St Sebastian Parishioners Celebrate Nativity Feast with Devotion

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St Sebastian Parishioners Celebrate Nativity Feast with Devotion

Mangaluru: The parishioners of St Sebastian Church, Bendur celebrated the feast of Nativity with devotion here on September 8.

The Bambina of Infant Mary was taken in a procession at 7:30 a.m. from Presidency Zone 1, Bendurwell and Brigitine Convent Calvery Hill, Nanthur. The procession culminated at St. Sebastian Church accompanied by the faithful carrying the sheaves of newly grown rice.

Parish Priest of St Sebastian Church, Fr Vincent Monteiro blessed the newly grown paddy, followed by children offering flowers to Mother Mary as the congregation sang “Sakkad Sangatha Melya”.

Prior to the festive mass, Fr Vincent Monteiro released the book of Hymns. The festive mass was Concelebrated by the Parish Priest of St Sebastian Church, Fr Vincent Monteiro along with assistant Parish Priest, Fr Vivian Rodrigues and other priests.

In his homily, Fr Vivian Rodrigues said, “Today we are celebrating the birthday of Mother Mary and for Mangaloreans, it is a triple celebration, the birthday of Mother Mary, Family festival and the day dedicated to girls and women. Today, when we are celebrating the birthday of Mother Mary let us reflect on the life of Mother Mary. Joachim and Ann did not have children. Joachim reproached at the Temple for his sterility and retreated into the countryside to pray. Ann was worried about her husband’s disappearance and also her barrenness. Ann was praying to God to bless her with a child. Both Joachim and Ann received a vision of an angel, who announced that Ann would conceive and bear the most wondrous child. The couple had a girl child and they named her Mary”.

Recalling the importance of family festivals, Fr Vivian said, “In our life, we see mothers taking care of their children and fulfilling all their needs. She puts all her efforts into bringing up her children as God-fearing good citizens. Mother has the greatest affection towards her children. A mother sacrifices her whole life for the success of her children and is also involved in all the affairs of the family. But we forget to see her sacrifices. We need to remember, when we properly saw our mother’s face the last time, when we asked her about her health and how many of us have celebrated this festival with her. Sometimes children who are in Gulf countries always say “Next Time”. We should remember that our mother does not have more time in this world unlike us. When our mother dies we offer her a mass and go home. But after the mass, when we meet the priest, we recall the time spent with her. When we lose something, our mother is the one who searches and finds it for us. She is always there to help us. Let us all respect our mothers and their sacrifices. Mother is the greatest gift God has given us. There is no alternative to mother. A mother teaches us to live, likewise, Mother Mary is always with us and will surely bless us”.

Today, September 8 is the day dedicated to girls and women. Let us encourage them for their work and respect them. Let the society respect the girl child, women, mothers and sisters.”

After the mass, sugarcane was distributed to all the children and the Newly grown paddy corn was distributed to all parishioners.

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  1. Nice to watch the traditional Monthi frseth in St.Sebastian church Mangalore recollecting our young ages in Mangalore

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