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‘She Came, She Saw, She Won Hearts of Kudla Women Cricketers! Meet Mrs India 2015

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‘She Came, She Saw, She Won Hearts of Kudla Women Cricketers! Meet Mrs India 2015

‘She Came, She Saw, She Won Hearts of Kudla Women Cricketers, at the 1st Women Cricket Championship-2018, organized by Pathway Mangalore, in association with Mercy Ladies Salon, Mangaluru on 3 June 2018 at Urwa Market Ground, in which eight women teams participated! ‘Mrs India 2015’ and ‘Mrs Asia 2015’ Pratibha Saunshimath from Bengaluru graced the occasion and added a glittering attraction to the event by her presence.

Mangaluru: When you google on the Internet, you will find a YouTube clipping which was posted on her 50th Birthday, and the words that were popping on that birthday advt were like ” She’s Mentor”; “She’s a Mother”, She’s an Inspiration”, “She is Beautiful and a Star”, “She’s a Queen”, She’s a Go-Getter”, “She’s a Friend”, ‘She’s a Winner”, “She’s Mentor”, “She’s the support”, “She’s a Rock-Star”, and She’s the Sunshine that Never Stops Shining”- Yes all these words truly describe what she is, and what she will be forever. And Team Mangalorean found most of these qualities in this woman while interacting with Her for an exclusive interview during the valedictory function of the FIRST ever Women Cricket Championship 2018, organized by Pathway Mangalore, in association with Mercy Ladies Salon-Mangaluru, on 3 June 2018 at Urwa Market Ground, Mangaluru.

Team Mangalorean presents to you the glamorous and Beautiful Mother of two grown-up children, Pratibha Saunshimath from Bengaluru, who was crowned as “Mrs India 2015”, and “Mrs Asia International 2015” and “Mrs Asia Photogenic 2015”- and who presently is the Organizer and Director of “Mrs India’ pageants, since many years. Speaking at the Women Cricket Championship finale, Pratibha said, ” It’s nice to see that Mangaluru has talented and very sporty women, showing their hidden talents in sports, including cricket. Once a gentleman’s game, cricket has now also become a woman’s game. I feel humble and proud to be among all these women cricketers, who have proved that they too can excel in sports. I wish these young ladies cricketers all the best”. Also speaking on the occasion. Mercy D’souza, of Mercy Ladies Salon, said, “I am really overwhelmed at the response that this tournament had received, and I am happy to note that these women can do much better than men. Fell very proud being the sponsor of this event. Looking forward to participating in such women activities in future too”.

Eight teams namely- Queens XI Kudla; Wonder Girls-Tulunad; Kudla Rockers, Pink Panthers-Kalmady, Mangala Sports, M W Warriors, Rockstars Manipal; and Just For U- and in the finals, Pink Panthers-Kalmady were the winners, and Mangala Sports were the runners-up- the prizes were distributed to them by chief guest Pratibha, Mercy D’souza and Soujanya Hegde- President-JCI Mangalore Lalbagh, and who is also an Actress/Celebrity Anchor who was recently Crowned as ‘Mrs Popular’ at ‘Haute Monde Mrs India Worldwide 2017’. The First ever Women Cricket event was a success with women having lots of fun and frolic- and showed the society that they could excel in sports/Cricket like the men?

Pratibha Saunshimath is very passionate about dancing and acting, and Sports and dancing have been an integral part of her life. She has worked and was a part of Shiamak Davars Bangalore team for 11 years. Lately, she has started dance classes of her own and worked for a producer in a Kannada movie in 2008 – 09 where exposure to camera interviews was an educational experience for her. With her own choreography, she managed to reach the 3rd round of Zee TV DID Supermoms. As the Director of ‘Mrs India 2017’ and also Director for ‘Mrs India Karnataka Pageant’ she has organized the pageants very systematically and has given her 100% contribution to make the pageants successful. A very Strict task master Pratibha was the show Director of all ‘Mrs India’ Pageants including ‘Mrs India 2017′,’ Mrs India North 2017′, ‘Mrs India South 2017’, ‘Mrs India West 2017’, and ‘Mrs India Karnataka 2017’. .

Pratibha Sunashimath is one Super Woman from Karnataka who had anchored the ‘Mrs India 2017 entire show single-handed, also being a spontaneous Speaker and bubbly with a sparkle in her eyes that lifted the show instantly. Her contribution right from Selection till Crowning of Queens, Pratibha has groomed Mrs India 2017 Contestants and Choreographed many shows of Mrs India 2017 Pageant. Contestants have said that she is always ready on toes to help everyone, who never says “No” to assist anyone. Right from taking Interviews, Selections till grooming contestants and guiding Mrs India Pageants is what Pratibha Saunshimath has done for Mrs India 2017 Pageants.

