‘Swachh Bharat Club’ of Father Muller College of Nursing’ on a ‘Clean Mangaluru’ Mission

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‘Swachh Bharat Club’ of Father Muller College of Nursing’ on a ‘Clean Mangaluru’ Mission. Speaking on the conclusion Day of “Swachh Mangaluru Campaign” by the “Swachh Bharat Club” of Father Muller College of Nursing near Townhall, Mangaluru Environmentalist Jeet Milan Roche said, “These Nursing students of Father Muller College of Nursing simply ROCKED during this month-long campaign. Not only did they take care of the patients at the hospital, they also took care by watering the City plants which were on the verge of dying. I do appreciate the dedication, commitment and hard work put in by them in order to keep Mangaluru Clean and Environmental Friendly. A job well done”

Mangaluru: While our PM Narendra Modi had initiated the Swachh Bharat movement in 2014, with an intention to make India a Waste-Free Country/Clean India- which was taken forward by various organizations, like Ramakrishna Mission, other NGO’s and Social service organizations in Mangaluru, and now Final Year Nursing students of Father Muller College of Nursing, Kankanady, Mangaluru, who strive hard to keep Mangaluru Clean, but thereafter, sad to see shop owners and other citizens/outsiders/street vendors abusing the system by littering. But it is also the responsibility of the people to appreciate what these NGO’s and student organizations/volunteers are doing, by not littering the places which were cleaned by them. Unfortunately every single day in Mangaluru, even in spite of many awareness programmes and motivation, people are still abusing the concept of Swachh by dirtying the city.


While we keep our houses clean, our streets remain dirty. We do not show the same social concern when it comes to public places and our surroundings. This shows the general lack of social awareness and responsibility. If we can be more responsible in keeping our surroundings clean, then only trying to KEEP MANGALURU CLEAN Campaign becomes meaningful and effective. Quoting Swami Vivekananda’s words, “If we have higher aim and pure intentions, nothing is impossible in this world”, many organizations/NGOs, including Ramakrishna Mission in Mangaluru, had tried all their efforts in beautifying and cleaning Mangaluru, but unfortunately the mindset of certain ignorant people have not changed, who still try to litter and abuse Swachatha of Mangaluru.

Is cleaning only the responsibility of the Pourakarmikas? Do citizens have no role in this? We have to change this mindset. We reached Mars. No PM or Minister went. It was the people who did it, our scientists who did it. So can’t we create a Clean India, and for that matter, Clean Mangaluru?. If this is evaluated by a photo opportunity, then we would be doing a disservice to our City. We all must come together and do this wherever we are. This is not about PM Modi and his Swachh Bharath Abhiyan. This is a people’s task. We all can do it-People of Mangaluru can do it, and not just NGOs and Nursing students.

With a motto “To Keep Mangaluru Clean & Environmental Friendly” in mind, a bevvy of students belonging to Father Muller College of Nursing, Kankanady, Mangaluru had gone on a cleaning spree, by cleaning the pile of garbage that was seen at various parts of the City. The “Swachh Bharat Club” of Father Muller College of Nursing in collaboration with the Community Health Nursing Department, Mangaluru City Corporation and Vana Charitable Trust(R), Mangaluru had organized “Swachh Mangaluru Campaign” activities from 7th February 2022 to 6th March 2022 on every Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. IV year BSc Nursing students and faculty actively participated in the activities which was planned by Swachh Bharat Club Chairperson Mrs Priya S Pereira under the guidance of Jeeth Milan Roche, The Founder of Vana Charitable Trust.

The Campaign included activities like Street cleaning on Mondays in places like Nandigudda, New Balmatta Road, Mission Compound and Padil. Watering the plants was carried out in the Padil area on Tuesdays. House to House Survey on Waste Management information of Apartments was done in Marnamikatte, Falnir, Urwa market, Kadri, Mallikatte premises. To mark the activities, on 6th March 2022 “Swachh Mangaluru Campaign” was planned and conducted at Town Hall premises at 7:30 am with street play by the students to create awareness on waste management in the public.

Also campaigning was done by meeting the street vendors near the Town Hall premises vicinity. Shabarinath Rai, Zonal Commissioner, Mangaluru City Corporation and Jeeth Milan Roche, were present for the campaign and stressed the importance of waste management and also focused on Swachh Survekshan. The campaign was fruitful in creating awareness in the public. Speaking on the occasion, Jeeth Milan Roche said,

Now that these nursing students have cleaned the mess created by the residents/citizens in these areas, they want to convey a clear message that ” Today we cleaned the mess/garbage that you created, but from tomorrow onwards clean your own mess or the best thing is see that you don’t make a mess. Use your common sense not to litter the streets or any other surrounding places that you live or move around. Only through your cooperation and support can we have a clean City and Clean India. Let us all look forward to cleaner Mangaluru and Swachh Bharath”. Citizens walking or travelling on various corners of the City should complement these Nursing students of father Mullers for doing great community service in trying to keep “Mangaluru Clean” under the “Swachh Bharath/Mangaluru Abhiyan” project.

The idea behind Swachh Bharath is to motivate people not to litter, but it is happening the other way- where people are very much creating a mess everywhere with an impression that someone else will clean their mess, and make the city look clean. But sadly, the citizens of Mangaluru seem like they do not appreciate the cleanliness done and also the awareness of a Clean environment promoted by many organizations. And this morning (Monday) Yours Truly of Team Mangalorean, noticed a pile of garbage around the vicinity where I live. Thought to myself, why would anyone dump such garbage when the City is trying its best to keep it clean and green.
In conclusion, in my perspective, the government may not be able to do everything, but voluntarism cannot be a substitute for strengthening civic infrastructure. For ensuring cleanliness and hygiene and improving solid waste management, the city’s civic bodies need to be at the centre of the Clean India Campaign or MCC should be at the Clean Mangaluru Campaign. We can do it if we make strong decisions/plans. The Swachh Bharat/Mangaluru Abhiyan will have to be a sustainable programme, and its success ought not to depend on the hours each citizen puts in to sweep the streets. A lot can be done to further the ideal of cleanliness without wielding the broom. Citizens should use their common sense not to litter wherever they feel like. This small group of nursing students belonging to a prestigious Father Muller Charitable Institutions did make a difference through their involvement, dedication and commitment. Let’s us hope for a better and cleaner Mangaluru”!.
In conclusion, even though with PM Modi and his government launching a mission called, “Swachh Bharat”, where our PM took a broom for a few minutes, so did big people who never knew how to catch a broom in a lifetime- and even though the Swamis and Volunteers of Ramakrishna Math and other social organizations undertook the cleanliness campaign- many of Kudla roads are DIRTY again. We need more than some media campaigns, we need some real groundwork being done from the government and MCC. Well, while certain organizations are trying to keep the city clean, the government and especially MCC should also cooperate in providing enough dustbins/garbage bins and also enough toilets. The government officials should also join hands with the volunteers and note how the Swacch Bharath/Swachh Mangaluru campaign is progressing. Hoping to see Mangaluru cleaner than it was a few days ago?

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