Smile-A-Ton – Walk with BKF an awareness drive on Kidneys and Heart

Smile-A-Ton – Walk with BKF an awareness drive on Kidneys and Heart

Bangalore Kidney Foundation decided to commemorate the World Kidney Day 2018 which was on October 8, 2018, with Smile–A-Ton an awareness drive consisting of a 2 Km and 5 Km walk at 6:00 am on the morning of Sunday, March 11, 2018.

About 500 participants from all age groups ranging from a 6-year-old class 1 girl to an 80-year-old gentleman enthusiastically participated in this run. Some of the participants were patients on dialysis and kidney transplant recipients. The event was flagged off at the Conrad Bengaluru. The five KM walk was along MG Road up to Anil Kumble Circle and returned via Cubbon Road to Conrad. The senior citizens were very excited to be part of the awareness drive.

Volunteers from various NGOs from Bangalore working in the area of healthcare helped with the smooth conduct of the event. Members of Sanman Society an NGO that works with Cancer patients also volunteered.

Bangalore Kidney Foundation

A trust established in 1979 has evolved to become a nodal center to provide quality renal healthcare at affordable costs to patients across demographic profiles and economic strata. BKF is committed to the prevention of diseases through awareness, education, and research including dialysis and assistance to patients with kidney diseases.

Know Your Kidneys

• There are two kidneys in most humans
• Reddish brown organs which are on the muscles of the back on either side of the spine above the hip bone and within the diaphragm. Kidneys are bean-shaped and generally the size of a clenched fist.
• Kidneys throw out nitrogenous waste such as creatinine and urea that are produced in the body.
• Kidneys are helpful in maintaining acid-base balance and the right balance of water, minerals, and salts in the body.
• Kidneys are very useful in excreting waste from the body and producing substances that are essential for the body.

Prevention is Cure

Do not wait for symptoms. Renal tests are the only way to know if one has kidney disease. A blood test will reveal the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) and urine test will reveal protein leak.
Taking care of kidneys is invaluable.

Some of the habits that can lead to kidney diseases are:

• Not monitoring and controlling high blood pressure.
• High Salt diet
• Not drinking enough water
• Uncontrolled diabetes/poor dietary control
• Abuse of painkillers
• Excessive alcohol intake
• Smoking
• Severe stress

Some facts

  • About 2-3 million people go to renal failure
  • More than 90% depend upon dialysis for survival. Only 10% can get treatment for kidney disease
  • Every year about 2,00,000 patients with kidney failure are added to the dialysis program.
  • In India, the average age range is 32-42 years for Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Majority of kidney failure patients are fit to contribute to society provided they undergo regular dialysis.
  • Every kidney failure patient requires 2 to 3 dialysis per week.
  • Every CKD patient needs to spend up to Rs 2500 per dialysis.
  • Kidney transplantation is an optimum alternative but post-transplant cost average expense is 12000 to 15000 INR.
  • Dialysis is not state funded. Dialysis is life-saving but leads to economic ruin by progressive erosion of resources

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Geetha Gurunath

Commendable event by BKF . The mere fact that the kidney patients , who are undergoing dialysis thrice a week could finish 5 km walk ,explains the care the organisation and the Nephrologist’s are taking. For many of these patients life dint stop along with kidneys but started fresh in new avenues. Iam proud to be part of BKF and Sanman . Geetha Gurunath

Ashok S. D

Hats off BKF..involving different age groups/walks of lives is a great initiative.. We need more such events in Bengaluru.. Keep up the good work. ??