St. Joseph’s CBSE School organizes Mathematics Day 2023

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St. Joseph’s CBSE School organizes Mathematics Day 2023

  • St. Joseph’s CBSE School, Bengaluru organizes Mathematics Day 2023. “Mathematics is a place where you can do things which you can’t do in the real world”

Bengaluru: St. Joseph’s CBSE School, Bengaluru celebrated Mathematics Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Various practical activities were organised for students of classes I to XI during the week. Students also participated in a maths quiz where they fought face-to-face challenging questions. The Mathematics day celebration commenced with great enthusiasm.

It started with a prayer and a welcome note. The chief guest for the celebration was Dr. Sujatha Ramdorai, a renowned mathematics researcher, who served as a member of the National Knowledge Commission and is a member of the Prime Minister’s Scientific Advisory Council. She shared her ideas about the importance of Mathematics in day-to-day life experiences, the different mysteries of mathematics and the scientific and Mathematical attitude required to generate and drive curiosity in young minds.

School Principal Fr Rohan D’Almeida, who is a mathematician at heart, encouraged out-of-the-box thinking and logical reasoning, which are the hallmarks of Mathematics. It was followed by the students recreating a few mathematicians by dressing up as great Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Pythagoras, etc This gave the audience a chance to meet the mathematicians who revealed the secrets to the world.

The fusion of Mathematical concepts and dance was a visual delight for the audience. The dance presented algebra, patterning, geometry, tessellations, repetition and sequences. It was a unique experience for the students. Students across all classes exhibited working and still models which were created by integrating them with the concepts and syllabus of their respective classes, which is also greatly emphasized in NEP

The exhibits by different classes were indeed amazing, which successfully explained the abstract concept of Mathematics, through attractive and interesting concrete ways. It included various topics related to Pythagorean triangle applications, exterior angle property, square root spirals, probability, trigonometry, calculus, and applications of 3D geometry to name a few. The purpose of the celebration, to help the students overcome Math phobia and approach Mathematics in a fun and innovative way, was truly achieved.

Teachers feedback –

National Mathematics Day was celebrated in order to bring awareness to contributions made by renowned mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. The theme of the celebration is MATHEMATICS UNITES, to signal that it is a common language we all have and a common subject with which to find one another. The celebration was very interesting. It was inaugurated in a creative manner. Students were very much thrilled to see the fun in Mathematics dance. The exhibition was also well planned. Students recreated the mathematicians and outlined their inventions. Students of the Maths club actively participated in the dance. It was innovative and interesting. Students enjoyed the fun of Mathematics. The teachers organised the exhibition and the events very well. KUDOS to the team!! – Geetha, Dept. of mathematics.

“The mathematics day was well thought out and beautifully conceptualized. Efforts of mentors and teachers were reflected in the acts and the dance by the students. The students were completely immersed in the activities. They loved manipulating the equipment and lots of mathematical language and concepts were discussed. Fantastic sessions! The students were engaged and having fun and the maths games were well-organised and well-developed. What I was most impressed with was the involvement of the kinaesthetic visual, hand-eye, group work, problem-solving challenges worked on within the groups, movement within the game circle and the thinking skills being developed. It was a huge success and I have only heard amazing, positive comments to compliment our fantastic activities and presenters – so thank you very much! We look forward to organizing an Incursion again.” – Shobha S, Dept. of Mathematics.

Students feedbacks –

“An event held to prove math is fun, the math week rekindled a spark of curing helping students to look at the subject from a fresh perspective, creating exhibits helped us to understand how math is involved in every aspect of life and is not finite to the classroom”- Tanishq G (11 A – PCMC)

“We were impressed by the initiative taken by our school mathematics department for conducting a fun-filled celebration of math that brought forth maximum participation from students. To begin with, a special morning assembly where students took up roles of famous mathematicians, a very unique dance performance by students. students of different grades came up with brilliant ideas which impressed the chief guest. It was a great pleasure to have Dr Sujatha Ramdorai, her talk was motivating and brought new insights about mathematics to everyone present in the assembly. It gave us a new sense of pride in mathematics.” – Tanushri .V. D & Aahana Jayaram (9 B)

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