplete hazardous footpaths, and many more- and now we have this unique of its kind World’s FIRST Mini-Swimming Pool, right in the middle of the road near St Theresa’s School, right opposite to Cognizant IT firm. Seems like the long-pending dreams of the nearby mosquitoes, toads and frogs have finally materialized by the Mangaluru City Corporation.

While the City officials and health department officials are going around bringing awareness on the spread of Dengue and Malaria, here we are seeing a bunch of water-filled dug-up pits and potholes, giving scope for mosquito breeding- and these so-called Dedicated? and committed? officials have turned a blind eye to such civic issues. Now that the MCC Commissioner has put a hold on digging and road cutting works till 30 September, all the incomplete civic works left behind are creating havoc and safety hazards to motorists and commuters. Did anyone think of the hassles and inconveniences of this senseless stoppage of work before enforcing it? Probably Not!

Once again a spot on the St Agnes College to Bendoorwell Road is dug again, and this time once again near St Theresa school/front of Cognizant IT firm in the City, to fix an overflowing manhole which had been clogged. Not long ago, a few meters away from the present dug-up manhole spot, a similar problem pertaining to manholes was fixed- and now we are seeing yet another manhole problem, and with the slow pace and unscientific work is putting the motorists’ and commuters’ lives at risk.

With the dirty water overflowing from this manhole, speeding vehicles passing by splash the stinky and filthy water on the pedestrians walking on the nearby footpath. Also near this overflowing manhole, there is also a dug-up spot left behind by Gail Gas Pipeline workers, which is also posing danger to motorists. No matter what, no one cares about the safety of the people. Already one of the surrounding barricades at the overflowing manhole has been knocked down by vehicles, next will be some motorists landing into the HOLE?

If you look at the entire stretch of the said Road, you will see patchwork at various spots, a proof that this road has been dug many times. And these dup-up pits not being fixed/covered with concrete, pose danger to two-wheelers riders and pedestrians. This shows the unplanned and unscientific works taken up, either by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) or Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC). During peak hours, chaos and traffic jams are created due to this work especially near St Theresa School during morning and evening hours and it’s a total mess out there always. Luckily the school is closed for the holidays, we won’t be seeing the regular chaos now, but traffic jams will be there during rush hours.

You won’t even believe ever since this entire stretch of road was concretized, it has been dug numerous times, either for faulty water or UGD issues- and it will never end. Similar has been the case with many other city roads, which have been dug various times and they are still digging to fix water or UGD problems. This shows how intelligent and smart our engineers are in our Smart City, who doesn’t even know what they are doing, even after many of them may be rank holders in their academics?

For a City which has been selected as one of the “Smart City” of India, it seems like we are lacking “Smart People”, right from Officials at MSCL and MCC, Engineers, Contractors, and other District authorities who are simply wasting public hard-earned money on projects, which once completed have to be re-done or new roads have to be dug up to lay drainage or construct new manholes or address some water problems.

This manhole work on Bendore road has been left unattended for a few days, is filled with rainwater, and toilet waste- and is seen overflowing onto the road emanating a bad smell. School children, young and old folks, ladies and gentlemen are the most susceptible. They come onto the road to escape the dug up areas endangering their safety. It is a carnage out there. With the roads dug up here in there, some could claim that they have sent people to the hospital with injuries, some others would state that they have claimed lives!

Even today, when there is so much conversation about road safety, and despite pedestrians being at the forefront of this conversation, many roads are not safe either due to construction or debris left after construction. Not “Smart” for an upcoming “Smart City”? Period.

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