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Srishti Production Releases Short Kannada Film ‘Sambandha’ Portraying Relationship & Bond……

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Srishti Production, Mangaluru Releases Short Kannada Film ‘Sambandha’ Portraying Relationship & Bond between Brother and Sister on the occasion of ‘Raksha Bandhan’

Mangaluru: As the saying goes “Better Late Than Never”, even though the short Kannada film ‘SAMBANDHA’ was released a bit late on Raksha Bandhan, there is a reason behind it, therefore read more. This year ‘Raksha Bandhan’ was celebrated on 3 August 2020- and the spiritual significance of Raksha Bandhan is when one takes a sacred divine vow of purity with God, to live a life of purity in thoughts, words and actions. This sacred thread called a Rakhi, tied on the right hand, is only symbolic and it is a gentle reminder that we must protect ourselves spiritually from the vices less we commit spiritual suicide in bondage of materialism.
This symbolic thread is a token of remembrance and inspiration for the brother. History is replete with examples where brothers died in defence of their sister’s honour. However, in today’s time when one feels that humanity has lost its moral and spiritual bearings and society has become so degraded and impure, that not even a mother, daughter or sister is protected from the criminal eyes of even close family relations. The sacred filial covenant of love is in real danger as promiscuity is beamed electronically into your sacred homes with or without your permission, much to the delight of the policy makers.

Producer Mrs Sadhana Sathyajith Rai

Director Prakash Dharmanagara Shetty

Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to celebrating the bond shared by a brother and a sister. It is one of the biggest and significant festivals of India and small wonder that siblings eagerly look forward to it. The day is marked by get-togethers, tying of the sacred thread, gorging on delicious food preparations, and merriment. Unfortunately, this year due to pandemic, Raksha Bandhan was marked in sombre. It was also a reminder of the vow of purity in thoughts, words and actions with lord Shiva. Yellow rakhi represents newness, the freshness of spring, and the beginning of a new era, and it is the colour of Saraswati, the world mother of purity.

Actor Arjun Bolar

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Director of ‘Sambandha’ Prakash Dharmanagara Shetty said, “As it was Raksha Bandhan , a day celebrated to cherish the relationship and bond of brother and sister, there was a small script written accordingly. The team thought that the shooting would take some 15 days and it would release in and around Aug 15, since every year, Raksha Bandhan falls during that time. But suddenly we came to know that Raksha Bandhan was on Aug 3, and therefore we quickly prepared the final script on 30th July and started the shooting on 31st July. Within the span of three days we completed the shoot, composed the song, recordings, editing, dubbing, background effects etc “.
Actress Ms Likhitha Bhandary

Actress friend in film Ms Pooja Shetty

Actor’s Sister in film Ms Sanjitha Shettigar

He further said, “As our team is young and not so experienced we had to face a lot of difficulties in managing time. But the team, where everyone was under 23 years of age, was so dedicated that our project worked out and as you can see now the short film was out and released. It was all about the team’s efforts, along with producer’s support that we could do it at this pace. We are all overwhelmed that this short film released through YouTube has over tw0 thousand plus hits already, and the numbers are growing. We look forward for your support from our viewers, so we can plan on our next venture and shine better”.

Being the proprietor of Srishti production and also co-producing the movie” Pirkilu”, talented and energetic Mrs.Sadhana Sathyajith Rai has been supportive to many young talents and recently has brought out an album song called “Saanavi”and got released under the same production, receiving lots of positive response. To being so supportive towards coastal wood and towards the young talents, Sadhana Rai has been concentrating on producing 3-4 movies in the nearest future.

Sound Engineer Rahul Devadiga

Composer & Singer Shubham Kulal

“Sambandh” Kannada short film was shot around in the vicinity of Morgan’s Gate in the City, and was completed in three days, in spite of monsoon weather. The film is 13 minutes long, comprising of male actor Arjun Bolar, a MBA graduate in Marketing and Finance, and runs a Event Management firm; Actress Likhitha Bhandary is pursuing her II PUC at a private College; and co-actress Pooja Shetty is doing her PUC and ITI at a reputed institution, and was a contestant in ‘Majabharatha’ Season 3 Reality Shows on Super Channel, also a Jai Maatah Rangabhoomi Kalavidhe, had directed Kannada Short film ‘Appa Danivu Thilsisada Jeeva’, and also acted in Tulu films; and Actor Sister’s role played by Sanjitha Rai, is a B Com student at a private college, and acted in ’18 + Confused Manasugalu’ short film, and also in ‘Pammanna’- a great Tulu film.

It should be also noted that for the FIRST time in a film ever, that the Goddess Mariyamma at the Shri Mariyamma Temple near Mangaladevi, Mangaluru has been portrayed in this short film. Kevin D’souza, a NRI from Jeppu Bappal, Mangaluru has also rendered his support to the Team.The one song in this film is sung by Shubham Kulal, (Composer & Singer)who has done Masters in Computer Application (MCA) and is a soft skills trainer; and the sound engineer for the short film is Rahul Devadiga, a engineering graduate. The hero of the Tulu movie ‘Namma Kudla’, Prakash Shetty has taken up the responsibility of directing this short movie. He has also worked as story writer ,screenplay and dialogues for the movie Namma kudla. His notable movies are ‘Deyi Baidethi’ ,’Thambila’ and also ‘Yera Ullerge’.

It was indeed a great initiative by Producer Mrs Sadhana Rai, Director Prakash Shetty , and their team to bring out this Short Kannada Film “Sambandha” to commemorate “Raksha Bandhan’, which should be commended and applauded in bringing awareness of this bonding & relationship between Brother and Sister. In conclusion, while Raksha Bandhan was celebrated yesterday, those who took part felt a moment for deep spiritual introspection and freed themselves from the bondage of greed, the lust for power and a slave of promiscuity and made God their eternal companion for true peace, happiness and prosperity.

Therefore, it should be noted that the main aspect of the festival of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is connected with the sacred vow of purity and a pledge to obtain and impart divine knowledge and attributes. Its origin is the confluence age and the purpose is the purification of all souls and transformation of the world. This life of purity and the freedom from material bondage elevates the soul to its original pure religion of peace and silence. Raksha Bandhan is not an isolated festival, but it is an activity in a major event in the world cycle, for the purification of all souls as well as the elements.

The Religious aspect of Raksha Bandhan is a promise by a brother for the protection of a sister. This is done to the extent of defending her honour even at the expense of his life. Here, the sister shows respect to the brother in the form of adoration or worship. The sacred thread of Rakhi, tied on a brother’s wrist by the affectionate sister, is the ceremonial expression of her pious hope and wish that her brother be guided by spiritual vision. And thanks, to Mrs Sadhana Rai and her team for portraying the true meaning of Raksha Bhandan through ‘Sambandha’ film, especially for the Tulunadu brothers and sisters!

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