St Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mangaluru- An Innovative School as Unique as Your Child…

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St Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mangaluru- An Innovative School as Unique as Your Child…

 Mangaluru: St Aloysius Gonzaga School, the CBSE unit of Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society, is a progressive urban educational hub, established in the year 2012 and located in the heart of the city of Mangaluru with a magnificent building in the pristine campus of the 141-years-old St Aloysius Institutions. With its wonderful infrastructure and all modern amenities, St Aloysius Gonzaga School is now poised for an enviable growth in the field of education making itself the preferred choice for quality education, in shaping men and women for tomorrow.

A reflection of excellence blinds the eye as one enters the portals of this Institution. The school imparts value based education with amenities that facilitate and hone the all-round growth of the young students. The famed four C’s of the Jesuits, namely Competence, Conscience, Compassion and Commitment are etched into the hearts and minds of every child that enters into the porches of SAGS. Our school motto, ‘Lucet Et Ardet’ (Shine to Enkindle) has guided us in making enormous strides in educating our students and transforming them into men and women for and with others.

Our aim at SAGS is to provide our students with engaging, enriching, and challenging curriculum along with emphasis on extracurricular activities from KG to XII and thus ensure that our students become leaders in their respective field of interest. We foster a positive spirit and believe in partnership between students, parents, teachers and support staff working to create an ambience that endorses excellence. An array of events and activities are a part of the SAGS calendar which includes cultural programmes and competitions, theme based assembly, English, Hindi, Kannada and Math week, Sports Meet, Annual Day, field trips and educational tour, Alumni Association, workshops, orientation, refresher courses, and the list goes on. Special training in STEM-Robotic Education (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) will be an additional feature for classes I – VIII from 2022 onwards.

The school offers extracurricular activities like Karate, skating, chess, drawing, dance, instrumental music and swimming. Students can opt for Cubs, Bulbuls, Scouts and Guides, which are taken up by well-trained faculty. The well-equipped computer lab, composite science and math lab and language lab, designed as per CBSE norms, provide Gonzagaites a platform to excel in their studies. Our school has many firsts to its credit having won trophies in inter-school competitions and sports championships.

There is a great challenge before the schools to prepare young people to live and work in an increasingly interconnected world, which requires all young people to have access to world class teaching and learning experiences. Keeping this in mind, we at St Aloysius Gonzaga School have introduced international dimension in our curriculum right from the year of its inception (2012) and achieved maximum impact from every learning project we have undertaken.We had the proud privilege to be honoured with the International School Award for the period 2013-2016, by the British Council, a UK‘s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Our continued efforts at bringing internationalism in our curriculum and moulding our young learners into smart global citizens has qualified us to achieve the International School Award for the second time, for the period 2016-2019. We wish to continue to be a part of the global education programme of connecting classrooms, working directly with teachers and school leaders to create an enriching teaching-learning experience and develop young people’s skills in global citizenship. SAGS is a proud recipient of the ‘Parent of Innovation Awards 2019’in the category of Innovation in Teaching and Learning Methods by Pupil Sight and Indo American Chamber of Commerce (IACC)

The school is headed by Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo SJ, a leader with innovative ideas and is backed by a team of talented teachers. Our mission is to continue to do what we have always done; inculcating compassionate and humanitarian spirit among our students.We at St Aloysius Gonzaga School come together with our diverse experience and perspective, committed to work as one towards excellence.

A Glance at the Academic Year 2020-21

Year 2020 has been like no other for every educational institution. Owing to the onslaught of the pandemic Covid-19, the year 2020 took young children out of schools & thrust them into situations of uncertainty and turmoil. However, learning must never stop. During this academic year, St. Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mangalore has made every possible effort to give its students a virtual environment in accordance with the CBSE norms in which they could imbibe knowledge, values and skills relevant to their curriculum and suitable to their age

Keeping in mind the health of the students and the guidelines given by the Government, St. Aloysius Gonzaga School temporarily changed over from physical classrooms to an online mode of instruction in the academic year 2020-21.While striving to maintain a seamless learning process in a virtual set up, the school integrated main stream academics with a vast array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities during the year.

Subject Enrichment & Co-Curricular Activities

A week each is dedicated to some of the core subjects such as English Literary Week, Hindi Saptah, and Math Week wherein challenging and age-appropriate activities and competitions are held revolving around basic academic concepts.

Students are also encouraged to enrol in events organized by CBSE, Government of India & other National & International agencies. The year saw a large number of children participating in events and learning programs such as Expression Series on Art and Culture (CBSE), Heritage India Quiz (CBSE), Indian Talent Olympiad, BRICS Math Online Competition, ISRO Cyberspace Competition, NitiAyog App Development and Coding Course.

The school is mindful of the stresses of online learning and screen time that children go through has also the much-needed rest and downtime they deserve. Students took a pledge to read more books and reduce screen time. An online library encouraged regular reading habits among children even during the lockdown.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Fitness did not take a back seat for the children. The year began with observing Yoga Day and incorporating yoga into the time table thus helping kids maintain a constant fitness regime. Students are always encouraged to keep moving by participating in regular fitness activities such as the Fit India Freedom Run (CBSE), Indoor Fitness Challenge & Fit India School Week 2020.

Weekly Art, Craft and Music classes ensure that the students develop a keen eye for fine arts and nurture their creative side. Engaging activities such as poster making, slogan writing, elocution and poem recitation further enhance the talent of the children.

Other Developmental Programs

The school has its own dedicated YouTube channel. The channel is used as a medium of virtual assembly to observe days of importance and also to showcase children’s talents in various events.

Innovative programs such as the Go Green Project initiated by the school help children understand the importance of maintaining ecological balance and sustainability. Project Vanamahotsava is observed every year, encouraging students to participate in class wise ‘Green’ activities.

Children are taught the importance of including wholesome foods to their everyday diet through a 15-day Nutrilite Project.

Students are made aware of various pressing issues such as Ozone Depletion, World Peace, Mental Health, Road Safety etc. through documentaries, videos & activities. The school observes all prominent days of national relevance like Independence Day, Republic Day, Kannada Rajyotsava and Rashtriya Ekta Diwas that inculcate a feeling of pride and patriotism among our young children.

The school encourages children to develop unity and uphold inter-faith harmony by celebrating all major religious festivals of India. Commemorating the lives of patron saints of the institute viz. St. Aloysius Gonzaga and St. Ignatius of Loyola teaches the importance of service to humanity irrespective of caste, creed or colour.

Assessments, Student Progress & Recognition

Caring and passionate teachers toil to make the online classroom as interesting and engaging as possible. Regular tests help in assessing the level of understanding of each child and addressing each child’s academic needs, maintaining at the same time a constant interaction with parents.

Students who participate and excel in various competitions and activities are rewarded with online certificates.

SAGS has blossomed into a promising abode for young minds eager to learn. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, St. Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mangaluru, has managed to foster a great learning environment throughout the pandemic. Albeit an uphill challenge, the school has ensured an excellent balance between making the children independent and supporting them in their academic journey this year.

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  1. Mrs Grace Noronha ma’am, I was a student under you. I am eternally grateful to have learnt under your leadership and all the teachers we had in Lourdes Central School.
    I remember meeting you in Aloysius in 2012 where you took on the challenge on heading St Aloysius Gonzaga school.
    On behalf of all students Thank you Madam for your good service to the society.

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