Smart City May See A Circular One-Way from Clock Tower-A B Shetty Circle…..Planned by MSCL

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Smart City May See A Circular One-Way from Clock Tower-A B Shetty Circle…..Planned by MSCL

  • Smart City May See A Circular One-Way from Clock Tower- A B Shetty Circle-Hamilton Circle (State Bank Circle) -Rao & Rao Circle-Clock Tower As Planned/Proposed by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL)

Mangaluru: Sources reveal that Mangaluru Smart City Ltd., (MSCL) has commenced preparatory works of widening footpaths and constructing shoulder drains to further its proposal to have circular one-way traffic clockwise from Clock Tower-A.B. Shetty Circle-Hamilton Circle-Rao & Rao Circle-Clock Tower. The Maidan Road from Clock Tower to A.B. Shetty Circle will have 8-ft wide footpaths on both sides, as per an MSCL Official, who said no decision was yet taken on introducing the circular one-way. Other parts of Maidan Road, from A.B. Shetty Circle to Hamilton Circle, Hamilton Circle to Rao & Rao Circle, and Rao & Rao Circle to Clock Tower will have footpaths up to 6-ft wide, he had said to the media.

Once the road and footpath improvement works are completed, the medians on these stretches of Maidan Road will be removed, and the decision on introducing the one-way would have to be taken by the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Council and the Deputy Commissioner. MCC in consultation with the Mangaluru City Traffic Police (MCTP) has already got the private city bus stand of State Bank shifted from the existing location to a space inside the service bus terminal adjacent to Rao & Rao Circle. This was aimed at offering hassle-free vehicular movement once one-way traffic was introduced.

MCC Mayor Premananda Shetty speaking to the media had said that no immediate decision on introducing the one-way rule would be taken without consulting people’s representatives and citizens. “The proposal to introduce one-way] was made by officials [of MSCL] and everyone felt people’s representatives too should be consulted. A one-way system would be introduced on a trial basis initially and after consultation with all stakeholders concerned, a final decision would be taken. The MCC Council has to approve the proposal and the Deputy Commissioner has to ratify the same,” said the Mayor.

The Mayor however said wide roads with sprawling footpaths surrounding Nehru Maidan and adjacent places, which all belong to the government, would offer space for the general public for social gatherings and other activities. A.B. Shetty Circle particularly has become a traffic bottleneck at present with city and service buses competing with each other to enter State Bank Terminal, added Mayor.

The Median along with Plants will be Removed if the Road is made Circular One-Way..

,,,,,And chances are that even this A B Shetty Circle could be Demolished?

And now we are already seeing a nearly 500-metre road between the Clock Tower and A B Shetty Circle being transformed into a smart road, and as part of this project, apart from constructing wider footpaths, 11 bus shelters are coming up on that stretch of the road. The reason behind having 11 new bus shelters, since many government offices are located on this road stretch, and also that District Administration/DC offices are also nearby. Once the DC office is shifted to Padil, then what? What if the main bus stand is shifted to Kankanady Pumpwell, what is the use for spending big bucks on these new bus shelters?

Homeless Anxiously Waiting for 11 Bus Shelters to Open on Clock Tower-AB Shetty Circle Stretch?

It is learnt that as per an agreement entered with the advertisement agencies which earlier managed these bus stands, the firms will build and manage these new bus shelters. They will also share a part of the income with the city corporation. The Smart City has designed the bus shelters as it wants all the bus stands to look identical. The bus stands will have seating arrangements for the passengers apart from boards about which buses will stop there and advertisements. Gaps have been created on the footpath for the purpose of maintaining the greenery. The electric lighting presently provided is enough to cover the road till the divider. Henceforth, light poles will be built on both sides, and a bulb will be fitted at a height of nine metres. Bulbs will also be fitted at five metres height for lighting the footpaths, which will facilitate the people using the bus stands and also the others using the footpaths.

All I have to say is that having more than one bus shelter is definitely confusing to the commuters as the bus might stop anywhere. Also when there is a bus shelter where commuters are not using it, chances are that illegal folks use it for illegal activities, also four-legged animals like stray dogs and cows use it for their shelter. After spending Crores on this project, officials should ensure the Buses stop there and not allow Drunkards and Druggies to use the facility. If not the hundred-plus homeless cum alcoholics will make these 11 BUS SHELTERS their NEW HOMES? The city and transport authorities have to come out with a solution as to how to put these deserted bus shelters in use again-one way they can do it is educate the bus drivers or post bus route numbers/destination names in front of these deserted bus shelters.

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