‘Take Permission, Follow Rules, No Loud Noise Past 10 pm’- Top Cop tells Mosaru Kudike Organizers

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‘Take Permission, Follow Rules, No Loud Noise/Loudspeakers Past 10 pm’- Top Cop/Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain tells Mosaru Kudike/Krishna Janmashtami Organizers

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru city police have urged the organisers of Sri Krishna Janmashtami/Mosaru Kudike to seek prior permission from the police. In an advisory by Police Commissioner Kuldeep Kumar R Jain, he mentioned that the pots for the Mosaru Kudike should be tied at a maximum height of 14ft, and only pots should be tied to the pole, during the celebrations of the Mosaru Kudike. The organisers should ensure that the movement of vehicles is not affected while tying the pots. The spraying of old water on those who break the pots should be avoided”.

“Processions should pass through the routes finalized by the police. The organizers should take precautions regarding electric wires while tying the pots and organizers should ensure sufficient lighting during the Mosaru Kudike processions. An ambulance should be stationed at the celebration venues for any emergency situations. Vehicles used for tableau during the procession should have fitness and insurance certificates. The permission of the police should be sought for the use of loudspeakers, and the use of it will not be allowed after 10 pm, as per the Supreme Court guidelines,” added the Police Commissioner.

He further stated, “The tableau should not hurt the sentiments of any religion/community. Firecrackers should not be burst near hospitals, and no fireworks after 10 p.m. Permission should be availed from urban local bodies for mounting banners/hoardings. The banners/hoardings should not be provocative in nature. The banners/hoardings should be immediately removed after the event”.

In conclusion, in my perspective, the advice by the police commissioner is very much agreeable and appreciated, but whether it will be enforced during the event is very much doubtful, because we have seen in the past, even with the presence of police during the event, no action is taken when the guidelines are not followed as directed by the top cop. We have seen and heard in the past, that loudspeakers/blaring music and even fireworks are used past 10 pm, and that too near Hospitals – and one example is in the Kadri Temple vicinity, where there are about five hospitals/clinics. Let’s celebrate the fun of Mosaru Kudike in a grand way, without creating a nuisance to others. Thank You!

Sri Krishna Janmashtami on September 7 at Kadri Manjunatha Temple from 4 pm onwards

Sri Krishna Janma Mahotsava Samiti, Kadri, will organise its 54th annual ‘Mosaru Kudike’ on the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmashtami on 7 September 2023 on the premises of Kadri Manjunatha temple at 4 p.m.

As per the vice-president of the samiti, Sudhakar Rao Pejawara, the ‘kunita bhajan’ competition (singing bhajans while dancing) will be held on the day from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Each team will be given 20 minutes to participate. There will be cultural programmes during the ‘Mosaru Kudike’.

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