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Subrahmanya: Team Bhrame Looks Forward to Creating an Exotic World of Illusion Music

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“As we escape into the worlds we create, life would have been a mistake without music for all of us. It was not until recently that a bunch of young well-established musicians began to question the streaks of imposed reality. Bhrame was born to discover the magnetic power of this illusion. We, the illusionists , believe in creating our own reality with the music we play. Organized barriers seem like a distant relationship to us. We are classical at heart; light is our unheard nature, ghazals our relaxation, devotional our religion and old songs our history. Bhrame questions your choice of accepting reality, merging both the real and illusionary worlds to make an important connection between art and your life.”

– Team Bhrame

​Logo of Team Bhrame

The ‘Youngistan’ team

Subrahmanya: Team Bhrame, calling themselves musical illusionists, constitute a Bengaluru-based music group. They say that illusion is reality in their eyes. The only contrast could be the listener. They cannot live without this illusion, according to them.

They are going to perform ‘Naadopaasana’ (Music Worship), grand musical treat with a variety of genres in music in the Dharmasammelana Mantap in this temple town of Shri Kukke Subrahmanya on Tuesday, November 10 at 6 pm. It is sure going to be a feast to the ears, and eyes as well, with young performers captivating the music-lovers.

What does Bhrame deliver?

No one else gives connoisseurs the pleasure of enjoying various forms of Indian music on a single platform. Be it Classical, Bhajan, Daasarapada, Bhaavageete, Filmi, Ghazal, Folk, Qawali, Fusion or even own compositions, Bhrame focuses on doing complete justice to the original flavour of the forms and brings out the best of it.

At stage performances

Bhrame with its refreshing and melodious renditions takes listeners to an entirely magical world and leaves them lingering over ti. Bhrame has singers who can flawlessly sing in various Indian languages like Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Tulu. But the main languages are Kannada and Hindi.

What makes Bhrame different from others?

Bhrame is a team of already well-established musicians. Bhrame delivers almost all forms of Indian music bringing out its true essence on a single platform.

Media accolades

The presentation of songs is in the form of a screenplay, which will never fail to captivate the audience throughout. The team consists of energetic youth who shall enthrall the audience with the most powerful performances, yet never fail to be melodious.

Their theme and tagline is ‘The Best Musical Blend and a New Grand Trend’.

Unplugging at FM radio stations

Core members of Bhrame

• Vikas Vasishta – Vocalist/ composer

• Sparsha R K – Vocalist

• Vishwas Vasishta – Vocalist

• Alaka Subrahmanya – Vocalist

• Sandeep Ravikumar – Tabla artiste

Vikas Vasishta – Vocalist

It’s a very rare phenomenon that all musical abilities and skills of various genres of music are bestowed upon one artiste. And in spite of being gifted so, seldom does an artiste perform all such genres with equal finesse.


There has perhaps been none who has missed being captivated by the singing skills of Vikas Vasishta, the male vocalist at Bhrame. If his bhajans are divine, his ghazals are soothing.

If his light music singing touches the listener’s heart, his film hits make one feel as if it was better than the original. Vikas is indefatigable and he brings to Bhrame a unique obsession about music, that is not just infectious but also consistent.

For the last 15 years, Vikas Vasishta has been learning Carnatic classical music under Vid. Balasubrahmanya Sharma and has been a finalist in the singing reality show ‘Confident Star Singer’ telecast on Suvarna channel.

He recently won the Radio Mirchi State Award for the song ‘Nanu Manasaare’ from the movie ‘Manasaare’, the music of which had been composed by Mano Murthy.

A feather in his cap has been his music direction for the Kannada movie Jeetu. Vikas has till now performed in more than 600 concerts all across India.

Sparsha R K – Vocalist

Singing is her passion. Poetry is in her breath. Her voice has done several rounds across the state and the country and has left people mesmerized with her renditions. Sparsha, true to her name, brings the ‘touch’ of life to Team Bhrame.


She brings with her several years of professional singing experience on various stages including Chandana TV’s Madhura Madhuravee Manjula Gaana, ETV Kannada’s Snehada Kadalalli, theatre productions like Shaalmala and Rabdi and the title track for a new Kannada teleserial called Nityotsava, directed by Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar.

She also acts in the popular teleserial, “Mahaparva” of T N Seetharam. She has performed on various prestigious stages like Singapore Kannada Sangha and Ganesh Utsava of Bengaluru and has featured in over 200 concerts.

