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SIS K-Tots Making Memories on a Picnic

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SIS K-Tots Making Memories on a Picnic

Kuwait: The SIS picnic was held for the KG wing with great enthusiasm and merriment. This year the venue was the Kuwait National Zoo and the Fish Aquarium at the Scientific Centre for the lower and upper kindergarten respectively.

The children were beyond enthralled as their teachers had been building up the excitement by giving a sneak peek of what they were most likely to see there. They had been introduced ahead of the picnic to various types of animals and how to make a distinction amongst wild, domestic, birds and aquatic.

The little zoologists came ready for their trip with their backpack and shades on. The day began first with a visit to the small water pond with many kinds of birds swimming in it. It was interesting to see new birds in an enclosure. They twittered, chirped and there were sparrows, nightingales and owls of different colours set in the closed cage.

Next stop was at the cages of tigers and lions. The children were spellbound on hearing the roar of a lion in the serenity of the green. There were some hippos and also a rhino. The gorillas and chimpanzees amused the kids with their jumps.

The picnic of the upper wing, which was a trip to the aquarium, was none the less exciting as well. The kids were excited to see the different species of sea life which swam in huge tanks. The aquarium houses, stingrays, turtles, jellyfish and the shark tank was certainly a major attraction.

The kids enjoyed doing a ‘happy feet’ with the penguins and seals that were housed in the Arctic section. They returned back to school cheering the memories they made for the day. The children also enjoyed the I-max movie played specially for them.

The little kindergartners enjoyed their picnic as an outing but overall it was an experience that widened their spectrum of knowledge. Some children drew their experience in colour and some expressed the day in their own words as a memory they will cherish forever.

SIS salutes the spirit of world flags in “Show and Tell”

To advocate a sense of togetherness and to promote the value of esteeming all nations’ flag alike, Smart Indian School organized “Show and Tell” competition for Grade 2 on 18th December 2017 in the school auditorium.

The day kicked off with a lot of enthusiasm among children by displaying a vibrant readiness to speak on a nation’s flag they had come prepared for. The whole time saw its willing and revered utterance on the significance of the flag by our dear children. The content of each nation’s flag, clearness in speech, bold expressive tone and the amazing props turned each one’s presentation into a wholesome package.

The importance of honouring the flag by remembering the endless hardships taken by each nation’s soldiers and the martyrs who have died protecting each nation’s pride and integrity were underscored to the young minds in a vivid way. The competition saw a positive inclination towards other countries in the form of speaking and waving the flag high as their own.

The winners bagged prizes for their ceaseless and continual practice for bringing home the best that they can do. Thus the day saw its benefit by bringing forth the potentiality in children to talk about several countries’ embodiment – the flag.

SIS brings World’s heritage under one roof through Fancy Dress….

To ignite the inner sparkle and to let the creativity outline their whole creations, Smart Indian School organized Fancy Dress Competition for Grade 1 on 11th and 12th December in School auditorium.

The ever vibrant kids of the prestigious school with their magic of leaving the sparkle wherever they go were given the theme on “Traditional costumes around the world or the regional costumes of India” to explore themselves in different ways possible.

The glittering array of long-established outfits of diverse nations of the world as well as of the states in India made the seated audience gape at each kid’s charisma, elegance and confidence in uttering of what they had come dressed up for. Some of the highlights among the brilliant costumes of the day were Sri Lankan Bride, Chinese Hanfu and from Egypt as well. The clothing heritage of India had ranged from varied states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab, Kashmir and much more to make the day more memorable for all who had gathered. The endless time taken to transform an idea as a tradition had matched the endless admiration the day saw with its spellbinders on stage.

The colourful masters of all that they do, were awarded prizes with the event graced by Principal and Vice-Principal. Thus the time gave way to a more positive vibe of learning to hold on to one’s custom and to have this time fructified with the kids’ courage to face the crowd.

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