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By Donald D’Silva, Mira Road, Karkala

Donald D’ Silva is an Advertising Professional & Brand Strategist managing his own Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai. He writes about Current Affairs, Political Analysis, Bollywood Happenings and a variety of Social subjects.

What is a Positive Attitude?

A positive attitude is like an ornament worn by a person. Any person who has an attitude that is positive will garner friends. They will have respect in society. They are super achievers and are a role model for all!

If one has a negative attitude, then people detest him. Attitude is about how one presents himself and carries himself in the public domain. The person should be self-assured and ready to conquer the world. The world leaders all have a great attitude in managing the masses. The film stars we come across and the sportsmen, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Labour Union Leaders, all have a positive attitude in order to scale professional high.

Sachin Tendulkar is also a great achiever, who always had a positive attitude. He was sent to Pakistan at the age of 16 and there lie the pace Battery led by the irrepressible Imran Khan. Wasim and Waqar were both disciples of Imran. Facing such fast bowlers on debut is not a small feat. He was hit by a Waqar bouncer on the nose. Still, he carried on and came out with flying colours.

He fought valiantly. His positive attitude got him accolades. He has 100 centuries, which is a great world record and still, nobody has come closer to break it. Only another Indian Captain, Virat Kohli may break it.

We were a non-descript Cricketing side during the Prudential Cricket world cup in 1983. According to Kapil Dev and other colleagues of that team, they put forth their views in a Kapil Sharma show that they were thinking of just playing a few matches and if they were out of the tournament early, then will enjoy a great US holiday with their spouses at the expense of BCCI! The wealthy cricket body of India in the world!

But, one man’s positive attitude changed everything…..! On a fateful day, least of all strong teams in the tournament, a small-time Zimbabwe sent back five batsmen one after the other! All top-order batsmen and middle-order ones returned back to the pavilion hanging their heads in shame! The likes of K. Srikant and Sunil Gavaskar with a zero, Yashpal Sharma, Mohinder Amarnath, Sandeep Patil were cooling their heels in the pavilion.

Kapil Dev, according to him, was about to take a shower and just had entered the bathroom in their dressing room…he heard people banging on his door and shouting…Caps, 5 batsmen have returned to the pavilion….and Kapil ran out to gauge the situation….

All the players were hiding…this was when the fourth wicket was gone…On the fall of the fifth wicket, he went for batting…and lo and behold…what a record performance….no one in the world’s cricketing history has achieved….! He scored 175 runs not out with the help of 16 fours and won the match!!

This positive and daring attitude of Kapil Dev won him laurels and the underdog Indian team won the world cup in 1983 at the Cricket’s Mecca…The Lords ground of England defeating the mighty West Indies team led by the great Clive Lloyds with the fearsome pace battery & world-renowned batsmen of that time like Greenidge, Haynes, Viv Richards, Larry Gomes & the batting maestro himself…Lloyd!!

Incidentally, the late father, Jitender Sharma, Head Constable with Punjab Police of Comedy King Kapil Sharma, was a staunch cricket fan, he named his last son ‘Kapil’ after the great Kapil Dev!!

Our ex-captain MS Dhoni is no less!! He won all three major world cups of cricket, 2011 World Cup, T20 International World cup and World Champions Trophy..!!

All because of his positive attitude worn on his sleeves always!!

Similarly, Ekta Kapoor, the czarina of television also has oodles of positive attitude. She had no support when she started out. She used to take the “Hum Paanch” pilot DVD and roam the producers’ offices. It was her first show. After, many attempts, she jumped on the TV arena.

Today, Balaji Films is one of the forces to reckon with when it comes to TV shows, Films and OTT programs. Sheer grit and determination is also part of a positive attitude.

Top examples of a Negative attitude:

A positive attitude always matters when one has to succeed in life. Hitler was also a great achiever. But, he was totally possessing a negative attitude. He wanted power for his country Germany and wanted to own and rule the world. His negative attitude finished his country and was broken into East Germany and West Germany.

He perished, which was anyways inevitable, but he spoiled his industrialist country’s name who gave us Mercedes, BMW and many automobile giants and other renowned Brands. To date, there is no record that any parent has named his child by the name of ‘Hitler’. Such was his negative attitude, which the world still refuses to forgive and forget him!!

Mussolini, Stalin, Mao-Tse-Tung, Saddam Hussain, Muammar Gaddafi and many more! These dictators also ruled with an iron hand, but all were having a negative attitude and this proved their doomsday!

They all were killed or perished into oblivion! Only the tyrannical erstwhile ruler of Uganda seems to be alive and living under political asylum in Saudi Arabia!

A positive attitude helps to re-establish as well:

Attitude matters always but in a positive manner. Our Indian Superstar Amitabh Bachchan also wears a positive attitude on his sleeves. He was hospitalized in 1983 during a stunt gone wrong while filming ‘Coolie’. Then after his recovery in the late nineties, he went bankrupt.

His company ”ABCL” suffered huge losses. He had no money. Career also in the doldrums. But, he did not sit crying. His positive attitude got him “KBC” the popular quiz show, which he is still hosting to date. He transformed himself and bagged author-backed roles which are suitable for his age.

He delivered many stellar performances in his newfound avatar. And, today he endorses some 20 odd brands, sells everything from Chocolate, Maggi, Binani cement, Gujarat tourism and also Everest masala etc.

A positive attitude also reminds us of Rajnikant, the Tamil superstar. He was a bus conductor and today a star whose films are lapped by millions the world over and are translated into many languages. He is humble but had a great positive attitude to reach where He is today.

There are scores of examples of people from every walk of life who agree that attitude matters when it is positive.

Mahatma Gandhi, Vallabh Bhai Patel and many Indian leaders who fought with the British for the independence of India had a positive attitude. It was not easy to go for an unarmed struggle. The British were ruthless!! They had everything going for them, right from power, Arms, money and the best of armed forces.

Still as one of the British leaders exclaimed, a loin clothed half-naked man fought with the British and got India independence!! This is all because of sheer willpower and a positive fighting attitude.

The great Nelson Mandela also had a great positive attitude! Imagine a person behind bars for 26 years in South African jail against the Apartheid regime of the country. He came out and became the President of the same country for years! Such was his noble and humbleness, courage and straightforwardness, he even disowned his wife Winnie Mandela, divorced her for wrongdoing in her life as a first lady!

People with a positive attitude always speak and follow the truth!

Having a positive attitude will turn people around also into positivity. The best part is to change the weaknesses into strength and see that the people around also change for the better. All because of the positive attitude!!

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