State-of-the-Art Father Muller Research Centre Inaugurated in FMMC

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State-of-the-Art Father Muller Research Centre Inaugurated in Father Muller Medical College

Mangaluru: As they say Research is to see what others have seen and to think what nobody has thought, and that Research has been given much thrust in Father Muller Charitable Institutions in the last few years, the inclusion of this Research Centre is yet another feather in the cap of FMCI. It is learnt that Father Muller Research centre (FMRC) has seen steady growth from its inception in 2006, however, in the last two years there has been a phenomenal growth as far as external grants, institutional funding for research and infrastructure is concerned.

And now a state-of-the Art father Muller Research Centre was inaugurated by Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho-the Director of Father Muller Charitable Institutions,along with Dr Sanjeev Rai-The Chief of Research, Father Muller Research Centre, Dr Jayaprakash Alva-Dean of FMMC, Fr Rudolph Ravi D’sa-Administrator, FMMCH, Fr Ajith Menezes- Administrator, FMMC, among others. Following the unveiling of the plaque, and a short prayer service, the Centre was blessed by Fr Richard Coelho, prior to which he said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God, quoting a verse from the Bible, John 1 , and that from the beginning of time, information has been flourished, spread and expanded to the point where we live now in an information age. Today we give thanks to God for this New Research block of Father Muller Charitable Institutions. We pray that this Centre will be a place where light shines in the darkness, where exciting new insights are gained, where both knowledge and wisdom are nurtured”.

Following the blessing of the Centre, a short formal function was held, where the welcome address was delivered by Dr Sanjeev Rai, followed by felicitating a bevvy of staff and students who have brought laurels to the institutions by getting external research grants from various funding agencies. The names of the achievers were read by Dr Beena Antony, Professor of Microbiology and Division Head of Microbiology at FMRC., and the achievers were felicitated with a rose by administrators, Fr Ajith Menezes and Fr Rudolph Ravi D’sa.

Fr Richard Coelho addressing the audience said, “The dreams of the senior/past administrators and management have become a reality with an exclusive space for a research centre. The dream realized has not only successfully bagged grants and papers but also accolades from near and far. The state of the art laboratory facilities provided is a mere catalyst for the new research to come. We need to stoke the flame to be bigger and brighter, thus the facility will help nurture even more research acumen among the staff and students. With evidence-based medicine in clinical practice, the need for translational research is even more crucial in the dedicated care of a patient. The director motivated the gathering to reflect on an interesting question to bring about curiosity and then research. The careful work scrutinized by Fr Ajith Menezes of the FMRC is commendable. The selfless untiring work of Dr Sanjeev Rai and Dr Shivashakara is reflected in the essence of the FMRC”. Concluding the director thanked the staff and students who received grants and funding.

The vote of thanks was presented by Dr Ramesh Bhat, Vice-dean of Father Muller Medical College. 30 staff and 30 students were florally honoured for receiving grants and funding by the administrators. In attendance were Fr Rudolph Ravi D’Sa; Admin FMMCH, Fr Ajith Menezes; Admin FMMC, Fr Sylvester Lobo; Admin FMHT, Fr Nelson Pais, Asst Admin FMMCH, Dean’s of all the FMCI colleges Heads of departments and a few students.


Focus on Research is the key factor in today’s academic world. Research centres give valuable insights and outputs into specially dedicated areas. The Father Muller Research unit was formed in 2006 and today it has developed as an independent Unit catering the research needs of all educational units of Father Muller Charitable Institutions. Spread over 7000 sq ft built-up area, including the administrative block, the Research Centre is recognised by the Department Science Technology, Govt of India as Science and Industrial Research Organization; and is registered with Biotechnology Industrial Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Govt of India.

The FMRC is headed by Dr Sanjeev Rai B under the guidance of the Director Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, and the unit has three divisions, clinical research division is headed by Dr Ramesh Bhat, Vice-dean FMMC; Microbiology and infectious diseases division is headed by Prof Beena Antony and the Biochemistry, Molecular diagnostics is headed by Professor Shivashankara.

RESEARCH Grants 2019-2020: Total grant amount: Rs 2,65,01,510; External Grants: Rs 1,38,81,500; Internal Grants: Rs 82,24,384. Total number of Grants: 174; Staff 108 – 39 External grants – ICMR, DST, VGST, MERT, RGUHS, IADVL; Students: 66- 40 External Grants –ICMR. DST, RGUHS IAP; Clinical Trials Proposal submitted:52; Under progress: 14 with a budget 87,00,000

Workshops organized:

Workshop on point of care biomedical technologies in association with Indian Institute of Science Bangalore; Staff orientation on Research methodology and G CP training; UG Research orientation and research methodology; PG Residents training on Research Methodology and Synopsis writing. The Student Research Club was formed in 2019. Ms Indu Parkavi as President and Ms Nicole Sequeira as secretary. Over 242 students have enrolled as members. The research club was active during the year. They have Oriented research methods, research topics through lectures. How to write protocols and introduction to basic statistics etc. Helped to get research scholarships to students from ICMR, RGUHS and IAP and awarded 24 scholarships from FMRC for their research in 2019. Video conference Webinar was arranged with former FMMC student Dr Thomas George from the USA. He gave tips on How to write research proposals, dos and don’ts in research work etc. It was a well-attended session.

FMRC has a Memorandum of Understanding with over a dozen educational and research institutions including II Sc. Institutional Ethics Committee (FMIEC): IEC is constituted as per ICMR and CDSCO guidelines. Dr Ashok Shenoy as Chairperson; Dr Shivashankara A.R., Member Secretary; Recognized by DCGI & DHR and for 5 years; Also registered with OHRP, USA enabling us to review FDA approved trials. The Research ethics committee not only caters to in house project proposals, even external institutions like Ecron Acunova, KMC Attavar; Indian Hospital and Heart Institute, and St. Aloysius College, Mangaluru avail the facilities. Over 325 research proposals and drug trials are processed during the year.

Focus on Research is the key factor in today’s academic world. Research centres give valuable insights and outputs into specially dedicated areas. The microbiology division has a unique faculty for anaerobic bacteria culture and is Accredited by NABL is well equipped with state of the art instruments is supported by the molecular section for improving the diagnostic accuracy, to incorporate the recent genomic techniques and to extend this research facility to other institutions. They regularly conduct anaerobic workshops for the staff and Postgraduates from all over India. Biochemistry and the molecular diagnostic lab is equipped to do immunoassay’s (ELISA) facility; and analysis drugs, peptides, amino acids and proteins by HPLC chromatography

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