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Support people by ration not by bhashan: Kapil Sibal

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Support people by ration not by bhashan: Kapil Sibal
New Delhi:  The Congress has once again attacked the government for the plight of the migrants and poor people, saying that they were suffering due to the nationwide lockdown. Party leader Kapil Sibal said on Thursday that the people could not be helped by mere lecturing.

Sibal in a tweet said, “Our people ready to support government…Government must also be ready to support people, Not by lathi charges, Not by ‘bhashans’, But by ‘rations’ and Cash for survival.”

While Kapil Sibal said, “We salute who feed: Migrants and the poor…. Gurdwaras, Mandirs, NGO’s with community support.”

The Congress has been demanding free ration for the poor till September 20 and Sonia Gandhi has also written a letter to the Prime Minister on this.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also appealed the government on Wednesday to issue “emergency ration card” to feed the poor, who are suffering from lack of provisions, including the migrants and poor who are not getting rations through the PDS.

Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet on Wednesday that it was inhuman that grains were rotting and people were with empty stomachs.

He said, “We appeal to the government that in this difficult time issue emergency ration cards, this should be for those people who are suffering due to lockdown and don’t have food grains, lakhs of citizens are not able to take ration from PDS ,the foodgrains is rotting in godowns and peopleare hungry, inhuman.”

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  1. Life is a precious gift. May food and clean water be available to all beings across the length and breadth of India and in the wider world.

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