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Senior Judge Mallanna Gowda Launches Logo of Parivarthan Beauty Pageant

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Senior Judge Mallanna Gowda Launches Logo of Parivarthan Beauty Pageant

Mangaluru: The Logo of Parivarthan Beauty Pageant was launched at the Press Club Urwa here on September 11.

Founder and Managing Trustee Violet Pereira welcomed the gathering. Senior Judge and Member Secretary of District Legal Services Authority Mallanna Gowda unveiled the Logo of the Parivarthan Beauty Pageant.

Addressing the gathering, Mallanna Gowda said, “Earlier transgenders were neglected by the society. It is not their mistake that they have become the Transgenders. The Parivarthan Charitable trust is working for the welfare of the Transgenders and today I am very happy to unveil the logo because it is a good cause to empower the transgenders”.

Mallanna Gowda further said, “In 2014, the supreme court passed a landmark judgment recognizing the fundamental and civil rights of transgenders. Transgenders face many sexual health issues and the government has seriously addressed the problems of transgenders. The government has also started separate HIV surveillance centres. Transgenders face many problems in the society and the Supreme court ordered the government to take measures to address the problems like social stigma, discrimination, depression, suicidal tendencies etc. faced by the transgenders. On 6 September 2018, the Court ruled unanimously in Navtej Singh Johar V Union of India that Section 377 was unconstitutional “in so far as it criminalizes consensual sexual conduct between adults of the same sex”.

Mallanna Gowda also said, “We cannot empower them through government programmes but they should be included in such activities. If we talk about the beauty pageant, the Parivarthan Charitable trust has come up with the beauty pageant which will empower them and they will be able to lead a respectful life in the society. Earlier they did not have the right to cast their votes but for the first time, they have voted for the Assembly elections. I wish Parivarthan Charitable Trust as well as ABCD Fashions and V4 Channel all the very best for the Beauty Pageant which will be held on October 14.”

Secretary of PCT Sanjana also spoke on the occasion and urged all to support the cause. Chairman of V4 Channel Laxman Kundar delivered the vote of thanks.

Trustee of PCT Asha Nayak, PCT Core committee members Lydia D’Cunha, Joeann Sequeira, PCT members Rekha, Priya and Pinky were also present.

*Rules and Regulations*

A contestant must sign an undertaking for participating in Transgender beauty pageant.
A contestant must be an Indian citizen.
A contestant must be a resident of city/town/state for at least six months preceding the date of the pageant (for Address proof)
A contestant must have never be engaged in any activity that is or could reasonably be characterized as dishonest.
A contestant must be between the ages of 17-30 years of age.
A contestant must be of a good moral character
A contestant, other than minor or petty offenses, must never have been convicted of any criminal offense and there are no criminal charges presently pending against her.
A contestant must be in good health and can participate fully and without limitation in any program activities.

A contestant must participate in all the sequence in Finale pageant
A contestant must not use or consume any illegal controlled dangerous substances or abuse the use of alcohol or other dangerous substances.

Contestants are prohibited from directly or indirectly associating in any way with, or participating (including without limitation by becoming a contestant, judge, performer or participant) in any way in, the promotion or conduct of any other local, state, regional, national or international competition of a nature similar to the Miss Transgender competition.


*Private Interview – 35%*

The private interview is 10 minutes long: 9 min 30 seconds of open questions and 30 seconds at the end for the contestant to make statements on issues/subjects that she wants the judges to know about that has not been previously discussed. If discussion ends before the 30 seconds are up, then the interview ends. A podium will be used. The contestant may stand behind it, or on either side of it, but not in front of it.

*Talent – 30%*

Talent will be a maximum of 90 seconds. Any talent presentation above 90 seconds is unacceptable. Contestants should plan a performance that will not exceed this limit. Judges will be informed immediately if a contestant runs over her allotted time. Each judge will then use this information to assist in determining his/her score of the contestant’s talent competition. Judging of talent will also take into consideration the qualities and attributes of Miss Local.

*Evening Gown – 15%*

Evening wear should express a sense of style and appropriateness for young women ages 17 to 24. The Evening Wear phase of competition is designed for the judge to assess the contestant’s beauty, poise, grace, and commanding stage presence. The contestant’s total look is considered. Her evening wear (not the value of the evening wear) should complement the contestant’s individuality. It is permissible to wear cocktail dresses, evening pant suits, or long gowns.

*On Stage Question – 20%*

Two on-stage questions will be given. The first question will be a light question followed by a question from either the interview or her platform (if she has one). The contestant’s answer will be scored.

**Before starting any phase of competition, the judges must read and understand all six parts of the Affidavit before signing it. This is for the protection of the local organization.

Send your entries to contest@parivarthan.net
or call: 7204433635, 9769573085, 9243301874
For more details log on to www.parivarthan.net

About Parivarthan Charitable Trust 

Get ready to witness something that Mangaloreans have never seen before, and its happening for the FIRST time in this picturesque Coastal City-Mangaluru- and come October 14 at Kudmul Ranga Rao Purabhavan, formerly Town Hall -Mangaluru, Karnataka State’s beautiful and gorgeous Transgenders will walk the ramp, to win the coveted title, in the State Level Parivarthan Transgenders Beauty Pageant. This Beauty pageant is hosted by The Parivarthan Charitable Trust in association with Fashion ABCD and V4 Channel.

Parivarthan Charitable trust, a Ray of Hope for transgenders, was initiated in 2016, and since its inception has been working for the welfare of the Transgenders. Parivarthan Trust also celebrated the World’s First “Transgenders Day” on March 12 commemorating the birthday of Ms Violet Pereira, the Founder of the Trust, and the tradition in celebrating ‘Transgenders Day’ has been continued for the past two years. Last year, The Trust also hosted the FIRST ever Christmas Celebration with the Transgenders, thereby bringing the joy and fun during Christmas time among the Transgenders, and putting miles of smiles on their faces.

History was created in India last year in August when India crowned its FIRST Transgender Beauty Queen in the Gurgaon, Haryana, wherein 16 would-be beauty queens from across India helped to make history when they competed in the country’s first ever transgender beauty pageant. The Pageant named “Miss Transqueen India” aimed to celebrate gender fluidity and enhance the profile of India’s trans community, with the winner being presented with an opportunity to represent India at the International Queen pageant in Thailand on March 2018- the event was initiated by Ms Reena Rai.

Change is happening in India for the betterment of Transgenders. If Reena Rai and people of Gurgaon could do something unique for the Transgenders, why not Mangaloreans? Keeping that in mind, Parivarthan Charitable Trust, with discussions with Charan Suvarna of Fashion ABCD and Laxman Kunder of Kudla’s favourite TV Channel V4, who have knowledge and experience in hosting many Fashions shows, beauty pageants, have decided to host the FIRST ever Beauty Pageant for the Transgenders in Mangaluru. Today, India is home to a vibrant transgender community that covers a wide spectrum of people. Parivarthan Trust has been striving hard for the rights of the transgenders and has been sensitizing the students by holding various programmes. To give equal opportunities for transgenders in the society the Trust is hosting the First Ever “Parivarthan Beauty Pageant”.

Should transgenders be allowed to compete in pageants? Why not! Aren’t they humans too, having the same desires and interests as anyone of us. So why not give them a chance, and allow them to unleash their hidden talents- and yes, they will show the world and the Mangaloreans, that they too are beautiful gorgeous, and accomplish and reach greater heights if given a chance like it is given to others. So come October 14, 2018, Mangaloreans will witness something unique, glittering and extravagant of the Transgenders Kind!

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