St Aloysius College 1971 ‘GOLDEN BATCH’ Donate Rs 1Cr 71Lakh to ‘Advanced Instrumentation Center’

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St Aloysius College 1971 ‘GOLDEN BATCH’ Alumni Donate Rs 1Cr 71Lakh to ‘Advanced Instrumentation Center’ which is set up in the LCRI Building of the College

Mangaluru: Why You Should Give Back to Your College Alma Mater? I’m a firm believer in giving back to your college. I received so much in both formal and informal education during my two years at St Aloysius PUC, three years at St Aloysius College, and ten years in St Aloysius Primary and High School, I naturally want others to reap the same rewards I did. It’s because of this that I think that if you’re able to, you should not only give back to your college Alma mater the gift of money but also the gift of time. And as a matter of fact, we all three brothers who studied at St Aloysius Institutions, and had got good jobs in the USA, contributed a good sum of money under Anonymous Donors, during St Aloysius Institutions Centenary Celebrations.

You might not think of it this way, but you should value your college diploma like a share of stock. Graduates should want to see their Alma mater grow in stature, and one way to help out is by giving back. Unfortunately, not enough alumni are giving back to their colleges these days — and it shows. Giving back with our money and our time helps support the next generation of students and alumni. When we give back to our colleges, that money goes toward research, scholarships, and new facilities, among other things. It helps increase the stature of the college, making it a better place. Our giving back also affects how employers, grad schools and others see our Alma mater.

We often forget that our time is valuable and can be almost as important as any donation we make to our Alma mater. When we give back to your college Alma mater, we get a sense of satisfaction in knowing that we’re furthering the aims of the institution that did so much to educate us and give us a better life. Alumni typically give back to their schools/colleges in proportion to their own gratitude and success. One reason that colleges don’t enjoy higher alumni giving is that their graduates often fail to connect the dots of their success to their Alma mater. Education is a never-ending process. We continue to learn even after we graduate. And nothing is often more apparent than when we give back to our Alma mater.

Giving Back Helps Your Own Reputation. Whether it’s giving our money or our time, we should all want to see our Alma mater thrive. Doing so can only help our own lot in life. We all want to make the world a better place. By sharing our time and talent and money with colleges, we do a bit of good and can even change lives by helping a worthy student earn a college education. Alumni play a large role in determining the future and continued development of an institution. Your donations go a long way to support awards for deserving students. You are giving back to more than just your Alma mater in this case; you are also helping someone gain a valuable asset, a feeling and connections to fellow alums by planting a seed of giving back in the mind of younger brothers and sisters at the campus. When your Alma mater continues to remain a popular and prestigious institution, the value of your degree increases as well. When alumni contribute openly to their Alma mater, it is easier to procure funds from outsiders and other organizations and philanthropists as well. So if you’ve been neglecting your Alma mater, rectify the situation and start giving back in any way you can, today.

And for that matter the alumni of the ‘1971 GOLDEN BATCH’ of St Aloysius College would be the right example to follow in giving back to your Alma mater- this 1971 batch of this prestigious institution has given back in various forms of gifts, either for the development of infrastructure or upgrade of better facilities and now by donating Rs One Crore Seventy One lakh to the St Aloysius College ‘Advanced Instrumentation Center’ is indeed a kind gesture which needs to be appreciated and commended.

The members of Golden Batch 1971, have accomplished something unique as batch mates, by raising the sum of Rs One Crore and 71 Lakhs and as a token of gratitude, they have presented their Alma mater with an Advanced Instrumentation Center consisting of machines and equipment to aid Research studies. This A I C will to a very great extent be of immense help to both the staff and students involved in research activities. This is a unique gesture witnessed for the FIRST TIME in its 142 year history of the College, the alumni of St Aloysius college are celebrating their Golden Jubilee Reunion and graduation by presenting such a gift to their Alma mater. This Advanced Instrumentation Center has come at the right time when St Aloysius College is all set to become a Deemed to be University in the nearest future.