Her main advantage was to have trained herself in Carnatic Classical under Vid. Nagesh Rao, Vid. Lakshmaiah and Vid. M A Mythili. Her list of awards is endless, including ETV Kannada’s Ede Tumbi HaaDuvenu, Big FM Golden Voice, Zee Kannada Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and several other state-level music competitions.

She has been ably tutored by Pandit Surmani Dattatreya Velankar in Hindustani classical music, Ratnamala Prakash in Sugama Sangeeta, K M Kusuma in devotional and film music and Pandit Jayant Kumar Das in Sitar.

Sparsha, in all humility, credits all her accomplishment to her extremely supportive parents, M R Kamala, who is a well-known poet and writer and Ramesh, a seasoned advocate.

Sparsha has also lent her voice in films like Jeetu, Angulimala and latest news-making Kannada film, Lucia. There is absolutely no doubt that she is going to immerse a large number of music-lovers in the enchanting world of music.

Vishwaas Vasishta – Vocalist

Genuine talent and youthful energy mark Vishwaas Vasishta’s signature characteristics on stage. The youngest in the group, Vishwaas is pursuing his Computer Science Engineering in RNSIT.


Along with his elder brother, Vikas, Vishwaas has been learning Carnatic classical music over the past 12 years under Guru Balasubramanya Sharma and light music under Upasana Mohan and Narahari Dixit.

Vishwaas has also been a finalist in Ede Tumbi HaaDuvenu last season, has won around more than 200 prizes including Pratibha Shree award and Baala Pratibhe prize four times in a row from he government of Karnataka.

He has sung recently for a documentary movie ‘Nanna Gopala’ which bagged an award at an international film festival and in 6 different light music albums.

Alaka Subrahmanya – Vocalist

In Hindu belief, Alaka is a mythical city. It represents abundance, expression and splendour. In team Bhrame, Alaka epitomizes this exactly.


Abundantly talented, she has a mellifluous voice that unambiguously expresses the splendour of the lyrical and musical values of compositions. She began learning music from Sharada Murthy and continued her learning under Poornima Madappady.

She was a finalist at the “Star Singer Season 2”. Alaka was born and brought up in a family devoted to religion and culture. Deeply influenced by her parents Govind Kumar and Indumati, she had immense love for music from her childhood.

Musicians of both of Carnatic and Hindustani classical forms motivate her. She performed on many big platforms and competitions organized by many well-known institutions.

Alaka is well known for her recitals in “Haridasa Saahitya”, “Rangageete” ,“Kannada Bhaavageete”,”Film Hits”, “Ghazals” etc., and is well versed in other languages such as Malayalam, Telgu, Tamil and also Hindi.

She has had the honour of sharing the stage with well-known musicians like Puttur Narasimha Nayak, Vijay Yesudas, Anoop Sridhar, Ratnamala Prakash, Kasturi Shankar and many others.

Some of her popular performances include those held in Kollur Mookambika Temple, Musicna Super Star Bengaluru, Star Night, Kannur, Kerala Nadanpaat (Folk Night), Thrissur, Kerala and many famous temples and private house baithaks.

Sandeep Ravikumar – Tabla artiste

The flowing blood inside human body, the fluttering air and the life-sustaining divine energy – all operate in a rhythm. Team Bhrame proudly introduces its percussion expert and tabla artiste, Sandeep. Born and raised up in a family very dedicated to culture, Sandeep nurtured immense love for music right since his childhood.


His parents Ravi Kumar and Padma were his biggest source of inspiration. His early days of learning music were at Shri Ramakrishna Vidyashala, Mysuru, a haven for performing arts.

Sandeep, unlike many other artistes, holds high regard for both Carnatic and Hindustani music forms and has performed on many big platforms.

He started learning tabla from Vid. N S Gunda Shastry of Bengaluru and later pursued advanced studies under the tutelage of Pt Ramesh Dhannur of Mysuru.

His familiarity with the field of theatre has enabled him to play for many plays in Kannada such as “Shraaddha”, “Mojina seeme aache onduru”, ”Mariyammala Moorane Maduve” among others.

He is an active member of Prabhat Kalavidaru. All through his promising career so far, Sandeep has accompanied on tabla many well-known artistes of Karnataka, Pt V M Nagaraj, Ustad Faiyaz Khan, Vidyabhushan, Vidwan Gururaj, Madhura Ravikumar, Hussain Saab and Shankar Shanbhogue, just a name a few.

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