Sense of assurance was missing for 70 years: BL Santhosh

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Sense of assurance was missing for 70 years: BL Santhosh
New Delhi: The Central government has brought stability in Manipur, which has always faced continuous blockade, and Assam, which was marred by violence, BJP national General Secretary (Organisation), B.L. Santhosh, said on Thursday.

Santhosh was speaking after releasing a book titled ‘Modi 2.0: A Resolve to Secure India’, which captures noteworthy opinions and inputs of national security experts and thought leaders on the overall performance and strategies of the Narendra Modi government.

Santosh said, “True potential of this country has been unmasked in the last seven years, and it is the contribution of many people because they all have found their rhythm now, they all have found their space where they can do something. This is the biggest achievement of seven years of Modi administration.”

“Post-Independence, countrymen and ordinary people lacked a sense of assurance. They had everything but the sense of assurance was diminishing and missing for around 70 years. In the last seven years, the government has brought a sense of assurance for the common man that there is a system in place,” Santhosh said.

Citing the example of Manipur, Santhosh said, “For the last five years, Manipur hasn’t witnessed any bandh. Once Manipur witnessed 700 days of bandh and blockade, but not a single day of bandh has been witnessed in the last five years… This is the sense of assurance.”

He also pointed out that now in Assam, Independence Day is celebrated in all districts for the first time.

Taking a dig at Congress leader Manish Tewari’s book, which was released around the same time on the ground floor of the venue, Santhosh said, “In the same building a book is being launched on a disaster and another about disaster management by the NDA government.”

The editors of the book ‘Modi 2.0: A Resolve to Secure India’, Bibek Debroy, Ranjit Panchanda, Uttam Sinha and Anirban Ganguly, have carefully scrutinised government policies, initiations, responses to crises, and the leadership role of the government. The book covers various areas of governance and other important issues, in which the BJP has performed with a fair amount of success.

Debroy said, “A sound and aggressive defence strategy is an absolutely necessary part of India’s reform agenda. Strategies to counter insurgency on our national borders and police reforms are essential for maintaining the momentum in development.”

Ganguly said, “The national security approach of Modi’s ‘New India’ is in line with the articulation. India aspires to emerge as a leading power standing on a solid foundation of a new security vision.”

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