Sr Nancy Priya Mathais is New Principal of Father Muller School of Nursing

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Sr Nancy Priya Mathais is New Principal of Father Muller School of Nursing

Mangaluru: The first day of the new month of June, which historically heralds the coming of monsoon, echoed the change of guard for the Father Muller Charitable Institutions unit, the Father Muller School of Nursing (FMSON). Sr Nancy Priya Mathais, faculty of the Father Muller College of Nursing (FMCON) has been appointed the new principal by the Director FMCI Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho to the post from Mrs Jasmine Saritha Vas who served the post for 10 years. Mrs Jasmine’s tenure as the principal of FMCON ended on 31 May 2021 which had begun on 1 June 2011. With the handing over ceremony of the official files to the Director, thereafter to the new principal FMCON Sr Nancy.

The welcome address by the director affirmed the need for change, as change brings in new enthusiasm and dimensions. Water in the stream is fresh unlike the stagnant water of a pond, so thus the change leadership brings new vigour to the post. The policy of the management is to bring in new tidings with a confident and capable leader. The outgoing principal has shown the commitment and capacity of growth and improvement with the dedication to the Institution and the students. Her ability to maintain discipline and at the same time being there for her students has set an indelible mark on the management.

In-Coming Principal Sr Nancy Priya Mathais

Outgoing Principal Mrs Jasmine Saritha Vas

The presence of all the members of the management committee for the small in-house event from far and near showed their support and solidarity to the new principal. The Father Muller School of Nursing which started in 1959 has seen nine principals who have served its school and have made it a choice of many students to study in. The General Nursing and Midwifery course it provides was deemed to be abolished by 2022 as per the earlier guidelines but with the New Education Policy, the course has been kept, keeping in mind the students who wish to join nursing from poor socio-economic background and streams other than science. This has given a boost to the FMSON to continue in its tradition of nursing care which is the need of the hour.

Sr Nancy Mathais (Sisters of Charity) has completed her MSc in Medical/Surgical. Nursing is a postgraduate Alumni of FMCON and an alumni of Athena for BSc nursing. She was a lecturer in FMCON from 2018 and now the principal of FMSON. She is the youth animator for Bola Parish YCS and has conducted many awareness campaigns on TV and Radio. She is smart, witty and amalgamates well with her colleagues. The Sisters of Charity have been helping with patient care since the time of Rev. Fr Augustus Muller, sacrificing their country, time and life for patient care. Sr Nancy, a religious of the same order, owed her calling to the order and obediently accepted the appointment from the Director with the blessings of her Superiors.

With over 63 batches that have passed through the portals of FMSON, the college marches forward with a new leader.

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  1. Health is wealth. Life is a precious gift. Training frontline warriors is a challenging mission. All the best to Sr Nancy Priya Mathais and her troops. God bless.

  2. Congratulations Sr.Nancy for the taking up the new role.Now, all over the world four year nursing degree is a must to get a job as registered nurse ,especially in the western world or even in gulf countries.Please try to wind up general nursing diploma or allow them to get bachelors degree in nursing so that they are eligible for assuming proper nursing jobs anywhere.General nursing and nursing aid diplomas offered are not recognised anywhere and they end up as a nursing assistant/ward assistant jobs in the hospital wards.Please try to address this problem…

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