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Sonakshi Sinha has tremendous range: ‘Noor’ director

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Sonakshi Sinha has tremendous range: ‘Noor’ director

Mumbai, March 29 (IANS) British-Indian filmmaker Sunhil Sippy, who is all geared up for the release of his film ‘Noor’ starring Sonakshi Sinha , feels that the actress has got a tremendous range.

“I like the fact that Sonakshi Sinha has tremendous range. She is funny, quirky, and silly but she is also very intense and serious. In Noor, I got the opportunity to explore every part of her as an actor” Sunhil said during an interview.

“Noor” is based on Saba Imtiaz novel “Karachi, You’re Killing Me!”, and tells the tale of a journalist-writer Noor’s misadventures and love life as she navigates her way through Mumbai.

“Sonakshi Sinha was our first choice. I didn’t know if it was right at the very beginning but when I started and once I got to end, it became evident she was perfect for the role,” added the director.

Though the movie is women centric, Sunhil says all the characters in the film are three dimensional, which means every character’s behaviour reveals things about main lead.

“It is definitely a women centric film and it is really about ‘Noor’ and her coming of age but every character in the film is three dimensional.

“So the behaviour of every opposing character will be revealing things about main lead. ‘Noor’ is in constant conflict and other characters are balancing, so she is not overshadowing anybody in the film,” explained the maker about his main lead and other characters.

“Noor is defined by the world she exists in. She is defined by interaction with others, so all the characters had to be equally rich as her” Sunhil added further.

Apart from making a woman-centric film, Sunhil Sippy talks about empowering women off-screen too.

“All the department heads in Noor are women, be it cinematography, art, co-producer, screenplay, dialogue, line producer, all women. It is beautiful sign of our times. There can never be enough said or done for women. The amount of oppression, conflicts and difficulties women has faced over decades and centuries is Huge. If everything goes in favour of women, for god knows how many years, it is still fine” expressed the ‘Snip!’ director.

The movie features Sonakshi Sinha as Noor, along with Kanan Gill, Shibani Dandekar and Purab Kohli in pivotal roles.

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