St Aloysius School 1986 Class 10 Alumni Donate 300 Trees to Miyawaki Forest at SAC Campus

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St Aloysius High School 1986 Class 10 Alumni Donate 300 Trees to MIYAWAKI FOREST at St Aloysius College Campus

Mangaluru: Why You Should Give Back to Your College Alma Mater? I am a firm believer in giving back to your college. I received so much in both formal and informal education during my two years at St Aloysius PUC, three years at St Aloysius College, and ten years in St Aloysius Primary and High School, and I naturally want others to reap the same rewards I did. It’s because of this that I think that if you can, you should not only give back to your college Alma mater the gift of money but also the gift of time. And, we all three brothers who studied at St Aloysius Institutions, and worked abroad in the USA, had contributed a good sum of money during St Aloysius Institutions Centenary Celebrations- and all under Anonymous names!

You might not think of it this way, but you should value your college diploma like a share of stock. Graduates should want to see their Alma mater grow in stature, and one way to help out is by giving back. Unfortunately, not enough alumni are giving back to their colleges these days — and it shows. Giving back with our money and our time helps support the next generation of students and alumni. When we give back to our colleges, that money goes toward research, scholarships, and new facilities, among other things. It helps increase the stature of the college, making it a better place. Our giving back also affects how employers, grad schools and others see our Alma maters.

Giving Back Helps Your Reputation. Doing so can only help our lot in life. We all want to make the world a better place. By sharing our time and talent and money with colleges, we do a bit of good and can even change lives by helping a worthy student earn a college education. Alumni play a large role in determining the future and continued development of an institution. Your donations go a long way to support awards for deserving students. You are giving back to more than just your Alma mater in this case; you are also helping someone gain a valuable asset, a feeling and connections to fellow alums by planting a seed of giving back in the mind of younger brothers and sisters at the campus.

When your Alma mater continues to remain a popular and prestigious institution, the value of your degree increases as well. When alumni contribute openly to their Alma mater, it is easier to procure funds from outsiders and other organizations and philanthropists as well. So if you have been neglecting your Alma mater, rectify the situation and start giving back in any way you can, today. And for that matter, a group of alumni of St Aloysius High School Class 10 Batch made the right example to follow in giving back to your Alma mater, by donating 300 trees to the MIYAWAKI FOREST providing greenery and clean environment in the St Aloysius College Campus, next to the Swimming Pool.

To commemorate their former school life, the St. Aloysius School class of 1986 (10 th standard batch) sponsored a 300-tree Miyawaki forest at the college campus. A plaque commemorating this was unveiled today by Fr. Melwin Pinto SJ, Rector, St Aloysius Institutions. Miyawaki Forests are biodiverse native forests that are densely planted resulting in accelerated growth. 300 trees have been planted over an area of half an acre. The students now spread all around the world wanted to repay a debt of gratitude to St. Aloysius institution for fostering life-long friendships. Through the Miyawaki forest, they hope to relive and cherish their childhood years while looking forward to a more sustainable future. The forest also represents the 37+ years of bonding of the school friends and also in a small way adds to the environment of our beautiful city ‘Mangalore’.

The class of 1986 has people in diverse fields across the world. They include doctors, lawyers, academicians, architects, businessmen, entrepreneurs, people in military service, people holding public office, professionals in both public and private sectors, politicians/legislators, chartered accountants, coffee planters, agriculturalists, techies, bankers, builders, actors, filmmakers, yoga gurus, educationalists, chefs, hoteliers, restaurateurs and a Jesuit priest. Speaking on the occasion, Anil Kumar from the class of 1986 and also Secretary of SACAA said “As classmates, we wanted something we could have on the campus that could be a lasting reminder of our times in school. This is a great initiative by SACAA and St.Aloysius contributing to the greenery and the environment of Mangaluru City”.

Fr Melwin Pinto SJ, Rector, Aloysius institutions said “It’s a matter of great joy and celebration when alumni return to their alma mater and express their sentiments of gratitude. Words translate into action when a bunch of classmates volunteer to do something as an expression of gratitude. The batch 1986 has offered 300 trees to the school to create a biodiverse environment. It’s unique also because trees signify life.. flowers and fruits are symbols of their success. The roots are their rootedness and attachment to their beloved institution. May these beautiful trees and the forest resemble our lives bringing us closer to the divine and one another.”

The creation of Miyawaki Forests in the St. Aloysius campus is an initiative by St. Aloysius College Alumni Association (SACAA.), Mangaluru.

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