Stop divisive politics, follow Netaji’s ideology, urges Kumar Bose

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Stop divisive politics, follow Netaji’s ideology, urges Kumar Bose
New Delhi: The grandson of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose has urged all political leaders to stop divisive politics and follow the leader’s ideology.

According to Chandra Kumar Bose, the government should think beyond the statue and adopt Netaji’s ideology as he believed in. But even after 75 years, questions are being raised on the unity of the country. The partition of the country in 1947 was the result of communal strife that exists even today.

“We have to protect our country and the only way to it is to follow Netaji’s ideology,” he claimed.

Talking to IANS, he said: “The time has come to use Netaji’s ideals in national politics. If we do not, the partition will happen again and we do not want to see 1947 again.”

On what should the government do to follow Netaji’s ideology, Bose said: “Common man does not want division in society. Every one wants to live united. I urge all political parties to stop divisive politics and follow Netaji’s ideals, failing which the country may see another partition in the next 50 to 100 years, and the future generations will be unable to see undivided India.”

“We should stop communal and divisive politics, because may be we can win elections with that but will lose the nation. When country will not exist, what good is of winning polls,” he asked.

When asked why he thinks the country will face another partition in 50 to 100 years, he said: “Bengal, Northeast, Kerala and Tamil Nadu may be separated, then you stay with Uttar Pradesh. Divide and rule policy of Britishers is still continuing. The state and central governments are also being run on divisive lines. Elections in Uttar Pradesh are being held on caste lines, but Netaji ended caste system. We all are one.”

On being asked why is he raising questions at the BJP-led government, as he has been a part of it, he said: “I don’t like politics of the BJP, I follow Netaji’s ideology and do not compromise on it. I joined the BJP because I was told that Netaji’s ideology will be spread, but it has not happened. If they will tell me that it will not happen, I will leave the party.”

On installation of Netaji’s statue at India Gate, Bose said, “We had sent a proposal on this to the government and ran a signature campaign along with Army veteran Major General Gangandeep Bakshi. An 85-member committee, including four members of the Netaji’s family, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also formed.”

“I am also a member of the said committee and have proposed that installation of Netaji’s statue at India Gate will send a good message,” he said.

When asked that Netaji’s statue is being installed now… Don’t you think it should have happened much earlier, he said, “I think till now, no party had got any opportunity to do it or may be they didn’t want to.”

“Netaji resides in people’s hearts. There is a temple in South India in which Netaji is worshipped. Political parties should protect the country following Netaji’s ideology,” he suggested.

To draw the curtains on the rumours and speculations on Netaji’s disappearance, Chandra Kumar Bose appealed to the government to form a special committee.

According to him, the mystery can be solved by going through 77 files of Intelligence Bureau, conducting DNA test of bones of Netaji and seeking three documents from the Japan government.

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, efforts were made for that but in vain. There are 77 files in IB about Netaji. Justice Mukherjee Committee has mentioned it, but a question persists on contents and whether they have been declassified,” he added.

“On the issue, Netaji’s daughter Anita Bose had written a letter a year ago and we have also reminded about that. It is said that Netaji’s bones are kept in a temple. If possible, a DNA test should be conducted as technology has advanced a lot,” he added.

Japan has five files. In 2016, after intervention of the then External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, it declassified two files which only have photos and no documents. Three files have not been given yet. what do they contain? Work should be done on that and the mystery should be resolved, he said.

The government should form a committee which will probe all the aspects and based on evidence, issue an official statement to the people of the country.

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