Smile You Are On Camera! 98 CCTV Operational in City for All Aspects of L&O, Crime & Traffic

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Smile You Are On Camera! 98 CCTV Operational in the City under Mangaluru Police Commissionerate to Catch Motorists Breaking Laws and also to help in all aspects of Law & Order, and Crime. The cost of this project is around Rs 90 lakhs.

Mangaluru: Beware all you motorists ignoring traffic laws- next time you are driving around talking on the phone, not wearing seat belts or jumping a signal light or riding without a helmet- and you are doing it just because cops are not around- sorry, you are out of luck- there is somebody else watching you very closely and clearly- the CCTV Camera? Now Mangaluru City is under the hawk’s eye? 98 brand new CCTVs have been installed at various spots in the City and are ready and capturing images of motorists disobeying traffic rules, Crime and other illegal activities, and all aspects of Law & Order. The project is undertaken by Trinity Technologies & Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Hubli.

With numerous complaints pouring in from callers to the police department, the police have decided to install 98 CCTVs at a cost of nearly Rs 90 lakhs in different areas where traffic problems are high. These CCTV cameras are fixed in all major junctions in the city for effective traffic maintenance and crime control. With the daily increase in traffic violations by motorists like rash driving, two-wheeler riders without helmets, jumping signal lights, entering way street, using mobile phones while driving/riding which is a safety hazard, using high beam/dazzling headlights, not wearing seat belts etc- the traffic police have decided to catch the violators from the footage of CCTV’s placed at traffic-intensive areas.

These surveillance cameras installed at strategic places within the city have the potential of capturing footage of your careless action. Based on the CCTV footage, the police department will undertake punitive action against violators. One of the technicians of Trinity Technologies & Software Solutions fixing a CCTV near the Clock Tower circle speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “We are positioning the cameras in such a way that they can capture even faulty number plates and colour. Also, these are high-resolution cameras which can capture colour; can be zoomed to a crystal clear view of even the number plate of the vehicles breaking the rules, which can be done from the police control room. These high-tech cameras have been proved very useful to the cops in many cities where we have installed them because they can capture clear images of the vehicles violating the traffic rules”.

L-R: Rajneesh (Technician with Trinity Technologies & Software); Kuldeep R Jain (Police Commissioner); Dinesh Kumar (DCP-Crime & Traffic); Anshu Kumar (DCP- Law & Order); Mahesh Kumar (ACP-Central) and Manoj Kumar ( ACP-North)

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, DCP (Crime & Traffic) Dinesh Kumar said ” With the numerous calls that we get from the citizens about traffic violations committed by motorists, we are moving towards a scenario where traffic violations will be treated with zero tolerance level. In the past regarding cases of traffic rule violations, CCTV footage has proved to be a very important piece of evidence. Therefore, based on it, the action was initiated against rule breakers. Many commuters have complained to us about the rash driving of city bus drivers, and that the police are taking it easy on them. But the problem was that many times since there was no proof resulted no action was taken against these city bus crew. But with these cameras, not only their violation will be recorded but a printout of the proof of violation will be mailed to the vehicle owners, which will help the police to stand in good stead in a court of law. Under the guidance of Police Commissioner Kuldeep R Jain, the initiative of these CCTV’s will be helpful in all aspects of Law & Order, Crime and Traffic”

In conclusion, with the shortage of traffic police personnel in the department, the assistance of cameras will be a boon for the police. The cameras will also help the police to find traffic blocks and traffic violations as well. But on a final note, I only hope that these CCTV cameras will function well for the whopping money that has been spent- unlike our signal lights which are not working right, most of the time!

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