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Stop Selling Mixed Meat’ MCC Mayor Warns Meat Sellers  

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Stop Selling Mixed Meat’ MCC Mayor Warns Meat Sellers

  • ‘Stop Selling Mixed Meat’ MCC Mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar Warns Meat Sellers in the City, after rumours/complaints that mutton stall owners are selling mutton mixed with beef.

Mangaluru: Keeping in view the complaints received from the public and also rumours, raising suspicion that mutton was being mixed with beef, Mangaluru City Corporation Mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar along with MCC health department officials made a surprise visit to a few meat stalls in the City on Wednesday, 14 October 2020, and decided to bring the butchers across the city under the scanner. The Mayor cracked down on the slaughterhouse which falls under the city limits and inquired with the staff there if they were mixing beef with mutton.

Rumours are going around that some of them are earning quick money by adulterating the mutton with beef. The beef is available at an affordable price of Rs 280 to Rs 300 per kg with bone, and boneless at Rs 380-Rs 400, in comparison to the mutton being sold at approximately Rs 650 plus per kg in the City.

Taking a serious note of the matter, Mayor with MCC officials had carried out this surprise check. During the raid, the officials asked the meat stall and slaughterhouse owners to produce the licenses and bills. The mayor directed the concerned officials to keep an eye on the illegal slaughtering and selling of meat.

Speaking to the media, the Mayor said,. “After we received a few complaints from people that a few sections of butchers in the city are adulterating mutton and selling the same to the hotels and restaurants of the city. In this regard, we decided to check into the issue, and also take stern action against hoteliers, if they are found to be selling adulterated meat and their trade licenses will also be canceled. Action will also be taken on sellers who supplied the adulterated meat”.

The officials also instructed the owners of stalls and slaughterhouses to make sure there is a seal on the meat that is being sold without fail, as well as to maintain the bill for the same. A notice will also be given to each shop, containing a slew of measures to be taken upon their respective premises, including selling of meat in a clean and hygienic atmosphere. The Mayor before leaving the place strictly warned the meat stall owners not to indulge in any illegal selling of meat, and if they are caught serious action would be taken.

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