Siddaramaiah attacks PM Modi over his I-Day speech

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Siddaramaiah attacks PM Modi over his I-Day speech

Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his speech delivered on the occasion of Independence Day from the Red Fort in New Delhi.

Taking to social media on Wednesday, CM Siddaramaiah stated, “Respected Prime Minister, I have observed your “election speech” delivered from the Red Fort on the occasion of the celebration of Independence Day.

“It is unfortunate that you have been confined to delivering election speech delivered during election campaigning. You should have focused on the serious issues that have been taking place in the country and also towards ensuring the path of progress as per the objectives of the Constitution.

“You (PM Modi) did not state the firm stand over violence in Manipur and you managed to escape by merely mentioning the incident. This holds a mirror to your failure. The people are suffering due to inflation.”

He said that the people have come onto the streets due to floods and cloudbursts in north India.

“The people in the national capital are facing the threats of floods. The people are intelligent enough to understand your stand to turn a blind eye towards them,” the Chief Minister said.

He said that the agenda of the BJP to divide the country on the lines of caste, religion and creed is no more a secret.

“You are convinced that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections can’t be fought based on achievements. In this scenario, you are left with the most loved weapon of pursuing politics of hatred and allegations of appeasement politics against Congress party,” the Chief Minister said.

“In your long speech, you have discussed family politics and attempted to attack the Congress party. Is the stand on family politics personal? Or is it the stand of the party? During assembly elections in Karnataka, your party issued tickets to 34 candidates who fall into the category of family politics. Don’t the candidates from Yediyurappa, Jarkiholi, Katti, Jolle, Reddy’s and Guttedar families get the tickets from your party and contest elections?”

“Mr PM Narendra Modi, when you attempt to capture power, won’t you get reminded of family politics? Has the BJP not shared the fruit of power with the alliances of former PM Deve Gowda family in Karnataka, the Thackery family in Maharashtra, the Mufti family in Kashmir and the Badal family in Punjab?”

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