Pratibha is a multifaceted personality who is a fabulous Dancer, Actor and Model who has acted in many TV Advertisements and Documentary Films. Never-give-up attitude is what has made this ” Queen” special, who has successfully proved that Age is just a Number and if you have a zeal no one can stop you from achieving goals of your life. Pratibha is not only a loving Mom to her two children but she is also a strong lady with engaging thoughts. She is incredibly sharp, intelligent, confident, and poised. She is more than just a beauty and socialite, she is a go-getter and an achiever- her success in the 2015 pageant is the proof. She has always understood fashion and style to be an expression of the unique and beautiful inner self of each individual person.

Born to Dr.V.S Patil Kulkarni and Kamala Patil on 2 November 1966, as the eldest of four, a sister Prafulla, Two younger brothers Pradeep and Praveen, she grew up in different districts of Karnataka, like Belgaum, Dharwad, Gulbarga and Bangalore. She had professional training for athletics in Kanterava stadium during 1985-87, where she played volleyball and women’s cricket for her college. She got married to Basavaraj Saunshimath in 1987, lived in Alamatti dam site for a year before moving to Hubli for next 14 years. Sadly She lost her first two babies before her daughter Pooja was born. Being busy as a homemaker cooking and cleaning for nearly 50 people every day, she still found time to take her daughter to dance and sports. She was well known for her anchoring and was invited by many schools and cultural organisation to anchor their shows.

Pratibha moved to Bangalore in 2001, and started classes with Shaimak Davars and soon along with her kids she was part of their professional team, performing shows. 2014 is where her journey with her present path started. “I am basically not a professional …just a homemaker turned queen, the celebrity status has not entered my head..I am still a simple woman ever ready hear to anyone who asks for help’ says Pratibha. She has always been an achiever, a dreamer and believes that there is nothing hard work can’t help you achieve. Her simple and modest demeanour translated into the sense of fashion which she appreciates herself. Ever since she won the Mrs India 2015 title, she has found that her sense of style has become more expressive of who she is. She is fun loving, spontaneous and impromptu on stage. No doubt, she is a responsible lady with a lot of gusto and a resplendent personality.

Following are the excerpts from the exclusive interview:

Q: How did it feel when you won the ‘Mrs Asia International-2015’ ‘ Mrs Photogenic 2015’ and ‘Mrs India 2015’? What was your reaction after you got selected?

Winning “Mrs India” was what others might say a dream come true..but for me, I had not even dreamt about it…on the push and support of my children I had participated. Went to enjoy and cherish the journey of a national level Pageant, when I was crowned ‘MRS INDIA’ I was in a little bit of daze, but the joy that I would be able to at least represent my country in an international event was what gave me the high. And yes carrying our national flag in the Asian world finals was a super experience, a normal homemaker without the knowledge of fashion competing with international contestants was a huge challenge.

Again here I had just gone to enjoy the journey, guess when one is not under the pressure of winning, winning comes to them, standing relaxed during the announcement, I had not realized my name being called, my Malaysian room-mate standing next to me virtually pushed me … coming back home with an Asian title, making me the first Kannadiga married women to hold an international title.

Q: Have you competed in pageants prior to these?

No beauty pageant experience as a youngster. First time I ever entered a Pageant was when I was 48 years, came back with a first runner title, that gave me the confidence to go back next year to earn the special title as the first south Indian to win a “Mrs INDIA” Crown.

Q: How did modelling happen to you? So when was this first opportunity that came across?

To apply for ‘MRS INDIA we were supposed to take professional pictures, that’s when I was guided to pass on the same pictures to some as agencies, guess with God’s blessings I immediately got my first national ad, Govardhan Ghee and was telecasted in national channels.

Q: Can you recollect for us, the beauty contests that you have entered…?

MRS INDIA is all I have ever participated in.

Q: Which phase of the competition was your favourite? How do you measure success?

In a beauty pageant every moment is precious, as it’ does not just depend on your looks or size but in your personality, we need to relax and be ourselves and hope we impress the judges, of course walking the ramp with your winner crown and sash is the most memorable moment ever.

Success for me is what makes me happy. Success can be from small day to day challenges to life’s biggest challenges, success is all about how we enjoy the journey to achieving the goals we set and then how best we can share it with our loved ones

Q: How were you different from the other contestants? What made you unique?

I was totally different from other contestants in the sense that, they all had come with one goal in mind, do anything to win the crown, every step was stress for them. Me crazy, I was just out to have fun, mistakes or not I was always smiling intact trying to de-stress others. Guess somewhere there I without knowing started leading and guiding other contestants. Before the end of the pageant, I was more like their guide and mentor more than a contestant.

Q: Getting selected and winning in this pageant, do you have any ideas for a change in your career for the future?

