Songwriter/Actor Ms Jerusha D’souza with Mluru Roots Releases Her Debut Song ‘ALONE’ on Youtube

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Talented Songwriter & Actress Young Ms Jerusha D’souza with Mangaluru Roots Releases Her Debut Song ‘ALONE’ on Youtube

Mangaluru: While looking at all the singers and bands that exist here, for Kudla aka Kodiyal, music is as essential an entity as probably the story as a whole. Some of the compositions by these new singers remain a patriotic favourite among cult music lovers irrespective of the age or era they belonged to. With the advent of not just online forums to showcase one’s musical inclinations, but also music festivals enjoying a moment on the commercial music scene apart from big music producers showing an interest in their music and underground musicians, it looks like new-age music might just break all social norms and conventions surrounding Education Town-Smart Mangaluru!

If ardent music aficionados and experts are to be believed, in the last decade or so, music and its many intricacies have almost transformed into a kaleidoscope of interesting genres, voices, rhythm and tunes, complete with experimental beats and fused instruments. Some of the most talented new musicians on the scene give us their two bits on the changing scenario. And one among them is this young girl and upcoming talented Songwriter and Actor-singer. Ms JERUSHA D’SOUZA, even though she was not born here but has roots in Mangaluru, with her parents and relatives hailing from Mangaluru, and now she has just released his debut original English song titled ‘ ALONE’, on Youtube, residing in Dubai.

Jerusha D’souza finds inspiration in the words of Steve Jobs, who said, “If you are working on something exciting that you care about, you don’t have to be pulled. The vision pulls you.” These words deeply resonate with her as they reflect her natural talent, she discovered music at the age of Seven. With guitar playing coming as easily to her as breathing, singing soon followed and with it, the accolades that reinforced her belief that music was a natural way to express herself. One memorable performance was when she played and sang “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes at a recital at the Dubai Music School.

Born in Dubai to a Mangalorean Roman Catholic family, Jerusha is grateful for the cultural diversity of the UAE, which has aided her dreams. Her parents, Joyer D’Souza and Michelle Sequeira, who hail from Capitanio, Mangaluru have been her pillars of support throughout her journey. She is currently in grade 11 pursuing Humanities from the Indian High School, Dubai.

While Jerusha was never motivated by rewards, small gratifications such as the toffees handed out by her teacher Glenn Perry, after successful concerts, were appreciated. Jerusha also recognized the importance of formal education and enrolled in “Melody Makers” Dubai at the age of 9 to pursue the coveted Trinity feather in her cap. Through competitions such as Double Trouble and the Young Talent music competition, Jerusha learned the value of persistence and patience, which paid off when she won.

Jerusha, a talented artist, has recently composed a soul-stirring song that has deeply touched thousands with its profound lyrics. Her passion for music has culminated in the release of her first music video to the world on March 26, 2023. Jerusha’s creativity and artistry are not limited to her songwriting and singing but also extend to her skills in composing and acting. Her versatility as an artist is truly admirable.

While pursuing music lessons under Trinity grade 6 Jerusha continues to upgrade her skills by lending her voice to renowned cinematic short movies and uploading videos on social media during the recent pandemic. With the help of her dad, who recorded, edited, and managed her videos, Jerusha made her mark in the entertainment industry. However, she never lost sight of the fact that true happiness comes from indulging in trivial things, such as participating in church choirs, school and community events.

She was recently scouted by National Director Elipas Sibua to perform and compete for the 26th annual World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA), an upcoming competition in Anaheim, California, USA where artists from 70 countries will showcase their talents. Jerusha is excited to participate and show the world what she’s capable of. Top of Form. Jerusha acknowledges that she has many more layers beyond music, which she looks forward to exploring in the future.

Team Mangalorean is proud of our very own Kodiyalche Chedu Ms Jerusha D’souza’ and I conclude this column by saying-“Jerusha, you very well deserve the congrats for your hard work, determination and dedication towards music. Seems like making the impossible possible is your unique style, which needs to be appreciated. Living up to the expectations is itself a great success and you have made it. You are an inspiring singer and you are an inspiration for budding singers/musicians. I can say that strength, determination, challenges and confidence counts for your success -and no doubt that’s the secret of your success. The latest success of yours in the field of music is yet another ‘milestone’ in your success story. You are for sure going to attain new heights with a lot more success. Keep up the good work that you are entrusted with, and may God bless you, Jerusha. You Go, Girl!”

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