Prior to the formal function, the Golden Batch students were escorted to the LCRI auditorium with honours given by the NCC cadets of Army, Air Wing and Navy, after the unique Golden Batch Flag was hoisted by Walter D’souza, the Chairman of the Golden Batch project. The dignitaries escorted to the dais were-Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto SJ- the Rector of St Aloysius Institutions; Rev. Dr Praveen Martis SJ, Principal, St Aloysius College (Autonomous; Dr Alwyn D;Sa, The Registrar and Controller of Examination of SAC; Walter DSouza, Chairman of the project; Prof Edmund Frank, the secretary and convenor; M.V. Nair, the Keynote Speaker and 1971 batch-mate; Dr Cletus D’Souza, Project Director; C.P.Dinesh (Convener, Ocean Pearl Programme held on 10 January); Joseph D’Mello (Treasurer; Fr Xavier Gomes and Ronald Fernandes (both Coordinators)

In the coastal region of Mangaluru city, stands tall with pride and glory, St Aloysius College (Autonomous), an institution that holds a legacy in Dakshina Kannada, Mangaluru in moulding young minds and bold hearts to become men and women for and with others. Now the alumni have come back to their alma mater and contributed enormously to the growth of their institution. The Golden batch of 1971 is unique in the first of its kind, in the 142 years history of St Aloysius College. This is for the first time that the students from all the streams have joined together and most importantly they have pulled together their resources and raised a sum of 1 crore and 71 lakhs to gift their Alma mater with an Advance Instrumentation Center to aid research studies in the college.

The highlight of the programme was the solemn commendation ceremony which is a replica of the Convocation ceremony for graduating students. Each one from this 1971 golden batch was given a slash and memento by the college management and conferred with a commendation certificate acknowledging their role as ambassadors of their Alma mater and for having lived in full the motto of the college by being men and women for and with others. And all these batch-mates of 1971 Aloysius College now in their 70’s were happy to be attired in the Convocation gowns and caps since they never had the opportunity to be attired in gowns and caps when they graduated.

The programme began with a Welcome dance, where the expression following the navarasa was invoked, and Ms Sanvita and team delighted the audience with their grace and charm through a classical number. Saint Augustine says, the one who sings prays twice. Reuben Machado, a faculty at SAC and team invoked God’s blessings through a prayer song, following which everyone paused for a moment and prayed for the departed souls of the batch of 1971. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. The Welcome address was delivered by Walter D’souza-the Chairman of the project, where he thanked all his batch-mates for coming forward and supporting their Alma mater.

Walter further said, “It’s nice to note that 50 years after we graduated from this prestigious institution, we have all joined to give back to our Alma mater. 10 January 2022 will go down memory lane as a remarkable day in the history of St Aloysius College where batch-mates of the college have for the FIRST time made a unique contribution to the college and for a good cause. Even though 268 passed out from the 1971 batch, we were able to track down 157 of our batchmates, while 50 plus had expired. We got support from European countries, the USA, Gulf, India and other places, and nearly 40 of our batch-mates from abroad and India who had already booked their tickets to join the occasion by flight/train had to cancel them due to fear of pandemic restrictions. And as they say, the show should go on no matter what, we went ahead in hosting this event and we all alumni of the Golden Batch are proud and beaming with pride that we gave back to our Alma mater, who made us what we are now”.

Following the welcome address was the convocation ceremony, an important rite of passage, which calls for much celebration, which is joyous yet a solemn occasion. The audience witnessed the graduation felicitation of the batch of 1971, who had come to their Alma mater to celebrate their golden reunion. This was a unique ceremony where the audience witnessed this novel interval taking place at St Aloysius for the first time by 1971 batch-mates. In its 142 years of glorious existence, St Aloysius College has been following a legacy of honouring the achievers who have walked the extra mile. The esteemed dignitaries on the dais-the Rector Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto SJ and Principal Rev. Dr Praveen Martis SJ to felicitate the efforts of the 1971 batch achievers. Dr Alwyn D’Sa, the Registrar and the Controller of Examination read out the list of achievers and officiated the felicitation ceremony. The convocation ceremony was followed by the college anthem sung by the college choir.

Rector Fr Melwyn Pinto SJ, released the souvenir and handed over the first copy to professor Edmund Frank, the Editor, and also copies to the executive member, Walter D’Souza, among others. Gurudakshina is the practice of repaying one’s teacher or guru after the completion of their period of study. The custom is one of gratitude, respect, and acknowledgement. With an equal sense of attitude and gratitude the batch of 1971, presented a sum of Rs 1 crore 71 lakh cheque to its institution. Walter D’Souza, the chairman handed over the cheque to Rector Fr Melwyn Pinto SJ.

M V Nair, who is the non-executive chairman of the trans union CIBIL, and a proud alumna and one of the recipients distinguished eminent Aloysian Alumni Awardees 2022 delivering his keynote address said, “I want to share two topics- 1) Aloysian contribution to the Community, and 2) Aloysius as My Dream. In my life, NCC had played an important role, and what I am today is because of my involvement in NCC at St Aloysius College, which made me reach greater heights. I learned how to make friends and influence people. Remember that a smile or pat on the back makes a difference. Networking is also important in life. When I was admitted to a hospital I learnt that in giving you also receive. Since then I made a strong decision that I should make a contribution to my Alma mater from the part of my income, and I continue to do so. I chose banking because a banker can make a big contribution”.