Winning the pageant has totally and completely changed my life. I was a very normal homemaker, busy with household activities, running around with kids, taking care of the sick, I am very good at caring for the sick as I was initially trained by my father to be a doctor, I had never seen the outside world, the glamour world till I turned 49, since then life has taken a 360 degree turn, a simple mom is now a celebrity, an inspiration to normal women to stand up for themselves and succeed in life irrespective of age. Ever since I started MRS INDIA KARNATAKA in 2016, I proudly say, that I have changed lives of so many women, given them the confidence to live their dreams.

Q: What is your style inspiration? What is your favourite item in your closet?

Comfortable wear, that’s suits my body structure, no particular inspiration, live innovation and keep changing. Love jackets, blazers and shrugs. Love boots & heals

Q: Which is your favourite social media platform to use and why?

Not much of a social media person, but today’s life is all about social media, have been comfortable with Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Have developed loads of fan following through these media, first it was recognition of person either by print or TV…now it’s a bigger exposure through the social media and the online web channels.

Q: I am sure that your family is such a huge support to you and your journey to win all these Titles-Was there any particular thing a family member has said that has inspired you to go this far?

I had all my life guided women in depression to get confident and succeed in life, have been a backbone to them every time they had problems, my children Pooja and Nitish had watched it for many years, still remember the day they told me….why do you only preach and never practice… You are far better than all of them but still, you are at home…why haven’t you tried the way you push them to do something for yourself. Was shocked at first but then realized yes..I too could do ..but what…I had been married and home for 27 years..had forgotten everything.. except a little bit of dancing…hence my daughter as a first step ..entered me in the Dane India dance super mom’s by ZEE TV..next step was MRS INDIA..and then there was no stopping me

Q: How would you define your personal style? What do you see when you look in the mirror?.

My style is all about carrying myself confidently, it’s the body language and the communication skills that define me more than my clothing. Looking into the mirror all I can see is that confident woman who had refined age and is ready to challenge anything in life. Never accept defeat my attitude.

Q: From where you stand right now how does life look?

Life has changed a lot in the last few years, from a normal homemaker to a celebrity, have already started changing lives of women, in the future hope to make a difference to the society, be of help to others in making better lives to a lot more.

Q: What would be your greatest achievement that will make you feel your life was a huge success?

Since I was a kid always believed, born into this mortal life I need to save at least one life to make my life have some worth, I have already saved many lives indirectly now..am already an inspiration to many women ..what I look forward to is making that difference.. women are actually women’s worst enemies ..want to change that make every woman support other women .

Q: Okay, later in the years in case if you were to choose from films and modelling, what would you choose?

I love challenges, anything that I will like I will accept. I have already appeared in more than 20 ads, TV Commercials and print. Have been offered character roles in movies, should be starting soon.

Q: If you could high-five anyone in the world who would it be and why?

I do not know if I can do a high five but with that question, all I can answer is …Mother Theresa… Have loved the way she did selfless service…hope before I reach my end I will be able to at least a little of what she did.

Thanks to madam Deepali Phadnis the Director and founder of MRS INDIA, the one person to whom I give the credit for giving me the platform to be where I am today.

Q: Being a mom of two grown-up children, how do you manage to take part in various contests and other co-curricular activities”

Proud mother of two… daughter Pooja Saunshimath at the age of 27 is already working in Germany, son Nitish Saunshimath at the age of 24 an automobile engineer, presently works as my executive director for my Event company PRATIS EVENTS. Planning to go abroad for higher studies. As I started all my active activities after they grew up and they pushed and motivated me ..it’s a little easy.

Q: Being a beautiful woman yourself, who would you consider as the most beautiful woman, and why?

Beauty for me is not just the looks, it’s all in your heart. All women who are sweet, smiling and always ready to help others ..always look beautiful to me.

Q: What can we expect next from Pratibha Saunshimath? Are you still planning on contesting in pageants?

My days of contesting are done, now I have taken the role of a queen maker. As regional director of MRS INDIA and organizer and Director MRS INDIA KARNATAKA…I will be creating a lot of queens, more pleasure and satisfaction when we see the ones you mentor succeed, irrespective of their age, love it when women after the age of 70 shed tears of joy at winning a crown, an age when people have discarded them as old we crown them as queens, an inspiration to the younger generation.

Q: What is that you would like to share with Mangalorean.com readers? Also some words of advice to other women who may want to follow in your footsteps.

Readers….. dare to dream, because only those who dream can work towards making it come true. Believe in yourself, as you are the only one who can make things happen for yourself.

As for those who want to follow in my footsteps, remember I will always be there to guide you, and irrespective of your family background or age you can always do the impossible. Just have confidence and trust in yourselves…you will succeed.

Team Mangalorean wishes Pratibha Saunshimath all success in her future endeavours.

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