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Sonia Gandhi Assured me of a Higher Post – Sorake

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Udupi: Sonia Gandhi has assured me of a Higher Post – Sorake

Udupi: Sonia Gandhi has assured me a higher post said Vinay Kumar Sorake, former Minister for Urban Development and Kaup constituency MLA. The party workers of Kaup Block Congress had organised a silent protest in Kaup over Vinay Kumar Sorake’s ouster from the cabinet. when the protest was about to begin, Sorake urged the protesters to withdraw the protest.


The party workers of Kaup Block Congress had expressed their discontent over Sorake’s ouster from the cabinet and had offered their resignation. They had called for a silent protest in the premises of Kaup Rajiv Bhavan on June 23.

As scheduled the protest was about to begin today morning, June 23. Sorake who visited Rajiv Bhavan urged the party workers to withdraw the protest. He made an announcement later saying that Sonia Gandhi has assured him of a higher post. Later convinced by Sorake’s assurance, the protest was withdrawn.

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    • Sonia Gandhi herself going to Italy as soon as. – Some Deepika Shettre

      Panle, Deepikere, is it gonna be like the Beefu Jokers Party promised that all Bangla Bandhus will be driven outta India and will be back in Dkaha by May 31st, 2014?

      Enchina poora bundle budpar maharayere? 🙂

  1. Democracy – third-world style!!! With this kind of electorate, what else can you expect? You get what you deserve!!!

  2. This is a joke. Politics is a last refuge of a scoundrel. Mr. Sorake, were is your sense of decency and dignity, when you run to Sonia Gandhi and catch her feet and…?

    If an employee is efficient and an asset, nevertheless due to reasons best known to the employers, he is given the marching orders, then he should go away with dignity. If they want him, they will call him and that is the time he should bargain hard.

    As things are presently in Congress, with this mother-son combine, I would not be surprised that this entity withers away. For those people who are not aware, the founder of the Indian National Congress was a British I.C.S. Office, A.O. Hume and not Mahatma Gandhi, Jawarharlal Nehru or his khandaan.

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