‘Shashi Kumar is the BEST CAPTAIN of Our Seniors Ship’- 80-year-old Complimenting Top Cop

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‘Shashi Kumar is the BEST CAPTAIN of our Seniors Ship’- 80-year-old man Interacting with Top Cop during an Interactive Session with SENIOR CITIZENS organized by City Police Commissionerate under the leadership of Mangaluru Police commissioner N Shashi Kumar held at Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work, Mangaluru on Saturday, 24 September from 11 am

Mangaluru: It should be noted that ever since N Shashi Kumar took over the charge as Police Commissioner on 1 January 2021 he has come up with quite a few initiatives starting with a month-long fitness workshop for the police personnel to keep them trim, fit and healthy, both men and women, then he had organized a cricket match to keep the police involved in sporting activities. And later, alarmed over a number of people and also police personnel getting infected by coronavirus on duty, Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar directed that kiosks be set up outside all police stations for people who come there to file complaints, passport ID verification, etc.

Followed by that he took the initiative in providing free lunch and dinner to the frontline workers aka police who toiled hard combating the Covid-19 pandemic. N Shashi Kumar who loves to sing, a few months ago initiated a programme, encouraging a bunch of police personnel to come forward and unleash their hidden singing talents in a singing online show/live performance named “Gana Sudhe”. Recently he organized an interactive session with foreign nationals working and studying in Mangaluru, and also other immigrants working in the City.

And here he is with yet another initiative by organizing an INTERACTIVE SESSION with SENIOR CITIZENS, which was highly praised and applauded by the large gathering of senior citizens, betwen\en the age of 65-80, and 95% were a BIG FAN of Police Commissioner, who appreciated his service, dedication and commitment to the society.

The Interactive Session for Senior Citizens organized by the City Police Commissionerate under the leadership of Mangaluru Police commissioner N Shashi Kumar was held at Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work, Mangaluru on Saturday, 24 September from 11 am. The enthusiastic seniors who were happy to be amidst the Police Commissioner raised a few civic issues that were faced by them and wanted the police commissioner to rectify them at the earliest.

Some of the issues were: Buses with shrill horns and motorbikes with loud noises pose a hazard to their hearing; since there are no signal lights near Kavoor Junction, request to install them soon due to many accidents taking place there; Drugs trafficking and consumption on the rise among the youth need to crack down and stopped, where at present youth do not fear the cops; Many seniors are left alone in the house by their siblings, so police should monitor them and if there is any emergency situations or any untoward incidents the culprits could be tracked easily.

Many MCC and MSCL projects are left incomplete for months putting seniors’ lives in danger, walking on streets, especially after sunset; Installation of traffic signal lights at Surathkal junction is needed very badly since it is hard to cross the roads; Humps with white markings should be installed to control speeding vehicles; Rash and negligent driving by bus drivers need to be cracked down; With no proper zebra crossing seniors are facing hardships to cross the busy roads; Large circles are a nuisance and MSCL/MCC are coming up with such needs to be addressed; Police should crack down on every citizen, and not just seniors for traffic violations; are among the many issues discussed during the session.

Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar addressing the audience said, “I appreciate all of you coming in large numbers, even though it is the first kind of interactive session held. It’s sad to note that these days children are leaving their aged parents alone at home, and they face lots of inconveniences and hardships to manage their lives. Seniors should approach their children with their grievances and urge them to take care of them, thereby making a difference. Senior citizens’ meetings are being organized at every police station and seniors should make the best use of it, where their problems could be addressed and solved”.

He further said, “We have also come across incidents where children have kicked out the parents from their homes, with no food, shelter etc, causing them to suffer. Such cases will be severely dealt with by law, and we are keeping an eye on such issues. In such cases, there are provisions in the law to protect the rights of senior citizens. Seniors should be free to contact the police when they have problems so that we could solve them soon before it’s too late. You are all welcome to my office anytime if you need any help or to discuss the problems that you are facing. Remember you are not Old, you are still Young, and enjoy your life to the maximum. Age is just a number, and let it be that way”.

Principal School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya Dr Juliet CJ speaking on the occasion complimented the police commissioner for the unique initiative of interacting with seniors, and listening patiently to their grievances and ensuring them his support in solving them. NRI US Citizen Joe D’Souza requested the police commissioner to crack down on speeding buses, which always bother him while driving and both the driver and conductor are rude when asked to obey traffic laws, and Top Cop assured him of action soon.

DCP Law and Order Anshu Kumar, DCP crime and traffic Dinesh Kumar, ACP traffic Geetha Kulkarni, ACP P A Hegde, Dinakar Shetty, and Mahesh Prasad, among others, were present. The programme was compered by PI of Rural Vamanjoor area Johnson D’Souza.

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