St Aloysius College Bids Farewell to Two of their Dedicated & Committed Non-Teaching Staff

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St Aloysius College Bids Farewell to Two of their Dedicated & Committed Non-Teaching Staff- Ms Margaret Rita D’costa from the College Office as Manager after 35 years of service; and Herman Joslie Mascarenhas from the Maintenance/Gardening Section after 24 years of service

Mangaluru: Apart from the management and teaching staff, Non-teaching staff are also part of the education institution, and help to run the institution well. They play important roles to ensure that the institution remains a safe and conducive environment and support key administrative processes. Among their many responsibilities, the non-teaching staff directly impacts the student’s learning. The non-teaching staff are always in constant contact with the teachers, relaying important information that can affect a college day.

When important information needs to be documented and records need to be kept, they are always there. Their persistence in their jobs and the students of the college is unlike anything one can see in them. They are always trying to be the very best and they put a smile on students’ faces daily. We need to appreciate them for being a constant inspiration and delight. An educational institution’s excellence depends on the quality and dedication of its teachers, but an institute can concentrate on academic goals only if it has a good administrative or office staff or maintenance staff backup. A college is made up of different departments just like any other organization. If the teacher can be seen as analogous to the brain of a college, it is the non-teaching staff that does the operations that the teachers require to make their contribution functional and reach the students in the right way. Then only stuff has a very important role to play in the functioning of a college and it should not be taken lightly.



Several members of the non-teaching staff are essential to the smooth functioning of a college, like the administrative staff, Infirmary staff, Maintenance & Cleaning Staff; Transport Related Staff; Accounts & Finance; Storekeepers; Librarians; Office Staff among others. And St Aloysius College bid farewell to two of their dedicated and committed non-teaching staff, namely- Ms Margaret Rita D’costa from the College Office as Senior Staff/Office Manager after 35 years of service and Herman Joslie Mascarenhas from the maintenance/Gardening section after 24 years of service. The farewell programme was held at Robert Sequeira Hall, LCRI Block of the college.

The programme began with a prayer song sung by a group of non-teaching staff, followed by a welcome address by Ms Sylvia D’silva (Finance Office). Then came the moment of the day to felicitate and bid farewell to the two non-teaching staff. The citation of Ms Margaret Rita D’costa was read by Ms Chandrakala (PRO) and the thoughtful message/Profile on Ms Rita was delivered by Ms Jemmi D’souza ( Xavier Block) The citation on Herman Mascarenhas was read by Anil Lobo (College Office) and the profile of Herman was given by Apoline Rodrigues.

Both Ms Rita and Herman were honoured by the dignitaries on the dais, namely- Fr Melwin Pinto SJ-Rector of St Aloysius Institutions; Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ-Principal, st Aloysius College; Dr Alwyn D’sa-Registrar; Fr Vincent Pinto SJ- Finance Officer; Ramachandra Basri -Senior Office Staff and Oswald-the husband of Ms Rita. After being honoured, both Ms Rita and Herman expressed their gratitude to the Institution for allowing them to serve in the prestigious educational institution for such long years.

Addressing the audience Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ said, “Giving her the best service with dedication and commitment for the last 35 years, we need to appreciate and say a big thank you to Ms Rita D’costa. She was an inspiration to all of us. She had three qualities- Commitment towards work. Loyalty to the management and faith in God. She would start her day after praying in St Aloysius Chapel. Her work in the office was appreciated by her colleagues and management. She was a go-getter and never complained about doing any work. And Herman Mascarenhas, was a handyman, having a skilled personality, a unique personality, and above all, care for the environment. His skills in gardening and carpentry work need to be appreciated. He also had great love towards dogs, caring for them like his own pets. Both Ms Rita and Herman were exemplary persons, and big assets to our college. It was indeed a blessing to have such staff and while they retire I wish them a pleasant and fruitful retired life”.

Also speaking on the occasion, Rector Fr Melwin Pinto SJ said, “Losing such employees after their service for such long years is a sad moment, it’s like taking a long break. While Ms Rita was a dedicated and hardworking staff/Manager in the office, Herman showed great love towards the environment. We need to follow these two people who were so committed, Dedicated and Inspirational. They were part of the Aloysian family, and we will be missing them. May they both have a happy retired life”.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Vinitha Shilpa Pais Arrupe Block Office staff), and the programme was eloquently compared by Abhishek Shetty from Radio Sarang FM. Team Mangalorean asked a few members of the Aloysian family about their thoughts on Ms Rita D’costa and Herman Mascarenhas. Speaking on Ms Rita, the PRO of the College Ms Chandrakala said, ” Margaret Rita D’Costa was a devout Catholic and is known for her spiritual and prayerful life. One could see her attending daily morning mass in the College Chapel. Her guidance and mentorship of the Office staff have been commendable. She has always been there to support the staff whenever they needed it the most. She has done tremendous work in being the custodian of valuable institutional documents and records and data related to the teaching and non-teaching staff. Her gentle reminders regarding regular updating of staff data as well as her fair, gentle and at times firm corrections to the non-teaching staff will be remembered fondly for a long time to come. It is her dedication and restlessness to complete the given task in the mass fitting and accurate manner that has resulted in maintaining the records of the office spick and span”.

Dr Alwyn D’sa, the Registrar of the College said, ” Mrs Rita D’Costa has the uncanny ability to befriend people with her pleasant demeanour and empathetic approach. She communicates with her colleagues in the office constantly and motivates them with her effective persuasion and encouragement. She is a team person. Besides, her devout and prayerful life is the secret behind her success as a leader and colleague. And Herman Joslie was an artist when it comes to gardening. He believed in the adage, “Work is Worship.” The aesthetically trimmed garden hedges in front of the Admin Block are a testimony to his artistic and precision-driven skills. He is a silent crusader rescuing injured animals and taking utmost care of them. With both of them a happy retired life”.

Roshan D’souza from Radio Sarang FM said, ” Rita Ma’am s was an inspiration to me. Every Morning she used to visit the Chapel. She has identified my talent. Undoubtedly by recognising it, she had allowed me to host a few memorable programs of her daughter’s big days. She was calm and quiet at work. She used to appreciate people’s good work. Sixty is just a number in one’s life. But that Number teaches a lot in life. I have known her since 2000, and in the last 23 years, she was a positive tool, a guiding force. Moreover, she was an inspiring mother to me. I wish her good health of mind and body and prosperity in her retired life

In Conclusion in my perspective, So it is seen that the non-teaching staff in an educational institution has a significant role to play in the functioning of the college and the overall being of the students in the college but the absence of the contribution can have a very negative effect in the overall functioning and fabric of the same. Their contributions might seem invisible at first, but it is very evident their contributions are the reason for the smooth functioning of the college system. Some institutions might even have other non-teaching staff who have roles that are not mentioned here as well. For example, there might be a dedicated canteen staff if the college or educational institution has a very large canteen to maintain. So the number of non-teaching staff and the various roles they play changes from institution to institution. But these two non-teaching staff, Ms Rita and Herman have played a vital role through their unstinted service with dedication, commitment and love.

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