Social Activist Says MSCL Projects are WRONG, Mayor Says They are RIGHT?

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Social Activist Gopalkrishna Bhat Says MSCL Projects are WRONG, MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty Says They are RIGHT?

Mangaluru: One thing is for sure. Any project taken up or completed the first time/phase has to be redone or removed after complaints and objections from social activists and the public. Here are yet another instance where Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) and Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) have been accused of executing ‘unscientific and people unfriendly’ works. Social activist Gopalakrishna Bhat says it is a total waste of public money by the civic body and is deplorable.

The Mangaladevi Circle at Jeppu which is being developed by MCC has been objected to as it will obstruct the view of motorists as well as pedestrians. In the past MCC as well as MSCL have been accused of executing unscientific and people-unfriendly projects, and MCC yet again is committing another blunder in the development of Mangaladevi Circle at Jeppu. The work is being executed in a manner so as to completely obstruct the view of drivers in the rotary circle, says Bhat.

Mangaladevi Circle Developed by MSCL will Obstruct View of Motorists & Pedestrians

Mangaluru Smart City Ltd. (MSCL), while concreting the road from Mangaladevi temple to the first railway bridge, had laid a high-mast light, which functioned as the circle before the development. The beautification work, however, is being undertaken by MCC, said sources in MSCL.

Retired superintending engineer with Public Works Department B.S. Balakrishna said, As per the Indian Road Congress norms, any rotary circle should be 1.2 metres below the eye-sight of a driver approaching the circle. The Mangaladevi Circle appears to be more than 4 metres above ground level and about 3 metres from a driver’s point of view. This is highly unscientific and puts motorists as well as pedestrians in grave danger. Mangaladevi Circle witnesses considerable vehicular movement since it connects the city with southern parts of Mangaluru, including National Highway 66 towards Kerala”.

Bus Shelters constructed at such a height commuters get wet when it rains

Mayor Premananda Shetty defending the work said that architects associated with the beautification have said that the work would not obstruct drivers’ view. In another instance of wrong engineering, Mangaluru City Corporation erected a couple of passenger shelters at a height of at least 15 feet above the ground while developing the State Bank Terminal with a concrete tarmac at an estimated cost of Rs 4.2 crore.

As per social activist Gopalakrishna Bhat, the shelters would not offer any protection to passengers either from the rain or from the sun. Due to the height, when it rains commuters get wet even though they stand beneath the bus shelter. It is nothing but sheer waste of public money, he claimed.

In reply, Mayor Premananda explained that the two existing models, which were aimed at offering shelter for buses too, would not be made permanent. “Another model, at a lower height to offer shelter exclusively to passengers, would soon be installed and tested” added the Mayor.

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