Skull and the Dragon

Name: Ronak Pereira
Date of Birth: 29/05/92
Father?s Name: Joseph Pereira
Mother Name: Violet Pereira
Native Place: Mangalore, Karnataka
College: St. Aloysius College (PCME Integrated), Mangalore
Hi, my name is Ronak. I?m a Class XII student studying at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. My hobbies are playing football and cricket.  When I get free time  I scribble on papers. My mom encourages me a lot in everything I do.


Skull – I drew this picture based on cartoons and masks that I have seen. Important part of this drawing is square and bell-shaped teeth that give the drawing original shape of a skull. I drew this drawing using pencil.

Dragon – The original idea of drawing a picture of this Fictitious creature dragon came to my mind after watching a movie DragonHeart. So here I attempted to draw one using a pen.