Smart City Stinks! Overflowing Sewage All Over the City Pose Health Hazard

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Smart City Stinks! Overflowing Sewage All Over the City Pose Health Hazard

Mangaluru: Overflowing manholes are a common sight in the city prior to and during the monsoon season and a similar problem continues to cause inconvenience to the public. The overflow of manholes in the City is not just at Bendore or Kankanady or Kadri, but if you go around you’ll see the same situation at every nook and corner. The overflow of these manholes needs to be blamed FIRST on the citizens who are ignorant in dumping solid waste into toilets/drains including waste vegetables, sanitary pads etc- and SECONDLY, we need to blame the concerned officials of Mangaluru City Corporation who have been taking such issues very lightly, thereby putting the lives of the citizens/public at risk, with health hazards.

Apart from the overflowing sewage water, the garbage piled up next to it threatens the hygiene of the adults and children. This may also lead to contamination of drinking water which is being polluted by the overflowing sewage water. Even after repeated complaints by the residents, the area ward corporators who were elected by these residents are turning a blind eye. In many places, Garbage removed from the manholes is also piled up next to the open manholes creating an unsafe environment.


A YMCA hostelite near Athena Hospital/Falnir Road said, “It’s been over a month now that filthy water has been overflowing and even after several complaints no action has been taken. Despite paying tax without fail each year, the citizens of Mangaluru have to face all these health hazards. During the rainy season, the drains and manholes overflow, aggravating a constant problem. Worse still, the water floods into the compounds of our hostel and nearby homes, turning our days into nightmares. The authorities must streamline the drainage/manhole network to ensure that manholes/drainage do not overflow”.

Such a stinking environment is in no manner hygienic in the so-called Smart City. Moreover, water enters the compound of residents, and those who have wells this water will contaminate the pure water cellar of the school during heavy rains where we have water tankers which we fear might get contaminated too. Adding to the woes, local residents have complained several times about the contaminated drinking water, but all in vain since no one listens to their pleas. Most of the residents have stopped consuming MCC-supplied drinking water for the same reason and have shifted to private packaged drinking water vendors.

In addition to rendering commute on the alleys of the locality a nightmarish ordeal, the residents have to live with the constant fear of their homes being flooded. Multiple pleas made to the officials and authorities concerned have yielded no result, much to the dismay of the locals. Sad to say that the City boasts about being one of the Smart Cities in the Country has borne the brunt of the apathetic attitude of both the officials and elected representatives. The overflowing manholes mean that the children cannot walk or play on the roads.

In addition to the foul smell that the residents have been forced to grow accustomed to, many parts of this City are often plunged into darkness owing to the erratic power supply. And our Corpo officials have been unresponsive to residents’ pleas, refusing to attend to their needs, say the aggrieved residents. A resident in the area of Kadri Kannabettu-GSB Colony road near Kadri Kambala road/Pinto’s Lane area said, “Apart from the roads which are in a sorry state, the street lights are not in working condition, which means that women and children are afraid of stepping out after dusk. Many motorists travelling by two-wheelers have sustained a fall owing to the pothole-riddled roads. Now we have this stinking issue of overflowing manholes. Politicians come to us begging only when the elections are around, but not afterwards. This is our appeal to the elected representatives to address our problems.”


Many a time either the MCC higher authorities or officials give fake assurances that they would dispatch officials to the area to take stock of the many problems plaguing the residents, and promise to take steps to fix the drainage/manhole network/issues, and attend to the other woes of the residents, but all in vain-and residents have to keep their fingers crossed until the problem is rectified. Hope this report will awaken the concerned officials in MCC, including the MCC Commissioner/Mayor and also the respective area ward corporators and do the needful before their citizens who elected them to their posts get sick and land in the hospital with Dengue or Malaria.


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