Son’s Distinction in IInd PUC Exam was Dad’s Perfect ‘Fathers Day’ Gift

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Son’s Distinction in IInd PUC Exam was Dad’s Perfect Fathers Day Gift! Kudroli’s Shehzan Ahmed Shameer secured 95.67% in Science (PCMB) Stream

Mangaluru: ‘Hard work always pays off’ These are the words I heard from my father since childhood. I feel that truer words were never spoken. His words were the first to resound in my ears when I saw my results. My father being the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) he is has always motivated me.”-these are the words of Shehzan Shameer Ahmed who secured 95.67% (574/600) in II PUC final exams (Science-PCMB) of which results were announced, during an interaction with Team Mangalorean.

Shehzan after his 10th, scoring a total of 90.50% in CBSE board exams, has once again made history by securing 95.67 % in PUC. Shehzan continued saying, ‘I was very happy when I saw my results. My hard work had paid off. It was not a one-man show. I was supported at all turns by my teachers, friends and especially my family. My teachers in High School and PUC helped me reach my potential. One cannot reach the top of the ladder without starting from the bottom. Similarly, once your base is strong, you can develop yourself as well as your studies. So, all the teachers from my Kindergarten to my PUC have helped me reach where I am today. One should never forget people who have taught them. It may not be in class. It can be a life lesson as well. The lesson can be taught by your family member, a friend, a teacher or even someone younger than you. We should never forget them.’

These were a few motivational words spoken by him. When questioned about his future plans, Shehzan explained, “I have wanted to be a doctor since my 5th standard. It was just a dream then. Now, as I grew up, it became my long-time goal. Seeing my elder brothers pursue their own professional goals with a passion has ignited a fire in me which will reduce only once I achieve my goal of becoming a doctor”.

Shehzan Ahmed Shameer (seated second from right) seen with his dad and brothers

His elder brothers have pursued dental studies. The elder most brother, Dr Hisham Shameer Ahmed completed his BDS studies and is working as an intern at Yenepoya Dental College, Mangaluru. His other brother, Sufiyan Shameer Ahmed is in his First year of BDS course.

When asked about his immediate plans, Shehzan said, “I am fully focusing on my NEET studies as I lost touch with the First PUC syllabus due to lockdown. I hope that I can crack NEET with a good score and join a very good college where I can fulfil my goal”. He also said, “My parents are very supportive of me. They guide me whenever I lose sight of my track and help me to continue on the straight path. My brothers also help me in preparing for NEET. I am really lucky to have such a supportive family.”

Speaking to Team Mangalorean his mother Ms Himma Ahmed Shameer said, “Shehzan is very dedicated to whatever task he is given, maybe household or studies. He does not stop until he succeeds. His father Shameer Ahmed, who is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), working in a private College in the City as a Career Guidance Counselor said, “From his childhood, I saw that there was no need to push or force him when it came to studies. He himself completed his work on time without us pressurizing him. I believe that with his dedication and commitment, he will crack NEET. We as parents hope that his dreams and goals will come true”.

TEAM MANGALOREAN extends heartfelt congratulations on his achievement in IInd PU Examinations and wishes him all success in his future academic career.

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