Shabby & Dug Up Road near Jyothi Circle by Jalasiri Project Workers Puts Commuters in Hardship & Risk

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Shabby & Dug Up Road near Jyothi Circle/Dr Ambedkar Circle (in front of Govt Junior Women’s College) by Jalasiri Project Workers Puts Commuters in Hardship & Risk- and No action is taken up by the District Administration nor Mangaluru City Corporation against the dealayed, shabby work by the contractors/workers of this project, since it is a BJP run STATE GOVERNMENT initiative

Mangaluru : Just look around the City, almost every nook and corner of the Coastal City named as Smart City is in shambles and disaster, with roads dug up either by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) for development work, or by Gail Company to lay Pipeline gas pipes or roads dug up by the workers of Jalasiri 24X7 water supply project. And in this mess, the pedestrians and commuters are facing the brunt, and hardship and even risking their lives- and the District Administration and Mangaluru City Corporation have turned a blind eye towards this civic issue. Guess they are waiting for a few lives to be lost due to the hazardous conditions of these projects, before any action is taken.

This civic issue report is for the kind consideration of the DK Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra, MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar and MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty to take necessary steps immediately is seeing that no commuters are faced hardship and get injured due to the shabby dug up, messy and slushy stretch of road in front of Government women’s College/Dr ambedkar/Jyothi Circle, where a large crowd of commuters gather to board the buses to travel home or for other engagements.

The road was earlier dug up for laying gas pipelines and now for water pipelines, and now it is in a shambles as the Jalasiri water project is on at a slow pace. putting motorists and commuters in inconveniences. Even though the Public complain of severe hardship faced due to this, unfortunately no one is listening, even the much talked about MLA? Apart from this area near Jyothi Circle, Road users complain that neither patch work or repair works are carried out on streets in the City, after the contractor had completed the work. stretch. Moreover, the said company of Jalasiri project is dragging its feet to complete the works and has caused distress, claim the road users.

A commuter waiting for his bus to go to Talapady said, “I am a senior citizen, how does anyone expect me to cross this slushy road to board the bus. Does any of our elected leaders or the big honchos in the district administration or MCC care about the safety of its citizens. Our elected leaders only come begging at our doorsteps during elections, and trusting them we vote and make them win to make money, and leave us helpless when civic issues arise. I am glad that Team Mangalorean is highlighting this issue showing concern towards the commuters and motorists. May God bless your team”

Sulochana waiting for the bus towards Jeppu said, “Two days ago I almost slipped trying to cross this slushy road, and if not for a person who held me I would have been in the slush. The bottom part of my saree and my footwear were covered with red mud, and I had to report to work in such a mess. Does any one of these have any common sense to leave an area in such a mess and put peoples’ lives in misery and risk. I only hope some action is taken soon”.

Anyways there were many more complaints and woes from commuters, however, Team Mangalorean hopes that the above two comments posted above by two citizens will convince our netas, and officials in District Administration and MCC to do the needful and save people’s precious lives! We Don’t Want To Lose Our Lives Before We Get the Jalasiri 24X 7 Water?

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