“Until now I have touched the lives of millions through my various kinds of help. At the same time, a banking job was not a bed of roses, there were good days and also bad days. Stressing on my topic, “Aloysius is My Dream”, we need to form endowments/invest in student scholarship/Innovations/ International Exchange Student Projects and many others to fulfil this dream. We need to raise at least one million dollars (Rs 7500 crores) by 2030, and we can do it if we work hard. We need to contact all Alumni of St Aloysius College worldwide and urge them to support this project. We can do it by forming associations, meetings, reunions, get-togethers etc. Yes, we can and let us live the Dream” added Nair.

Principal of St Aloysius College Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ addressing the audience said, “Every reunion is that time of the year to reunite, reminisce, celebrate and a nostalgic trip down memory lane. But this reunion is going to be unforgettable as the GOLDEN BATCH OF 1971 has made it special with several projects for its Alma mater as it is on the threshold of becoming a university and strides with gusto into its 143rd year of its glorious existence. They have not only planned a celebration of coming together but, more importantly, they have come up with a generous thought of securing and ensuring excellence in Research and innovation by putting in place one of the best Advanced Instrumentation Centres in their beloved Alma mater. On this auspicious occasion, I would like to thank this Golden Batch for their generous gift”.

“It is said: “Vision without action is a daydream; Action without vision is a nightmare.” But what I have found in the golden batch is that they are a bunch of guys with a vision, driven by proactive action. The Golden batch along with support given by Rector, Fr Melwin Pinto, made this project possible. The golden batch is a true representation of the Jesuit ideal of “Magis’- never satisfied with mediocrity and less, You have always been restless to do and give more. You symbolize in action the vision and mission of the College always being men of competence, commitment, compassion and conscience for and with others, (Going to be 3). I am extremely impressed with the noble thought of this batch inviting their professors when they studied in this College. They have come here in spite of the restrictions and their age just to bless them. I think this “Guruvandana” recognizing your teachers will fetch you God’s abundant blessings. I would like to thank each one of the retired professors and seek their blessings and wishes on all of us. May you all be blessed with good health and well being and may the almighty shower his choicest blessings on each one of you and your dear ones and on your Alma mater St Aloysius College (Autonomous) Mangaluru” added Fr Martis SJ.

In his presidential address Rector Fr Melwin Pinto SJ said, “1971 batch is an inspiration for other alumni to follow and give back to their Alma mater. If this golden batch could do it, why not the other alumni? With support and encouragement from our alumni, we can take our institution to greater heights and earn name and fame in the country and abroad. Many alums remember the time spent at campus “the best days of their lives.” Those were the days of youth, making friends, learning and embracing life with a passion. You gain so much more than just an education from our institution, so it is natural that you try to give as much back as you can. The term Alma mater is reason enough to give back: My sincere thanks to the golden batch for their generosity”.

On the occasion, the Golden Batch felicitated six of their professors/lecturers who had taught them during their academic years- the professors felicitated on the occasion were- Prof K V Upadhaya -Dept of Math from 1961-1996; Prof K V Rao- Dept of Physics from 1967-2003; Prof P Shantharam-dept of chemistry from 1970-2003; Prof J W F Saldanha-dept of Physics from 1968- 2005; Prof Francis Crasta-dept of Physics from 1968-2005; Prof Richard Pinto-dept of Zoology from 1964-1998; and Prof Lambert Rodrigues- dept of Chemistry from 1968-1969.

Being Aloysian doesn’t always mean being in the limelight, but the true Aloysian spirit also instils in us to acknowledge the painstaking efforts done behind the curtains. Prof Edmund Frank, the secretary and convenor delivered his words of gratitude, and the programme was meticulously compered by Ms Alita D’sa, a faculty in dept of English at St Aloysius College. To mark and relive this tradition the batch of 1971 their flag was handed over to their next batch, which was done by Walter D’Souza, the chairman of the 1971 golden batch to Archibald Menezes, the chairman batch 1972.

To all the 1971 Golden Batch of 1971, your ardent commitment, love and compassion towards your institution is very much appreciated. You have set a benchmark by making this event a notable one. Your efforts will be duly recognized and remembered. St Aloysius College wishes you a long life, good health and prosperity. May you find peace by living the life you’ve envisaged. Long Live St Aloysius 1971 GOLDEN BATCH- and Remember “AN ALOYSIAN IS ALWAYS AN ALOYSIAN”!

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